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I was excited to find another before and after picture. This is on the Huffington Post site, accompanying my story. (8 comments) This picture of me with my DGD from 2010 showed up on my Facebook memories yesterday. Found more recent picture of the two of us together, it's nice to know she will never know me as FAT Grandma Pam (2 comments) Thanks for the nice comments on my last blog. FYI--Here's a picture of the frame that I talked about. (2 comments) I did it again yesterday--Hit 10,000+ Steps! GO ME!!! (2 comments) And again...I hit 10K steps Saturday. Two sessions of Pickleball helped with the step total! (1 comments) I hit 10k AGAIN today (Sunday)! I'm so proud of this--took some doing. Scale better show all this effort on Wednesday! (4 comments) Six Days of 10K+ Steps! Now if only my scale would cooperate. The scale is finally startring to cooperate! I'm at 163.0 this morning, a new low on this latest journey back down the scale! I WILL get to those 150's!! (1 comments) The streak continues. Ten Days of 10K steps/day!! GO ME! Plus the scale is starting to show the results of my efforts: 162.0 this morning! I may still make the 150's before Babs! (1 comments) The streak continues! Ten days in a row of 10K steps/day. GO ME! And the results of my hard work are finally showing up on my scale. This morning: 162.0!! I may still may the 150's before Babs!!! (4 comments) Still Walking. Eleven Days Now. Hope to keep up the 10k step streak until we leave on Friday. (1 comments) The walking streak continues. 13 Straight Days of 10K/Day! It took some extra effort yesterday, but I DID IT! (2 comments) Back from Vacay--But still SO BUSY! Will try to blog later. WHAT A TRIP!!! (3 comments) Back from our weekend out of town to celebrate our 46th Anniversary and see a few KC Royal BB games. What Fun, and the scale is down a bit--154.2! (2 comments) GOAL! 149.4!!! (6 comments) This is a picture from the end of April when I first got the dress I'm wearing to son's wedding, the same time I joined WW at 185 lbs. The second picture is today, after by 35-lb. weight loss! MAGGIEROSEBOWL This is a picture from the end of April when I first got the dress I'm wearing to son's wedding, the same time I joined WW at 185 lbs. The second picture is today, after my 35-lb. weigh (6 comments) Had a great day at the Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk yesterday! (1 comments) Went for a walk in beautiful Pioneers Park after dinner last night. Scale rewarded me for good behavior this morning: 148.6!! (4 comments) Du took this picture of me in our hotel room in Kansas City yesterday. The KC top is new, and tight, but makes me look skinny, so I love it! Just have to make sure to hold in my tummy! (3 comments) Back from son's wedding, up a few pounds, but ready to take them back off! (6 comments) I have resisted the Wedding cupcakes five times now--please let them quit showing up wherever I happen to be. (3 comments) Check out the new wedding photos I posted in today's blog! (3 comments) This is what I did today--to get myself in a better mood! I needed to do something today that made me happy and gives me joy and hope, so I decorated my Christmas tree with cardinals! (1 comments) Feeling Confident as I look out over the front yard which is awakening to Spring! (2 comments) My Salvation on this feeoling "snacky" kind of afternoon! It's a boy! (Newest Grandson--Due in October!) Hit 10k steps two days in a row. I'm living this new StepBet! Third day in a row--Hit 10,000 steps! WOW! Sir Paul McCartney in concert. BABY--I'm AMAZED!!! week 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 7/29/2017 Found this Before and After picture on the Huffington Post Site, where I shared my story. (2 comments) Du is out mowing. I know we need to move, it will be impossible for me to live here by myself someday, but this acreage brings him so much joy. I'm glad we're able to stay here, at least for now. (3 comments) Today: 170.0! And I got back off (just once) and back on the scale and it still said 170.0!! Woohoo!! 160's HERE I COME!!! (5 comments) is happy to finally see 174, even though I was hoping for a lower number. At least it's a small loss after vacation, and not a gain! (2 comments) Okay, I saw that 174 this morning, but was hoping for lower. I guess I'll take a small loss-better than a gain after vacation! (2 comments) Feeling Re-Motivated and Inspired! I want to look like this again! (3 comments) RIP my dear,. dear friend Nancy. I will miss you forever. (7 comments) is happy to be far from where I was five years ago today! (3 comments) Family Picture, August 2013 (1 comments) 44th Wedding Anniversary Collage, 9/4/14 (1 comments) Du & I, August 21, 2014, Headed to a Cancer Benefit Dinner with some Old Friends (2 comments) My grandchildren in 2009, and four years later, in 2013 Me & my beloved Du, at the photo shot for Women's World Magazine, Jan. 2013 (8 comments) My photo from the Women's Day Photo Shoot-Jan. 2013 (3 comments) Du & I in front of the White House-April 2013 Me and my granddaughters, before their dance recital, June 2013 (3 comments) Joy Bauer and I, after my induction into the Joy Fit Club on the Today Show, 11/19/12 (10 comments) Joy Bauer & I--Love that Woman! She is as nice as she is pretty! (3 comments) The Woman's World Magazine Article--Top Half of the Page (2 comments) Lola & me, Summer 2012 Halloween 2010 and Halloween 2011. (6 comments) I got flowers today at work, and decided a new comparison shot was necessary! (10 comments) The photographer's photo from my Taste of Home Cookbook photo shoot-June 2011-weight 150 lbs. (20 comments) Another photographer's photo from my Taste of Home photo shoot. (15 comments) Oct. 17, 2011--Wearing a Dress to Work for the first time in many many years! (15 comments) Before and After my 185-lb. weight loss (73 comments) I hit the 130's on October 30, 2011! (13 comments) Easter--April 9, 2012. Still maintaining at 149 lbs. (6 comments) Dressing up for dinner out to celebrate our 41st anniversary. Weight--144 lbs. (14 comments) My before pants, compared to my new size 10 jeans, August 1, 2011 (22 comments) Me at my lowest weight in over 40 years--142.4 on August 27, 2011!! (6 comments) Hubby & I on Father's Day, June 19, 2011 (1 comments) The REAL Maggierosebowl. I lost her in March 2009. She was the sweetest dog that ever lived. (11 comments) Trying on my almost 41-year old wedding dress. It didn't quite zip up, but it was close. (11 comments) July 10, 2011--Approx. weight: 149 (with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law) (3 comments) Hubby & I at Worlds of Fun, June 2011 (2 comments) June 19, 2011--HELLO 140's!!! (6 comments) My "before" picture. This is in May 2009, I weighed 328 lbs. UGH! (8 comments) Ready for my Cookbook Photo Shoot--June 14, 2011--Weight 150 lbs! (17 comments) June 17, 2011--In the hair and make-up the stylist did for my Taste of Home cookbook photo shoot. (3 comments) June 17, 2011--Hubby & me. Forty years and counting.... (5 comments) All dressed up to go out and celebrate one month on maintenance--weight: 156.6!! (2 comments) The Whole Family on Mother's Day 2011. My weight? 160 lbs!! MY GOAL! (5 comments) August 13, 2009--the day my granddaughter Amber was born. She weighed 6 lbs., 6 oz., I weighed 328! (8 comments) Another before picture, back when I weighed 328 lbs.! (3 comments) August 13, 2005. Can you believe the size of that rear end? I must have weighed MORE than 328?! (6 comments) New Jeans (after 30 years of not wearing jeans), July 2010. Weight was in the 240's (2 comments) Granddaughter and I at a wedding in October. (3 comments) I hit One-derland on 11/3/2010!!! 128 pounds gone forever! (10 comments) Me at 199.6 lbs. on 11/3/2010 (1 comments) November 10-With my new haircut and dye job. Weight-201 lbs. (7 comments) Hubby & I on Thanksgiving Day 2010 (2 comments) Hubby & I with 16-month old granddaughter, Amber, Dec. 2010. (2 comments) Christmas 2010--140 lbs. lighter (8 comments) Me & my beautiful granddaughter, Amber, on Valentine's Day 2010, (weight: 175.8). (7 comments) March 3, 2011, Weight 169.0! (8 comments) March 21, 2011: Weight-165.6 (10 comments) As of 3/22/11--I have lost HALF OF ME! (3 comments)

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