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On vacation in SD- July 2010, so happy! (2 comments) new haircut!, 16 July 2010 (7 comments) Party in France 13 Nov (2 comments) Vacation in New Orleans, May 2011 Think I'm finally ready to appear in public in a bikini, excited! 25 July 11 just checking to make sure the back view checks out! flexing for dear life- I think I see some definition! Here on my Honeymoon, and while I had a great time, I didn't feel as healthy as I would've liked On my wedding day, just back from the gym- this shape and feeling is what I'd like to get back to! (2 comments) I'm not so sure about this, but here goes...here I am at 144 (11 lb loss) on 3/31/10. back view, 3/31/10, hoping to see some improvements soon! arm close up, 3/31/10, just starting my strength training this week. me at the zoo, 11 lbs lost since starting the spark! (1 comments) 6 month anniversary dinner, 10 April 2010 (4 comments) my first venture into a bikini, yikes! Not bad, but some work to be done! On 1 May 2010 @ 139 bikini pic on 1 May at 139 on 31 May 137 lbs., getting there! getting ready for bikini season, good motivation to keep working hard! goal for June- work on leg/butt muscles! new kitchen in our new apartment- I love it! dining room- makes me so happy, finally able to put up our chandelier and hang my paintings! (1 comments) bright dress for summer! (1 comments) 1 July, 134 lbs. I think I'm starting to see some results! (1 comments) 1 July, 134 lbs. The biggest difference I'm seeing is in my arms. Still working on those legs/butt 1 July, 134 lbs. Even starting to see some ab definition!

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