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MINXIE3's Photo Gallery

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My new kitty kat. (5 comments) Lady bug broom, BDay gift from Keri. (4 comments) New bedroom stuff. a sewing marathon, for sure. (7 comments) Munch in Dave's new chair. she is so smug when she steals it from him (4 comments) Keri, modelling the new vest, hat and scarf. (1 comments) I love my wonderful T-shirt. Thank you Sherry. (3 comments) Orchids in the kitchen. My new hobby. My latest project. Not the greatest pic. (4 comments) Our beautiful Keiko. Loved always and so dearly missed. (2 comments) Who is this gorgeous blonde chick? (2 comments) Not too bad for two old ladies. Too far away to see the shirts. (5 comments) Lindie And Irene, our wonderful walk together. Thanks for the day, girls. (2 comments) She was so little, Need to get a more recent photo for Christmas. (1 comments) dead to the world, she loves her blanket (5 comments) Who is this grade oner? Dig the bow. The days of uniforms. (8 comments) Oregon last October. This is the stand to get on the horses for us shorties. Smile. (2 comments) DH age 18, many moons ago (3 comments) Grad 2009. Dave, me, David, Keri and Stew. (2 comments) Check the smile on this lady. (5 comments) Guess Who? (4 comments) Lola and I with the Sea Hag and her buddy (4 comments) Look at this good looking bunch. (3 comments) Ah!!!!!!!!! We're lovin' the sunshine. (2 comments) Now this is relaxed. SMile (2 comments) My 11 year old Granddaughter, Ainsley. see why we need new blinds? what a brat. (4 comments) How's this for beauty? The Rotary Trail. Part of the TransCanada Trail. (3 comments) Our beautiful river, not far from home. (5 comments) Thats my boy, looks like a bushman. (6 comments) boiling the sap (5 comments) collecting the sap (6 comments) quite a cooker they built, Mike and his buddy. (2 comments) Sardis Park. (3 comments) Isn't this amazing. (11 comments) Shirley and I at the Park. (5 comments) Keri, DD and I on the swings, My feet don't reach the ground. what's up with that. (2 comments) Isn't this a beauty? (2 comments) Look at the colours. (2 comments) Anyone know what this one is. (2 comments) My little girl, also a SPeople member. (3 comments) Quite a group here, Even a friend in Absentia. (5 comments) New hiding spot (1 comments) Valerie and Irene , where is Lindie in this one? Valerie in Sardis Park. (2 comments) (3 comments) Sunrise in Los Cabos. Those waves are awesome. (4 comments) The tip of the peninsula in Los Cabos. View from the dinner cruise ship we were on. (5 comments) Aug 4, 2007. Oue wedding day. (5 comments) Me with the Sea Hag, in front of the Sea Hag Pub. Great Chowder. Depoe Bay, Oregon (2 comments)

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