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rainbow daisy (3 comments) Me aged 3 (10 comments) At my biggest... 40lbs lost...why do I look like I'm constipated? (3 comments) Two legs in one!!! (20 comments) my eldest son Shane and me in the garden...bit blurred as we set it on automatic! (4 comments) Slimming World 'Woman of the Year' after losing 108 pounds! (5 comments) Me and our youngest grandson Joseph...August 2014 Sitting pretty. (2 comments) Me and my friend Judy 122 lbs down (6 comments) My darling husband David (5 comments) Our eldest son Shane (2 comments) our youngest son Jason (2 comments) our eldest grandson Kian, he's gorgeous! Christmas eve 2012 our grand daughters Amelia aged 2 and Isabella 4 with their mam Leah...Christmas eve 2012 Our darling grand daughter Vitani aged just 2 years 2008 (6 comments) My beautiful grand daughters, they were performing in a talent competition...a joy to watch! Our lovely grand daughter Vitani aged 4 months 2006 (5 comments) my new grandson Joseph...less than 1 hour old! October 2013 (2 comments) Gran aged 94 and some of her grandsons 2009 (3 comments) on holiday, my first trip out after my cancer treatment had ended (3 comments) Part of our haven. Crocosmia Lucifer & Shasta Daisies (6 comments) Peonies in our garden (7 comments) 'Shot Silk' roses on our arch, very prolific and fragrant too. (9 comments) Our garden patio. I like to sit here on an afternoon when the Cherry tree shades it a bit. (7 comments) Our pond in spring, just waking up with the Kingcups flowering. (8 comments) Water Lily Pearl Gonnaire bought for our pearl wedding anniversary (2 comments) Some of our Koi, the Silver Ogons are about 2'6'' long (6 comments) 'Fred', my Blackie I raised from a chick, sunbathing (3 comments) 'Fred' (4 comments) 'Freds' first two blackbird chicks hatched 2/5/2009 (4 comments) My friendly Robin, he follows me around when I'm gardening and snaffles any grubs and worms. (7 comments) Bluetit...he likes to work the appletree branches and my peanut feeder. (4 comments) Common kingfisher with fish (not taken by me!!). A beautifully coloured bird. (2 comments) Red Darter Dragonfly on our garden bench (2 comments) Hummingbird Hawk Moth, a rare visitor until a couple of years ago. It loves Red Valerian. (12 comments) Iris 'Leanna', so beautiful. (7 comments) Rose 'Shot Silk' on our garden arch (2 comments) Budleia Ruby Red, the last flower on the bush and I couldn't resist. (5 comments) View over the village where we live (12 comments) 'Ginger' that's what I call him, don't know who he belongs too but he joins me for a walk most days! (7 comments) Daniel's sampler. (1 comments) a mandala style of my hobbies. I have loads, I find them relaxing to do (3 comments) valentine zentangle using pink ink (2 comments) Changing Lost 100lbs !! Words of wisdom!! (7 comments) We is friends (7 comments) Happy New Year to all my Sparkfriends, hope it's a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous one x (1 comments)

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