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THis was me 6 years ago. Thi is what I would like to look like after. e spent together in his home town. This is how I would like to look again. (2 comments) This is my 20 pounds lost picture. We were at the Como Zoo No pain no gain right? I think the adductioon/abduction machine attacked me Zander and I Zander doing reverse curls with me (1 comments) Me at 184. "This is my picture' outfit (1 comments) Me from the side.. That is not a baby bump. I just still look pregnant. I had to take a picture of this weight b/c I have not see it in 4 years or so!!!! (1 comments) Zander carving his pumpkin I foudn this quote today and it realy hit home.. We need to remember how far we have somea bnd how close we are to success.. Woohoo! Here my little peanut @ 8 weeks. Our baby girl 8 1/2 months! (37 weeks 3 days) (1 comments) Zoe Amileah (1 comments) Zander and Zoe (1 comments) Christmas pics Zoe 13 days old, Zander 2 3/4 (2 comments) This is my new hobby. I have started sewing purses. This is my newest (and so far favorite) creation (1 comments) me andd my children about 6-7 weeks ago 10/30/11 this what i need to remember (1 comments) This is the best # I have seen in 6 1/2 years!! (2 comments) (1 comments) This is me 55 pounds gone! My moms wedding 06/02 I have a little ways to go still.. But I am soo far of how far I have come! (2 comments) (1 comments) My first! symbolizes my infinite love of my baby boy and girl This is why I am doing this! I want to be my childrens example! 2008 vs todays liscense Easter 2013. Not hiding behind frumpy and unflattering.. Sleek and sexy!!! (1 comments) Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon 6-22-13 My before, thinner, and now pic So.. this happened today. Been over 6 months since I was last in oneunderland

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