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Goal is to be "overweight" according to the BMI scale! www.bmivisualizer.com Yeah for me! (1 comments) Yeah! (1 comments) 48 minutes. Incline 0/2/4/6/4/2/0. Felt heart pumping! Yeah! Walk/jog. Focused on breathing and posture.👍👏 Beautiful day for a bike ride. Too bad I barely made it around the block! Still breathing heavily! New goal!😉👍 (1 comments) Prize for 12 week challenge! I want this bike! Been awhile. Better endurance. Included some light running. 56 minutes. Some music. 30 minute podcast about not needing to exercise to lose weight. 😟 2 miles in under 45 minutes. Yeah for me! 55 minutes. Working on endurance! Nice humid walk with daughter. She did more running! Getting ready for 5k. Left foot hurting today. Walked on treadmill at 2.0 speed with 1 then 2 % incline. I would stop and stretch. Seemed to work. Feel good. 45 minutes. 2 miles. Improved from 43 minutes. 3mph. 👏😊 (1 comments) Day has come. Very Proud! Early a.m. Walk before work. I slept through walk I think!😴 Nice fall, morning walk with my husband! Beautiful cool, sunny temperature! 45 minute before work treadmill walk/jog. Had to stop and stretch because right foot would fall asleep! 4% incline. 1mile. Sweating like crazy! (1 comments) 30 minutes. 1.3miles. Run / walk intervals. Incline up to 4%. = 1/2 cup ice cream. 😒 Not bad for a sleepy before work 30 minutes. 1 mile walk is best deal of the day! After work workout! WOOHOO! Not shabby! (2 comments) It has been awhile. Trying to get back at it. New exercise equipment. 😨 (1 comments) Little bit at a time. Not a regular routine yet. Enough to break a sweat. Felt good this morning. First 10 standing/ second 10 sitting. 20 minutes elliptical. Level 2. 😊 (1 comments) 30 minutes! Woohoo! (2 comments) 30minutes. Some of them going from level 2 to 3. Toddler steps. 🌺 1 year ago I could not make around the block! Today went around block and park. And feeling good!😊😉🚴 (4 comments) Been awhile. Trying to back into the groove. Heel spurs are not fun. 2.2 speed. Why was it so difficult to walk 3/4 of a mile to get 5000 steps in? 22min of 2.0. Put in 23 minute walk while waiting for others. 👟 also watching Netflix. 📺 Today's tip is a great reminder after stressful week at work. I wish counting my blessings was a calorie burning activity. #Hurricane Harvey 30 min fit bit activity! Something different. 😥 30 minutes and 2 workday breaks. Still haven't met daily step goal. Almost there. 😥 Took advantage of this tip today! Beautiful sunny day! I’m back! Little over a mile. 30minutes ✅ Small burst of activity between chapters of good book on a snowy day!

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