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This is my friend John (4 comments) Harry's cake for his 12th birthday (2 comments) (5 comments) paintings over my bed (4 comments) one of Dave's Dogs Rebel (1 comments) Help the Heroes Painting (1 comments) Painting of the English Rose for the Pub (2 comments) On Lady Mile beach (11 comments) Main Street (6 comments) (6 comments) Cheer's (10 comments) Philly look out to sea (5 comments) My Painting for Philly (7 comments) Dave and Philly (8 comments) Sisters at heart (8 comments) Outside view (5 comments) Cake Made By lady in village (9 comments) First Kiss as Man and Wife (9 comments) Mr and Mrs McCann (8 comments) As promised Alice (12 comments) The Bay (5 comments) Walk through Fall Woods painting for Dave and Phillys wedding (10 comments) Baby drawing for Neice Dec 2010 (15 comments) One for Donna 1 (11 comments) Painting for my friend Claire's Christmas Present (12 comments) new painting for Dear Brother and New Partner (6 comments) Birthday girl Angela (5 comments) At Angela's 40th Party (12 comments) Angela and Kevin (2 comments) Angela Tommy Jack HarryEllie Sue and Chris (two friends) (7 comments) Winter Stile (11 comments) Sunset at the Harbour Painting (11 comments) MY Painting of the River at the bottom of Brother's garden in Cyprus. (16 comments) poppies and daisys in field (16 comments) Water steps (13 comments) Lone tree at sunset (8 comments) my painting of the path I walk in the nature reserve by my home. (10 comments) My Painting of a sun set (17 comments) Walking for Water (7 comments) watercolour of little dancer for Ellies new bedroom (8 comments) My sister's painted Christmas card. (10 comments) in the rock pool (7 comments) Lovely day to remember (7 comments) My DH Harry at our daughters wedding (1 comments) MY Two Blues (9 comments) Me and mojo aged 2 (7 comments) me and twin brother aged 3 (11 comments) Poppies painting close up (7 comments) Poppies painting (6 comments)

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