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(1 comments) This was taken on a cruise that we went with DR WAYNE DYER..What an experience it was for us. (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) ok this is my moment of truth photo. (1 comments) These are our first poodles. Cindy Adele and Bonnie Ruth. Bonnie is the Black one. (5 comments) This is our little Iguana Lizybird, That is where I got my email address. (2 comments) This is my son Brian. He lives in Tiawan with his wife Jenna. Maybe someday I will learn to spell it (1 comments) This is Cindy, Bonnie and Lizybird. They are all in heaven playing again. (3 comments) This is my family at a dinner. (1 comments) This is my daugter Wendy and my daughter-in-law Jenna. (1 comments) This is Wendy and Alec again. (1 comments) This is my hubby Ray. He usually never smiles in photos. (3 comments) Left to right, cousin Bob his sis Lynn, cousin Janet,### stevie is behind Janet! bob in suspenders (3 comments) This is also another moment of truth photo. This is me with my grandson Alec. (5 comments) This is my son Brian and his wife Jenna (1 comments) This is Wendy and her son Alec This is Robbie and Lenore at their wedding. This is me outside our house (2 comments) Merry Christmas from Cindy (1 comments) Cindy again (2 comments) (2 comments) Rip dear brother. My dear friend Angela Eyck painted this for me. I t was for my #2 bandiversary (6 comments) (1 comments) Marg and Ilene (3 comments) THIS IS ME AGAIN MAY 2011 (2 comments) This is propbly the last photo of my Dad. I was about 15 years old. (1 comments) (2 comments) Yes I have big feet and long legssssss........... (3 comments) I was so proud of myself to don a "costume" I was a playboy bunny. First time for me ever. (4 comments) booby photo ha ha This is me at the showing of "How I Became An Elephant" You can see part of it on the pc.add .com (5 comments) (4 comments) (4 comments) Cindy again March 21, 6 years old. April 26, 2013~ new photo This is me by our new car. New dress..April 26, 2013, Lady type shoes (5 comments) This is Carol from London. She is my from from Lapband Talk.com. She started @ 400 lbs (1 comments) This is how my varicose veins look. (1 comments) This is my family July 2013 Jenna, Wendy and Miss Ilene July 2013 (1 comments) This is me. Almost 66 years old.

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