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Tardis...duh (2 comments) Me, kayaking on Big Bear Lake (1 comments) Time Travel Mart LA, CA Me, kayaking on Big Bear Lake Hiking to Castle Rock. This is officially a need in my life. (1 comments) Yep, I'm just "loving" the headache, weird dreams, exhaustion, dry throat, irritation that comes with unplugging. Newest update on my 23 & Me, DNA report. Combine this with the results I received earlier that showed that Saturated Fats have a bigger negative impact on me, means I will have to be very careful and conscious of my health and weight. Reward for a week without sodas. Reward for a week without sodas. These little spots under my eyes are called, Xanthelasma, and in a person with high cholesterol or a genetic history of heart disease, these can be an early warning. As I said in my blog, I'll be going to see a Lipidologist for further testing. I'm also going to be changing up my diet even more to reduce my risks. As I mentioned in my blog, these little dots are called, Xanthelasma. In a person with high Cholesterol or a family history of heart disease these can be an early warning of trouble. I don't have high cholesterol, but I do have a family history. So I'll be changing my diet even more and seeing a Lipidologist. Looking forward to the festivals this weekend, just so I can cheat and have Food Truck goodies. Starting Week Three, Soda Free. I need to increase my calories, while keeping my Saturated Fat down, but keeping my Proteins up, and remembering to eat Fiber, but not too much Fiber, and eating the right kinds of Carbs. Ugh, it can be very tiring sometimes. I'm down 2lbs. I'm 3 weeks without a soda. I've started writing again. I'm taking several positives steps to better manage my life. It's Friday, pay day, and my roommate will be out of town, so the apartment is all mine. I think I need to schedule some fun this weekend! 24 days without a soda. I still get cravings every now and again. But its not constantly on my mind. This morning I weighed in at 196lbs. At my last nutritionists meeting I weighed 198.5lbs My next meeting is on April 18th, and I want to weigh 192lbs. Since the new year, my weight has been up and down and back again. But as of today I've lost 6lbs from my January First weight and 2 inches off my waist. I celebrated by going to the gym this morning. It just occurred to me that this little, yellow former stray cat has the best attitude in life. He just keep dashing past people into their apartments until he found the one who won't pick him up and toss him back out. Over a year's worth of constant rejection, constantly being tossed back out, and he never stopped trying; never gave up that confidence. In the end, it worked. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, going as hard as I could. Then on my half an hour bike ride to work, I decided to try and race the shuttle that passes between campus and my building. Needless to say, I barely made it up the stairs and into my office this morning. BUT, you better bet, I tied with the shuttle! Victory! I beat the shuttle today! Granted the traffic from the passing train helped slow them down much more than it did me. But hey considering I'm on a bike and have to go a tenth of a mile farther, that's still pretty awesome! Just compared a 15 Day Challenge diet to what I normally eat. I'm pretty pleased that my regular diet came out the far healthier choice. Plus, really, why only eat healthy for only 15 days? Come on, this is real life commitments here! Ugh, I'm feeling so gross now. Spent the day at the Spring Fling Fair. I ate a burger & fries, cotton candy, and a DQ Blizzard. Now I'm feeling super gross and tired. But I did not have a soda and I did about about six hours worth of walking and standing; so it's somewhat of a win! Yep, I AM the Rockstar of friendships & roommates! My roommate is a nightowl who starts a 5am shift this week. So I've promised to get up at 4am to make extra sure she doesn't sleep through her alarms (yes, plural). Hey, it gives me extra time to workout and write in the mornings. I have been without a soda for a month! I'm starting week 5, and in a couple of days I will have officially been without a soda for 30 days! My goal was to reach 194lbs by April 18th. As of today, April 11th, I weigh 193lbs! Woohoo! My next goal is to get below 190lbs. Got my arm workout this morning, just trying to keep the smoke detector from going off. Some "genius" decided it would be an awesome idea to put the detector less than 7 feet from the stove. So even just the steam off scrambled eggs, or a small amount of smoke off toast sets it off like my apartment is standing in for the inferno! Guys, I'm really not ready for this. If it's 90 now, what's July going to be like. :( I'm just really enjoying my current streak... :D I bought myself all new pillows!!! I haven't gotten new pillows in about 10 years. Yep, way too long. I just tested them out, and OH!!! they are soooo comfy!!! Here's to not having headaches in the mornings! I have 2 goals. 1) I'm going to the gym today and every day next week. 2) I will NOT eat any Easter candy. (that will be tough since my roommate is on a chocolate binge.) My goal was to be below 194lbs; preferably at 192lbs. This morning, I officially weighed in at 191.5lbs!!! My new goal is to weigh in at 185lbs by my next appointment on May 16th. My little buddy is back at the vet's for the night. He is diabetic. But he's also developed Valley Fever, which has caused an inflammation that is building up fluid in his chest. This is the second time they will have to drain it off. They also found that his liver levels are elevated. It could be the meds, or his age. But we'll know more tomorrow. My furry baby is back in the vet's office; this time for 48 hours while they check to see if he has Pancreatitis, on top of Valley Fever and Diabetes. I'm feeling like the dishrag that got rung out, chewed by the dog, and thrown under the cabinet. THANK GOD for Pet Insurance! Seriously, I just dropped $4,000 on one cat this week alone. Not counting the $3,000 I spent on him a couple of months ago. But here's hoping that in 48 hours I get good news. Never underestimate the power of emotional turmoil. I just made the hardest decision of my life, choosing to end my furry baby's suffering. It was the right choice, he was ready, he was peaceful, and I found a wonderful vet who did it here at home, were he was comfortable. But the last 5 days, have torn my guts out. I'm so exhausted, rung out, and emotionally drained. Just the idea of getting back onto track looks exhausting and overwhelming to me. Never underestimate the power of emotional turmoil. I just made the hardest decision of my life, choosing to end my furry baby's suffering. It was the right choice, he was ready, he was peaceful, and I found a wonderful vet who did it here at home, were he was comfortable. But the last 5 days, have torn my guts out. I'm so exhausted, rung out, and emotionally drained. Just the idea of getting back onto track looks exhausting and overwhelming to me. I haven't had a soda for nearly two months. My last diet soda was the weekend of March 11th. Yesterday, one of my co-workers had a can of Diet Dr. Pepper on her desk, and now I want a soda so badly! I'm not kidding, I literally had a dream last night that I was out to dinner and drinking sodas. Addiction is no joke. Back at the gym for the first time in...a length of time that cannot be, honestly described as, "short". But hey, I'm back and that's what counts. Once upon a time there was a handsome and charming Prince. He rescued a beautiful and kind Princess from a tower. They fell in love, married, and lived happily ever after. The rest of us have to make due with rescuing our own selves. Which is not entirely a bad thing. Here's to being your own hero. Yep, just about how I'm feeling right now. I decided to skip the gym this morning. Karma decided that wasn't going to happen. I biked half an hour to work; and just as I arrived I realized I'd forgotten my bikelock. So I got to bike all the way home and back AGAIN. Plus I have a Dr's appointment this morning, which is about a 45 minute bike ride, one way. So my skipping the gym this morning, really not a big deal. I love Halloween, so I start planning my costume, well right about now (sometimes even earlier). This year, I want to try being "Girl Fry" from Futurama. But if I do I'm going to need to seriously lose weight, because if I do "Girl Fry" I will want to do the belly shirt. Hey, whatever motivates my backside at the gym ;) The Challenges of Going to the Gym: Challenge 1: Getting up the courage to go to the gym for the first time. Challenge 2: Going to the gym consistently. Challenge 3: Challenging yourself at the gym. Challenge 4: Putting on sunscreen, face lotion, or makeup after going to the gym. My boss this morning: "Are you sure you can ride home on you bike?" Me: "I do every day, rain or shine." Boss: "But not in 115 degrees." Me: "Looks like I will be today." While inside I'm thinking, 'I'd rather have remained ignorant. There's a reason I don't watch the weather.' I think my Fat is trying to send a message after my workout this morning. ;) Yeah, I'm getting eaten by a bear ;) That moment when your on the elliptical at the gym and you've been watching the really hot guy, who kinda reminds you of Chris Evans, down in the weights pit. When he turns and looks up at you, and you realize he knows you've been watching the whole time, and you kinda want to melt into a puddle under the elliptical. Just faced my last gym "fear". I'm very uncomfortable with doing ab workouts in public. (I'm sure I'm not alone) I feel like a chubby, uncoordinated, dork fish flopping around. I'm always telling myself that I'll do the ab workouts during my lunch or when I get home at night (which we all know is not going to happen) But today I sucked it up, I went to the mats, and I did a handful of workouts that made my abs SCREAM. I just learned that there will be a total solar eclipse on my 88th birthday. I guess I better get really healthy so I can travel to see it. For the first time in two weeks, I finally managed to get back to the gym today. And 25 minutes into my workout, the fire alarm went off. But hey, I got 25 minutes, that's a start. I fed the vampires. (That means I can eat the cookies, guilt free ;) This was a rotating diet aid ad that popped up a while ago. It rotated between the "Before" and "After" But when looking at the pictures side by side, I realized the only change is, the way the woman is posed, her clothing, hair, and smile. The before pose, clothing, hair, etc makes her look larger, frumpier, and sadder, while the after makes her look thinner, happier, more stylish. But there's been no real noticeable change in her body proportions. The second morning in a row, waking up with a massive sinus headache. Teal Pumpkin Project! I ran across this a few years ago. It's actually meant to help kids with food allergies enjoy Halloween. BUT, it helps *me* keep candy out of the house! So win, win!
Humm, I've been eating a lot of peanuts lately, I've also been noticing that my throat feels, ever so slightly sore and raw after eating them. Oh goody, I may be developing a food allergy to a delicious and healthy food. Just my luck. Nothing destroys a workout like a broken hair-tie. I was so happy, so pumped, so ready, until that thing snapped, and then I was completely over the whole experience. I finished the workout, but I was grinding my teeth the whole time. Hey, in my defense, Tootsie Rolls are healthy. The amount of work it takes to chew one is a solid workout. Me: I'm not eating any Halloween candy before Halloween! 10 minutes later: Skipped the gym, only because there is no way my pirate hat and sword are fitting into the lockers. I will make up for it tomorrow. (great now I have an image in my head of a confused pirate stumbling around a modern gym) Ugh, employee farewell lunch/Halloween. Delicious Mexican food, German Chocolate cake, and candy. I great nothing, especially wearing a loose fitting pirate costume! The moment when you're a couple of bites into a raspberry filled donut and realize, "This really doesn't taste as good as I thought it would. In fact, it's gross. Why am I eating this? I'm not going to eat any more of it." I made sure I went to bed on time last night. I had my alarm set and the moment it went off I got straight up and put on my workout clothes. I made my breakfast, packed my bag, and looked up to discover that I had entered a time vortex and I no longer had enough time to go to the gym. I ended up having to go straight to work. So I think I'm going to need to go over my routine again and see where my time sink was. I go to the gym in the morning and I bike to work. I get to work at 8am. I don't really stop sweating until 8:30am. By then I'm caught up in the work of the day. Around 10am I realize, that I could probably go put my makeup on...but by then it seems a little silly. I really can't make it to work/gym any earlier. Sigh, such first world problems. A very dear friend of mine hit a rough patch in his marriage. He told me, "I am making a real effort to fall in love with my spouse again." I realized that's exactly what I'm trying to do. I am making a real effort to fall in love with myself again. I have been very mean, cruel, neglectful, and even abusive to myself. Happy New Year!!!! I don't know about you, but I'm getting rather fed up with Artificial Sweeteners in EVERYTHING!!! I've recently put it together that my weird, phantom arm itch is caused by Artificial Sweeteners. So of course, I've been trying to avoid them. But avoiding artificial sweeteners in American food, is a bit like trying to avoid raindrops in a storm. Unless everything I eat is made by me, from scratch, I'm likely to end up with an arm so itchy I'm digging holes into myself. I still find it a bit creepy, that the piece of plastic around my wrist is sensitive and intuitive enough to know when I'm on an elliptical vs a street bike vs just walking. When you have, literally spent the entire day cleaning the entire house, and you find someone has come along and left a dirty dish in the sink... I'm just saying, you should automatically get 5lbs taken off if you do your 10,000 steps in 4" heels. It is currently 37 degrees outside, and the AC is on in my office. Are you kidding me?! It's like someone left my cake out in the rain! I set up a new plan, in December, on how I was going to eat and exercise, to lose weight. The very next day, I had a bad cold. By the time I was feeling well enough to get back at it, it was the holidays and I was at the mercy of other people for a couple of weeks. I got home, got settled, started my plan again, I really got it going this week...and I woke up this morning with yet another cold. Really!? I mean, really!? Humm, do I have what it takes to get up at 3:00am, bike an hour, in 40 degree weather, and climb a ridiculously steep hill, in order to watch the Super Blue Blood Moon, tomorrow morning? Ok, I have 5 months before I go to San Diego for a beach vacation. It the stars align and the universe is good, I want to lose 8lbs a month...actually, I'd like to lose 10lbs a month, but let's be realistic. That would put me 40lbs down. Meaning I'd weigh around, 167 lbs. Not my goal weight, but close enough. When you know you should do something because it's good for you, but your inner child is like... When you spent an hour last night making tasty tacos for lunch, and then forgot to pack the taco shells... "Fat Loss vs Weight Loss" or how the scale Lies! I "only" lost 1lbs since my last weigh in, a month ago. I went from 208 to 207. HOWEVER, I gained 2lbs of muscle. So in reality, I lost 3lbs of fat. My fat mass went from 45.1% to 44.5%. My hydration is also up, going from 83.5lbs to 84lbs. You've survived Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. You've vowed to lose weight, cut out sugar, and save money. You are doing so well, too! Then along comes Valentine's Day, just to mess with you. I have no idea what magic happened in this picture, but I looked good! Now if only I could look like this all the time! (1 comments) My new car. After 10 years of not having a car I sucked it up and bought one. Now the temptation is to skip biking in every morning. However, I've set up a schedule. MWF, I bike in. TTH, I drive in, but I climb Tumamoc Hill, which has a 600 foot elevation gain in less than 1.5 miles. New rule! I can have as much ice cream as I want anytime I want! I just have to be willing to walk 1.6 miles to the local Cold Stone and pay $6.00 for it. I find using my laziness to my advantage always works out better. If I'm willing to get up and walk a half an hour there and a half an hour back, than I really wanted that ice I'm walking so that's better than just strolling to the freezer. What I found on my hike. This hill is actually pretty much in the center of the city, yet it's teeming with wildlife. You have to look close because it's actually a doe and her fawn. I saw several pairs this evening. What I found on my hike. This hill is actually pretty much in the center of the city, yet it's teeming with wildlife. You have to look close because it's actually a doe and her fawn. I saw several pairs this evening. What I found on my hike. This hill is actually pretty much in the center of the city, yet it's teeming with wildlife. You have to look close because it's actually a doe and her fawn. I saw several pairs this evening. Yep, I have been keeping this image close and it has made things so much better. :) Yep, tried a HIIT workout yesterday. This morning...I definitely found all those muscles I was neglecting. This, this picture right here is false advertising! If you're using a foam roller, and you're not screaming in agony, you're doing it wrong! Tried using my foam roller this morning to help with my sore thigh muscles. Hit the right spot and it was so stupidly painful, I actually began laughing hysterically and couldn't stop until I got off the roller. But hey, my legs do feel a little better now. When you walk into the break room and suddenly remember that you left your lunch in the ridge at home... Fiber makes gut bacteria really happy. Yesterday, I made my gut bacteria so happy, they decided to throw a rave! I know it's not really fitness related. But I keep seeing this, and it cracks me up every time. "Mortgage Like An AVENGER!" Can't you just see the team, fresh from some epic battle, gathered around the war-room table, discussing APR and Mortgage terms. Cap freelancing as an accountant, maybe Thor and Widow are working as real estate agents... Donuts in the break room this morning. I looked at them and I just wasn't feeling it. I looked at them and they just didn't look like they were going to taste as good as I wanted them to. Spent a wonderful long weekend in LA with friends. However, I did learn that thanks to my long term healthy diet my body can no longer handle the fast food most consume on digestive track is still unhappy with me. Does, "Pie by the Ocean" count? I'm not really into Harry Potter, but my friends are. They all took the Pottermore, sorting hat thing, and all got Hufflepuff. Me, I take it, and I get Slytherin...and no one was surprised. Hey, I can't help it if I'm one of the Cool Kids. Everyone envies the Slytherin... Me, 6-1-14 Update The last time I put this shirt on it was WAY too tight across the stomach. Not any more! 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