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138 pounds down (pic dated 9/29/09) (9 comments) The "new" family (Sara, Ryan, Scott and I) Pic dated 7/14/09 (3 comments) Ryan's "before" picture (2 comments) Ryan's "after" (2 comments) Sara's new hair-do (1 comments) In a size 8 (pictured dated 11/6/09) (2 comments) (1 comments) 2 years later! 155 pounds lost (pic dated 1/25/10) (13 comments) My kids and I (4 comments) Sara and Ryan (2 comments) Ryan (3 comments) Sara posing before her grand debut! (3 comments) The family (minus Ryan, he was crashed in the car) before Sara's recital. (1 comments) Scott and I in La Jolla, San Diego (1 comments) Ryan and I on Solana Beach in San Diego (5 comments) Lil' Miss Sara playing on Solana Beach (1 comments) Another one of Ryan and I (2 comments) Sara and Ryan in the Sky Ride at Sea World (2 comments) Sara and I playing at Sesame Street play area at Sea World (1 comments) Scott and Ryan, my boys! (1 comments) Ryan wiggling his toes in the sand. He loved it! (2 comments) Ryan and I posing at Fletcher Cove at Solana Beach (2 comments) Our family at Solana Beach (2 comments) Our family at Anthony Grotto in Downtown San Diego. It was YUMMY! (2 comments) Make a wish! Ryan turned 1 while we were on our trip. Happy Birthday to my little boy. (2 comments) Ryan (1 comments) Sara body boarding on Solana Beach (1 comments) Just the cutest laundry EVER! (3 comments) My lil' man! (2 comments) Sara is now 4 1/2! (2 comments) Current pictures (10 comments) Picture dated 8/17/11 (4 comments) 8 1/2 months pregnant with Sara (January 2006) (2 comments) Me in Christmas (Dec. '07). This is the heaviest I've ever been. (2 comments) Scott and I posing before a co-worker's wedding (I'm 9 months pregnant) (6 comments) Another pic of Scott and I (1 comments) My man! (7 comments) Scott, Ryan and I getting ready to leave the hospital (pic dated 7/16) (4 comments) Big sister Sara and Ryan! Sara is SO proud of her new little brother. (4 comments) Sara and Ryan, quite the pair :) (6 comments) My husband (Scott) and I -pic dated November 16th- (2 comments) Sara and I (1 comments) All of us! (1 comments) Another picture of Sara and I (1 comments) 106 lbs lost!!! last pic before I became pregnant with Ryan (9/18/08) (3 comments) Sara and I at Knotts Berry Farms (dated 8/02/08) (1 comments) Scott, Sara (the walrus) and I (pic dated 8/24/08) (2 comments) Our family at Seal Beach in California (Myself, Scott and Sara - dated 8/04/08) (1 comments) 23 weeks into my life style change...87 pounds lost (pic dated 7-2-08) (1 comments) 14 weeks into my lifestyle change (pic dated 4-24-08) 58 pounds lost! (2 comments) Sara and I (President's Day 2008) (1 comments)

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