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(1 comments) Me & my puppy dog, Duke! He's my baby! (5 comments) Motivation!!! Megan Fox is GORGEOUS! (1 comments) April Fool's prank on my boss! (2 comments) Hello! (4 comments) Me & My Hubby (2 comments) Me, my lil' sis and my cousin... Mother's Day photo's for our Grandma and Mom's. (2 comments) I want her legs! (1 comments) One day... I saw this on other Sparkpages and I had to add it to mine. That's how I feel EVERYDAY!!! (1 comments) Wish me luck on my 30 Day Challenge (Start date 7/13/10) (3 comments) My MAN-spiration! MMMMMmmmmmm.... (1 comments) *Speechless* *Drooling* *Giggling* *Blushing* (3 comments) Meet Roscoe! Our new addition 8/10/10 (9 comments) Hot Dog Day!!! I was bad... but I gotta carb up for my run tomorrow right? hehe... (1 comments) My Roscoe puppy... (1 comments) Look mommy... I'm cute! My Dukie boy! (1 comments) My boys... DH & Duke. (the other 2 dogs in the background are my friends) (1 comments) Finished my first 5k!!! 37:57 with just a little walking in the middle!!! Side view of new hair cut... (1 comments) Front view... Smile! (4 comments) My new running shoes!!! Approaching the finish line... it's about time! Yay!!! Finish Line!!! (1 comments) Roxanna & I with our Finisher's medals!!! My first half marathon is done! (1 comments) The group of people that have become my friends that I trained for my half with and ran with! "If you want to be a champion, you have to train like one." ~ GSP Teddy & I (not mine... my pitties would think he's a toy) at the family reunion! (1 comments)

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