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Baby GD Ryan (born May 18) (1 comments) GD Sierra and Daddy (SIL)... it's hard work having a new baby!!! (1 comments) DD is making sure her DD #1 gets special Mommy-n-Me time! (1 comments) Baby GD Ryan comes home! Big sis GD Sierra and little sis GD Ryan Thankful I can be with DD and her family, including 6-day-old GD Ryan! (2 comments) is SO incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be with DD and her family during this especially precious time! (1 comments) Remembering and Honoring those who gave their lives in commitment to our country, the U.S.A. "All gave some, but some gave all." My one-eyed, brain-damaged, crazy sweet goofball foster kitten Bella, with me for eight months. (1 comments) I told GD Sierra (age 3) how I wrap up feral kittens like a burrito so I can hold them safely and tame them. She took her Meow-Meow stuffed animal and tried to Purrito it! Her serious face is her telling the kitty she is safe now, everything is gonna be okay! is treasuring every moment with my family! DD, SIL, GD #1, and this our newest twig on the family tree, GD #2! (2 comments) My first time EVER taking a selfie in the mirror... I didn’t know whether to smile or be serious! For comparison, this is me near my heaviest weight. Fishy faces with GD Sierra GD Sierra (age 3) and me hanging out June 2018 is having a Grandma and Sierra evening as Mommy and Daddy go out to dinner. DD & SIL are dog sitting... he is as long as a full length couch, and not even stretched out! Very protective of the new baby; when I held her, he shielded me physically and watched for possible threats. I love Schroedinger's cat, don't you?! 3:55am at Denver Airport, checked in and waiting with the luggage while DD parks in long term parking and shuttles here with baby GD to check in herself. I’m coming home early, many reasons; extremely thankful DD is well enough to travel and coming too. is at Denver airport 3:55am, catching early flight to go home to CA. Thank goodness DD is well enough to travel and is coming with new baby GD too. Got home two days ago, completely exhausted, which a long night's sleep did not help. Been in bed since with high fever, body aches, sick stomach. Sat up and ate soup. Feeling better. This is Willow, sticking right by my side through the worst. Willow by my side. Been in bed two days with high fever, body aches, sick stomach. Was able to sit up, ate soup and crackers. Fever down, feeling better. says, Guess who finally forgave me for being gone so long? My boy Scrappy! Guess who finally forgave me for being gone so long? My sweet boy Scrappy! New GD Ryan! Hopefully, deep in her subconscious, something will remind her I was there. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Especially to those men who love and care for children who are not biologically related, and who teach by example how a good husband and father should act. DD Aubrey, GD Sierra (age 3), baby GD Ryan (5 days) (2 comments) I’m finally getting on my way... and excited to see all my girls!!! DD Aubrey, GD Sierra (age 3), and new GD Ryan (4 days) is on the way... Big Sister & Little Sister meet for the first time! (3 comments) & DH have a new twig on the family tree! DD & SIL, and GD Sierra, welcomed GD Ryan on May 18. (5 comments) My DD with our first GD Sierra, age 3, on a quick visit to California. Miss them more every day! (1 comments) My dearest son Scott at 15 months old, with me in West Germany in 1981. Mother’s Day, for those who have a child is in Heaven, is bittersweet. ♥️ My GD Sierra (age 3) talking to her baby sister, so Ryan will know her big sister’s voice. ♥️ is wondering, what is Willow going to do when I finally get around to folding the laundry?! is finalizing the adoption of STORMY, the now six week old kitten saved from a storm drain. (3 comments) Our baby Siamese rallied, ate well and crawled around; but it was not meant to be. He faded quickly, unexpectedly, and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. A short life, a terrible start, a struggle to survive; but his end days were spent full of love. I'm tired... but greatly relieved! Our two tiny at-risk foster kittens are stable and getting stronger! We took them to a long term bottle feeder today. The ginger girl is two to three weeks old, and the tiny Siamese boy is about ten days old. Here's our sweet boy Scrappy, who spent the entire night next to a frightened feral cat. She was trapped to be fixed, then returned to her colony. It's not ideal, but at least she won't add to the feral population. Even though the trap was covered, Scrappy stayed right there... he's a special kitty!!! Another new temporary foster who arrived this weekend: "Figaro." Saved after being chased and trapped by large dogs, he was taken to a vet to be scanned for an ID chip. The "owners" were contacted and said they didn't want him... that's why he's outside. He's absolutely wonderful! Let's hope his next adopters act like real people with hearts. Bottle baby #2, a mini-panther (all black) about four weeks old. People heard mewing near a busy street and literally looked for hours to find the source. They pulled him out from down in a storm drain, under the street, and brought him to me! After a tumultuous night shaking and crying, he slept for hours. He's a different kitty now, running around and playing. Time to tuck him into bed! Bottle baby #1, who will grow to be a Siamese cat. Eyes barely open, maybe 10 days old... found stuck in a bamboo thicket this morning. Goal: survive the night! New foster kittens, who came with their wild, terrified little mom... my hard job is playing with the babies to get them ready for adoption, and deciding when the mom gets spayed and returned to her colony. is with DH at surgery center... but it’s a good thing! He’s getting his fistula repaired (damaged in that bad fall). (3 comments) I picked up a new foster yesterday. Others saved him from a colony, terribly ill with mange. After seven weeks of isolation and treatment, he didn’t know whether to hiss or purr... but chose to trust us. He’s extremely affectionate and friendly, even slept with us. We doubt he’d survive back in the colony. Looking for his forever home! (1 comments) Today was All Cats Day! I have the easy part: temporary foster and transporter. First, a too-shy-to-be-adopted male pulled from the Shelter. Then, a litter of newborns (bottle babies) found in a building due to be torn down; thank God the mother was trapped late tonight. They're with me overnight, I'll drive 80 miles tomorrow to deliver them to two long term foster homes. A SUCCESSFUL DAY!!! (1 comments) is delivering these two cuties for further socialization and adoption! (2 comments) is glad to have Scrappy's company as I work on our tax returns! (2 comments) Would this be the male version of a Crazy Cat Lady?!? :) Housecleaning Adventures When I started noticeably losing weight, people would ask me: What are you allowed to eat? Feeling controlled is a HUGE trigger for me. My answer: I can EAT anything I WANT... I choose to eat healthily. Truly learning that it IS my choice helps every decision. My wild one-eyed foster kitty has become my shadow, playing with my feet when at my desk and sleeping nearby at night. I’m getting better... great appreciation to the hospital staff! Doses of IV antibiotics stopped the spread of the infection, but I’ll know in 10-14 days if I’ve truly got this beat. Lesson learned: take cat bites seriously! is getting better... great appreciation to the hospital staff! IV antibiotics finally beat back the infection... I’ll know in 10-14 days if I’ve got this truly beat. is shocked and deeply sad... our sweet kitty Madeleine passed away in her sleep at only 11 months old. We knew she was frail, but expected more time... (2 comments) It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share the news of my beautiful tiny cat Madeleine's death. We knew her immune system was compromised and she was frail, but still thought we'd have more time together... the friendliest sweetest cat ever! is temporary foster for a first time young mama cat and six babies, rescued by my friend from a cold empty house... it’s Kitten Season! (2 comments) Look who came home! DH is still limited physically, but stable and improving. Our cats are really happy he's home! (1 comments) With DH unexpectedly in the hospital, my project with the feral colony is on hold; but these three now-fixed young cats are my guests in the meantime. I love talking to them, looking deep in their eyes, and seeing their recognition of who I am... and that they're safe! is working on a new project: about 25 mostly feral cats, none of whom have been fixed. These first two are fixed, taming nicely! is in bed, happily surrounded by four of our kitties. Whatever little Maddie had spread to the others. I think we’re past the worst of it, except for Scrappy, hit the hardest. Sleep well my babies! Joyful News!!! When I checked on Madeleine during the night, she met me at the bathroom door; on her feet, walking around with her tail up, for the first time in two days! She spent most of today with the other cats in our bed (and with me). Can’t tell you how relieved and grateful I am!!! Keeping watch over a critically ill little cat with pneumonia for the second night. She took a turn for the worse this evening, after the vet appointment; but holding her in the steam from hot water running in the shower eased her gasping struggle to breathe. DH was out buying a humidifier, I was SO scared! After eight hours, little Madeleine's breathing seems stable. I'm gonna catch a couple of hours of sleep... Thanks for listening! I have to keep remembering this!!! The hardest week of the year is finally over. Last week was the 10th anniversary of my beloved DS's death, and today is his birthday. All day I've remembered the joy of his birth, what a great kid he was, the amazing man he grew to be, and my blessed life with him. Happy Birthday Scott, Forever 27 in Heaven, WE'LL ALWAYS MISS YOU! Swimming with DD & DGD in Palm Springs is heading home tomorrow after an amazing week in Palm Springs with DD & DGD (pictured). Enjoying a Greek yogurt mixed berry and kale smoothie! Today marks the 10th Anniversary of my beloved son's death. At approximately 12:30pm PST, he fell to his death... a long complicated story. I'm away from home, with my DD & DGD, and amazingly calm right now; but I'm reliving each minute of that day. Our last words to each other, on that Super Bowl Sunday, were "I Love You." CELEBRATING SCOTT ❤️ Our new granddaughter will be here in about 2-1/2 months, joining DGD, DD & SIL in Colorado. Hopefully I’ll be able to be there for #2 the same as I was for #1! is relieved and SO happy to have found a safe place for my Russian Blue mom cat, not tame enough for standard adoption. I'm LOVING our life with cats! We had to wait SOOOO long before we could own a pet... adopted our first from a rescue three days after we moved in here. Now we "rescue"! I'm trying to convince these two it's past their bedtime, but they'd rather hang out together. Scrappy checking out Bella in her crate, and visa versa. Scrappy realized the door was open and jumped down. Finally, they meet without the bars between them! Bella had a setback with the recovery from her eye removal surgery, so will be here awhile longer. Foster kitten Madeleine joined Bella in her crate, and they fell asleep together. and foster kitten Madeleine. She’s a joy to have as a part of our family! Update on Bella, my beautiful one-eyed foster kitten: she’s healing well, has become a kitten again, and gets her stitches out on Friday. Here she is kneading and falling asleep with her Mom’s shirt. is having fun with Bella, recovering well from surgery to remove a damaged eye. I'm ready to accept my punishment. Update on my sweet Bella! Now that she’s out of what must have been terrible pain, she’s a different cat: SO playful, loves chin scratches and tummy rubs, and is excited to see the other kitties (and us humans too). I wish I could let her out of the crate, but it’s too soon. Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers!!! (1 comments) Our beautiful new long-term foster, five-year-old Willow. Freed from her previous negative situation, it took some time for her to feel comfortable here; but now she plays like a kitten with our other cats, and has made herself at home. She tolerates me, but absolutely adores my DH! has been loving on these two feral kittens to prepare them for adoption hopefully. It's going well! ... and the cat said: Feral kitten Tiger took his turn with human contact for the first time. No more hissing and snapping when I reach in the kennel, and I can gently pet them without them running away. Making good progress!!! Little Tiger decided he didn’t want his turn as a Purrito! Hopefully Siam talks him into it!!! The socializing process begins... first human contact. It took the two of us to get him wrapped, and awhile for him to realize he’s safe, but those eyes bore into mine for the longest... Day 1: SUCCESS! I love having a peek into our kitties’ minds! has sent these babies to their new homes (1 comments) What a week! We got SO much done: eight cats placed for adoption, with five adopted in four days; also trapped four ferals over four days, who were then fixed. Two were returned to where they were trapped, and two are staying with us to be socialized. Lots of calls and messages, early mornings and wakeful nights, but worth every effort! (1 comments) & DH celebrating GD Kaile’s 14th Birthday! (3 comments) My beautiful Pasha with Sardines and Tuna, the once-tiny wildly feral kittens we trapped, and whom I’m socializing for adoption. The Fish Sisters will be staying awhile longer, good little bitty company for Mom Blue as I continue to connect with her wild soul. This is the last night Pasha will be with his Russian Blue Mom. He is being adopted by the family who adopted his brother Sasha in December... two is better than one, especially with kittens! is looking on the bright side... (1 comments) Finally, I'll be able to walk around the block! DD & GD Sierra playing with Snapchat filters! has the best "job" in the world... raising kittens and/or preparing kitties for adoption. This is Sardines, one of six fosters. (1 comments) What a wonderful way to end 2017... a great example of teamwork! This junior kitten was rescued after a fight, and ended up here after veterinary care. As temporary foster, I took care of his recovery and checked his socialization. I had the easy job... couldn't have done it without my friend's initiative. There was no response to the Found ads, so this big cuddly softie is on his way to his new furever home! (1 comments) I’m missing my precious GD Sierra and my wonderful DD... my trip to see them was cancelled due to DH’s hospitalization. Looking at dates in the new year to give it another go! Speaking of socks... This is my tenth Christmas without my DS Scott... I’ve been crying for days, songs elicit memories, seeing his fave movies and foods, so many reminders; but the laughter and fun of being with DH and family helped dry the tears for today. No boots in the house this Christmas... DGS and fellow Marines staying together for those with nowhere to go this holiday. is praying DH will soon begin to heal and come home from hospital to be with me and our kitties again! (4 comments) A satellite photo showing smoke from the California fires blowing towards Hawaii. We live in a safe pocket on the small bump out of land (peninsula) between the smoke trails. Seeing this clarified how lucky and blessed we are to live in this concrete jungle. (1 comments) One fire in Southern California continues to advance... this was taken on Main Street in Ventura. We were surrounded by fires on three sides (ocean on the fourth), but are in a safe pocket far enough away to not be affected (other than air quality). Prayers for safety for first responders and residents! & DH have the hard job of holding, cuddling, and loving on these two newly trapped, tiny but fierce, wildly feral kittens... Sardines is adjusting, Tuna needs more time! (2 comments) Wishing you all a Wonderful December! Our latest foster, named Sardines for how we trapped her. Hopefully she'll be joined soon by her sibling, who was too small to trip the first trap. First human contact! is counting the days until my trip to Colorado! is sad to see these babies go, but happy to place them in good homes, and proud to have raised them! (2 comments) Don’t know when or if our Marine GS will be coming home for either the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays... waiting to hear on that and expected deployment. I'm looking at old photos, feeling the happy memories, as a way to stave off the waves of emotions that are coming more often and more intensely as the holidays approach. Next February will be ten years since DS died in an accidental fall, and I can't seem to get this horrific experience out of my mind. Here is my beautiful inside-and-out son Scott. ... and her protector Belle with the same! WONDERFUL MEMORIES! This is my amazing GD Sierra at a few months old, loving her new pink teddy bear... Weigh in day tomorrow! Wind power turbines on the way home from Palm Springs. DH cuddling a then two-week-old orphan kitty someone had found late one night by a Main Street, wet and starving, eyes barely opened. After 9 stabilizing days with us, he went to his long term foster home. How can it be that we miss this little kitt so much?!? (1 comments) My spunky GD Sierra (age 2-1/2) out trick-or-treating at a mall event. She had a blast!!! (1 comments) More kitty pictures! This is Mom Blue with four of her five kittens, plus a tiny new foster baby (the black spot by the greys). (2 comments) Heres our Mom Blue and one of her five kittens, now six weeks old. They’re Russian Blues: is anyone familiar with the breed? Do you know how I can learn from other Russian Blue owners? (5 comments) playing with the five kittens we're fostering to give their mama a break! (2 comments) I had an amazing ten hours of sleep last night! Good prep for tonight... I’m fostering a 3-day-old kitten. Hopefully Mom Blue will continue to nurse the newborn, and the older kittens will accept him too! (1 comments) Parenting sure has changed since I was a kid! (3 comments) I'm happily cuddling with my two guys... G'night! The timing couldn't have been more perfect: we took two foster kittens we were hosting temporarily in to be adopted, and then I learned a long-elusive pregnant-again feral needed placement IMMEDIATELY... an hour after we got her home, THIS happened! (1 comments) and DH took his Mom to GD's soccer game... MIL had a great time! (4 comments) Soccer tournament, rooting for our DGD Kaile (13 years old). Great way to start a Saturday! (1 comments) It's never to late to start changing your future! ... so THAT's what's happening! (1 comments) My lil' Scrappy is a Pepper too!!! (2 comments) Lil' Scrappy sleeping with his new Mommy (that's me!) (2 comments) is happy our kitties are (finally) accepting their new little brother... I think we'll keep him! (2 comments) How funny... our old lady Dinky is far more tolerant of new baby boy Scrappy than our first kitty Tabitha is... but they're making progress! ❤️ This is why cats usually land on their feet: a very flexible spine! Kitten Scrappy and DH share a nap... we're hoping he'll be a "foster fail," and we can keep him furever. However, Tabitha and Dinky remain iffy on the prospect! I wish we'd been able to socialize our foster kittens' mother enough for her to be adopted too; but I'm glad she's staying close by, as she was before her pregnancy. Still wary and wild, but so very healthy! Our sweet silly Scrappy boy (1 comments) When we get home, we're going to physically introduce lil' Scrappy to our two cats, Tabitha and Dinky, and see how it goes. High probability - and my desire - is Scrappy will be a Foster Failure! Digesting unexpected bad news regarding DH... had hoped his worsening dementia was treatable, but his brain is permanently damaged. Gotta put on my big girl pants and figure out another New Normal! (3 comments) is adjusting to DH being home... this was the drive down from where he stayed in Arizona. (2 comments) GD Sierra playing peek-a-boo with my foster kittens 😸 is missing my girls, DD & DGD. (1 comments) Tabitha checking out my flowers from DD 🌺 DH used a step stool to change a light bulb... went back a few minutes later to put it away, and found all four kittens had claimed it as their new spot. (1 comments) Scrappy in mid-sneeze! (2 comments) is going to miss these little cuties when they're adopted! Three will be going soon, two need more growing time. (3 comments) walked in on the four kittens posed like this, with the two little ones asleep between the two larger kittens... grabbed my phone and snapped photos as they woke up. Success!!! (3 comments) One of our temporary fosters (4 comments) Sometimes I feel like this... Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD. (3 comments) Fun in New Orleans! (4 comments) I scared the feral mom cat, not sure how, but these two gave me dirty looks and ran to protect her! (4 comments) is hanging out with the foster kittens and Sparking... I was in here earlier and we played until they literally fell asleep in the middle of it! (4 comments) ... and I dance in the rain. Being honest can be difficult and scary; but no matter the upset and fallout, it's better in the end to face the truth and deal with it. The issue of cyber bullying is a hot topic in the news, from young school children up to the President of the U.S. This meme sums it up: BE THE FENCE! (2 comments) is looking forward to Friday! (2 comments) ADVANCED PARENTING: Whether you vacation or stay-cation, or have to work through the summer, enjoy every day to the fullest! ~ our foster kittens at three weeks old. (5 comments) is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with DH... a BIG shoutout to his entire family, who accepted my kids and me as their own! (2 comments) is hanging out with our baby Tabitha. (3 comments) is so happy to be a small part of keeping this sweet mommy and babies safe and healthy! (4 comments) Happy Mother's Day says, guess who just turned two years old?! (4 comments) is enjoying a lull in Life's Roller Coaster of crisis vs joy. Here's just one source of my happiness, GD Sierra! (3 comments) has a budding gaming genius for a GD... she put on headphones, set up the PlayStation and began to play! (3 comments) has been stuck in grieving emotions that hit unexpectedly hard this year. Getting back on task at last... and doing okay. (4 comments) is remembering the day I became a mother for the first time... Happy Birthday in Heaven, my wonderful Scott! (5 comments) woke up to this... Good Morning, Tabitha! (2 comments) Scott at the Fire Academy (2 comments) Scott at seven months (5 comments) is anticipating the tenth anniversary of the death of my beloved son Scott. (10 comments) MIMAWELIZABETH needs to plan a trip to Colorado to visit DD & our precious GD Sierra ASAP!!! (3 comments) In 18 hours, DD & DGD Sierra arrive for a short visit... Don't know how much time we'll have together, but excited for every minute!!! (2 comments) is Grandma taking funny face selfies with grandbaby Sierra! (4 comments) This is me, every time I drive to the gym... or anywhere! is concerned about these side effects of exercising! (2 comments) is working on catching up on housework, Sparking, finances, Life. (2 comments) tried to make a New Year's Resolution, but... (1 comments) (3 comments) says, "Enough of watching the cat watch ice melt; back to my healthy plan, NO excuses!" (3 comments) Celebrating GD Sierra's christening! (3 comments) Cuddling with GD Sierra! (4 comments) Counting down the days to my next trip to visit DD, SIL & GD Sierra! (3 comments) A very tired, serious GD Sierra & Grandma (that's me!) (3 comments) Tabitha says, "it's okay Mommy, I gotcha!" (3 comments) (1 comments) I had a GREAT 60th Birthday today with family and friends! Best present ever: DD, SIL & my sweet DGD Sierra flew in for my special day!!! (5 comments) DD Aubrey & GD Sierra Ready for their first bike ride together! (3 comments) Royal Palms Park, near my home, on the Pacific Ocean side. (3 comments) An amazing Rest Day at a park by the LA Harbor. (5 comments) My Mantra (5 comments) View down my street toward the Port of Los Angeles (1 comments) Zoom view of Port of Los Angeles (where I live) (2 comments) My room overlooking the pool in Palm Springs. (2 comments) SO grateful to have the resources to go away for a few days... in Palm Springs again. (5 comments) GD Kaile 2016 Soccer Tourney Champions (with her Mom) (2 comments) GD Kaile's soccer tourney 2016 (1 comments) Opposite view of GD Kaile's soccer tourney (1 comments) Our sweet Tabitha with DH (1 comments) Dinky keeping DH company. (3 comments) DH preparing for one of his many surgeries and procedures. (1 comments) GD Sierra at restaurant - getting big! (4 comments) I recognize THAT pouty face... just like DD and MINE too! (2 comments) GD Sierra Easter 2016 (4 comments) I think GD Sierra wants to come home with me! (2 comments) Mommy's yummy homemade butternut squash! (2 comments) GD Sierra loving that psghetti! (2 comments) GD Sierra learning to navigate the stairs (2 comments) DD & SIL & GD Super Bowl 2016 Denver won! (2 comments) GD Sierra (eight months old) and me, December 2015 (3 comments) DD & GD Sierra, enjoying her first trip up into the Colorado mountains. (2 comments) DD & GD Sierra Sep 2015 (3 comments) GD Sierra with DD & SIL visiting his family in Puerto Rico, Sep 2015 (4 comments) Sierra at two weeks old, on Grandma's bed, with her furry protectors (3 comments) Grandma and Sierra (four days old) (4 comments) Sierra's Homecoming Cuddle with Grandma (two days old) (2 comments) My baby had a baby! Sierra - 03/31/2015 (8 comments) Sierra Elizabeth, born March 31st, at four hours old! (6 comments) Soon-to-be Mom Aubrey with her MIL (on right) & me, her Mom (on left) at CA Baby Shower (3 comments) Scott at St Baldricks (2004 Publicity Photo) (1 comments) DD & me ~ Shaved for St Baldrick's fundraiser! (5 comments) Tabitha settled in immediately... Waiting for Grandpa (DH) to come home. (2 comments) Adoption Day for Tabitha... we "rescued" her, but she saved us right back! (11 comments) Tabitha waiting for me to finish Sparking (1 comments) Tabitha watching DH's dialysis machine work (3 comments) Tabitha chilling with DH (2 comments) Our new family member (Scott's "kitten in the tree") (4 comments) Our spoiled baby Tabitha deciding what to do about new kitty Blackie (2 comments) Our two fur babies (1 comments) My SD Nic with her DD, our GD Kaile (12 mos) (5 comments) Kaile getting to know her Aunt Aubrey, newly returned from college in Wisconsin (2005) (2 comments) GD Kaile as Baby & at her 1st Communion (2 comments) GD Kaile with my MIL (2 comments) My beautiful Kaile (about 7 years old) (1 comments) Kaile and Andre Jr my two grandkids June 2015 (1 comments) GD Kaile & GS Andre June 2016 (1 comments) DH with his Mom, celebrating their birthdays (1 comments) MIL's Birthday (1 comments) My sweet Scottie with me in West Germany (1981 - 15 mos) (3 comments) recently found my best friend from college on Facebook. As it often is with true friends, we picked up right where we left off 32 years ago! She sent me this treasure: DS Scott with Godmother (1980). (2 comments) Scott & his "new" brothers in California 1983 (1 comments) Big brother Scott with baby Aubrey and me (1985) (1 comments) Now I'M the shortest one in the room! Scott & Aubs & me (2000) (2 comments) DS Scott & DD Aubrey 2005 (1 comments) My kids & me at my 50th birthday (3 comments) In 2006, with our "new" used car. Look at me acting like I can walk! (DD pulled my walker away) (4 comments) My wonderful DD and I on bachlorette cruise (2007) (1 comments) Aubrey & Bridesmaids ready for the Big Day! (1 comments) A Very Proud Big Brother Scott was Lil' Sis Aubrey's "Father" (3 comments) With Lambie, Kaile's ready to be Flower Girl! (3 comments) Big Brother DS Scott ready to walk Little Sister DD Aubrey down the aisle (4 comments) Daughter Aubrey's Wedding on the cliffs above the Pacific (3 comments) DD Aubs & my new SIL My beloved DH and me (Yikes... I'm a MIL!) (3 comments) Presenting Mr & Mrs...! Point Vincente CA (3 comments) The Wedding Cake with my Nana's topper from her 1914 wedding (4 comments) Father-Daughter Dance "I Loved Her First" (1 comments) The wonderful day coming to an end... Kaile & Lambie (4 comments) DH and me with Kaile on Mother's Day 2008 (3 comments) Scott while at Fire Academy (1 comments) DS Scott with friends Summer 2007 (3 comments) DS Scott's Urn (2 comments) Scott loved hiking, camping, climbing... cliff sleeping! (1 comments) Where Scott's ashes are scattered - the mountains above Santa Barbara (6 comments) Memorial at the base of the tree where Scott died February 2008 (8 comments) Me on Weigh-in Days (4 comments) Wish I could send you our sunshine... (1 comments) Don't cry, ugly bald baby! (1 comments)

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