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Twenty Seven Years Ago - Honeymoon in Florence, Italy (10 comments) Joe, Mary and Lizz on her 22nd birthday. Happy BIrthday darling girl. (8 comments) Mary and Sparky at Bethany Beach. (4 comments) Mary and Chef Lizz check the turkey - Thanksgiving 2010 (7 comments) (6 comments) Me in 2006 at about 150 pounds - 30 pounds from start weight. 5 or 10 pounds over Goal. (2 comments) Hubby and me in 1983 at about 135 pounds. I thought I was fat. This is 45 pounds from start weight. (6 comments) My daughter the graduate and her boyfriend (8 comments) Lizz with her diploma (4 comments) Lizz and her cousin John - both 2010 graduates from Providence College (1 comments) Lizz with mom and dad and her brothers (13 comments) Graduation Day - she looks just like her father with my coloring. (4 comments) Lizz with aunts, uncles, mom and dad and brothers. (1 comments) Mary and friend Kate out to lunch for Memorial Day. I must like that shirt!! Twenty Seven Years Later - I think that I need a new hairstyle! It is the same as the Honeymoon. (17 comments) Family picture at the rehearsal dinner. The pink was not planned. (3 comments) (3 comments) Minature Golf 6-19-10 Mary, John, Lizz (7 comments) Mary and Sharon at the reunion. We are both in-laws to the multitude of cousins. (1 comments) My kids with some of their next generation cousins (1 comments) One of the many reunion parties in CT. Set with Italian music, fountains and fun. (4 comments) One of the reunion houses in CT with chicken coop, gardens, and outdoor Pizza Oven. (2 comments) Mary and Joe at one of the many reunion parties. (7 comments) My son with some of his cousins. He is always surrounded by the girls. (1 comments) Some of the next generation. My daughter, Lizz, is in the one shoulder dress. Tres Chic. (2 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) Youngest with me on college visit (4 comments) Daughter and middle son with me at Christmas (1 comments) Six years ago with hubby (2 comments) Me at Wizards Basketball game with announcer (3 comments)

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