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is loving Summer got my hair did (1 comments) Is still cold (1 comments) Making Progress! Slow and steady! Week Thirteen and Week Two The loves of my life (2 comments) Beautiful Day! (1 comments) Went to the beach yesterday. Had a great day, but didn't do well diet wise. When you're a caregiver. Sometimes it's hard to make yourself a priority My goal is to be able to do the splits. I used to be able to do them. And put my feet up near my head. LOLZ Rainy lazy day. Exercised to hopefully prevent a binge Chilly but sunny day I exercised for over an hour today. Even though every time I try to record it using the trophy. It never registers There's a light at the end of the tunnel I also love sleeping. I should be doing it right now Rainy day Warmer weather is on the way! Grateful to be able to wear kids shoes. These were on clearance for $33. The similar shoes marked womens. Were regular price $95 These are very good. If you want a snack that's slightly better than cheetos. Made with white beans I love this weather! I'm not going to stop eating snacks. I am going to try to choose better snacks. These are delicious. I could eat them for desert and be satisfied Lazy Saturday! Just a pretty rose to brighten your day I found frogs eggs in my yard. Then the rain and the "landscapers" destroyed them. So I'm bummed The weather is going to warm up nicely I really love pink roses. The large light pink one is Lady Rose MacClare. The smaller magenta one is called Magnificent Didn't feel like I was making progress. Today I had to go buy ice. Long story. Was able to lug these bags around like they were nothing My first goal is to get to 139 and under. Stop this dreadful, bouncing back and forth Happy My flowers make me so happy! I need them and they need me Best beach ever! And I love the beach! Pensacola, FL (1 comments) Happy July 1rst! Happy Canada Day! To all the Canadian Sparkers! Going to get back on track today My dogs fill my heart with love #deliciousdailymoment Feeling great! Landscaping removed the tree. I cleaned up the rest Got the idea of kindness rocks. From Pensacola Rocks and Dundalk Rocks Going to the beach #deliciousdailymoment This is my favorite rock so far. I sprayed it with clear coat. Letting it dry and will hide soon Can't do low carb. Today's after work out lunch is PB & J (1 comments) Another Spark Member had the idea of putting a sticker on a calendar. Every day that you exercise. I found a middle year planner. I'm going to start doing that Another Spark Member had the idea of putting a sticker on a calendar. Every day that you exercise. I found a middle year planner. I'm going to start doing that Hid another rock today. This time I stretched my muscles after doing all the walking. Last week I was so sore. Don't want a repeat this week Didn't want to exercise. Then I remembered that I wouldn't get a sticker. So I exercised. My inner 8 year old says, squeeeee Okay it's a handfie. My precious girl holding my hand #deliciousdailymoment Me wearing my favorite Lilla Rose Haircessory, freestyle #deliciousdailymoment Dog sitting Plan to hide a couple rocks, soon Because sometimes we all need to be reminded 💓💜💕💖💗💘💝💞💟 Exercise today was so hard, but I did it! Struggling again today with exercise. Wondering what it's all for and if it's doing any good? Things are looking up! Even though I gained a little weight. It's coming back off Hid candy corn today. Doing pretty good! #mylossismygain Got my period yesterday. I feel fine other than cramps. I know that exercising will help with the cramps. This is my current rock project Whenever I get down. I like to exercise and help others Just when she couldn't take the pressure for one more minute. She became a butterfly I do love Christmas, but I have been seeing Christmas commercials since October 31rst at 10 pm Was able to lift this 50 lbs bag of ice melt My sweet little dog. Some people do it for their children. I do it for my dogs It's about time Me and My Mom with our Favorite Doll Artist Robert Tonner Before, but check out the after picture 2013 (1 comments) After 2014 (4 comments) Easter 2012 (3 comments) Sweetest Beagle Girl that ever lived (4 comments) (3 comments) Is this for me? (2 comments) We had a plush doll made of Rosie, turned out quite nicely (2 comments) Me in 2012, will do better in 2013 (2 comments) Easter 2010, I think I was 145 lbs Some people may think I am crazy, but these dogs are my life (7 comments) Mandie doesn't like it when Rosie gets attention (2 comments) Rest in Peace Sweet Rosie, you may be gone, but will never be forgotten (3 comments) This outfit fits again (3 comments)

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