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See this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI do 5 sets of 20 reps of most of my strength training.See this image largerHealing myself inside out.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I have a ways to go but in doing it.See this image largerI didn't do so well at the gym today. Sluggish because I haven't been able to ”GO”. I didn't realize how much that can affect the body. 1 mile and 26 minutes was all my body give. Feels like just a waste. Better tomorrow, hopefully.See this image largerSpinach, kale, quinoa and chicken soup because I’m sick and need food to fight off this unwanted illness. I did, however, manage to get the gym this morning and workout for 1 1/2. But now I am going to turn in and pray I’m well enough In morning to hit the gym. 😘😘❤️❤️See this image largerThis was me out tonight. Was really afraid to go out. I didn’t wanna be seen but I wanted to see other people. These past 7-8 months have been hella traumatic! I started hiding and feeling very ugly. I had never felt like that before. My therapist encouraged me to make myself up and post a picture. So I did. Still fighting for the joy I know I deserve. I’m getting there. It’s a process. There’s progress.See this image largerSee this image largerGood morning mates! I trust you all have a great week thus far. I hope it gets better. Meanwhile, one of the staff members at PF showed me my picture of when I first joined last year. She told me that she didn't recognize me. I asked to see the picture and suddenly wanted to burst out into tears. Here is why...See this image largerI forgot to post this the other night. My goal is to eventually be able to walk/run a mile in 10 minutes.See this image largerDecided to go my girlfriend’s bday celebration. Once again, I moved past my anxiety. I felt really emotional because I had just gone out last weekend and was afraid to go out last night. But I did. I am getting through all of this. I’m going to be okay. I bought these shoes in 2014 and never wore them because they hurt to walk in. Now they are comfortable on my feet and they didn’t cause any discomfort one bit. Small victories matter.See this image largerI couldn't force myself to eat so this had to do. Now it is pretty good going down but it leaves an after taste for a couple of seconds. It is tolerable considering I just needed the nutrition.See this image largerToday was a slow day on the treadmill. But the funny part to this day is that my Sun has challenged me. We are in competition. He can do a mile in a little under 10 and that is my goal. So... I'm coming for him this week. He will RUE the day! Lol 😆See this image largerHi everyone. I'm still here. Just been getting my life together. Hope you guys have been doing well!See this image largerHappy Hump Day SparksFam! I should have screenshotted the before but I didn’t think about it. But I stared at 5:50 A.M. and finished at... see below. I’m pretty proud of this. I mentioned before that I’m coming for my Sun. I am getting ready for him. Have a Wonderfully Wondrous Wednesday!See this image largerThis is the text conversation between my son and I just now. I sent him the screenshot of the mile and time I did this morning. He’s such a smart ass! 😂😂😂😂😂😂See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNot as many steps and miles as yesterday. Mostly walked then I ran a little. But I came home and did some kettlebell strength training. Needless to say, I am tired and I must eat. See ya later.See this image largerMy flourless banana oats pancakes with a side of turkey sausage.See this image largerGood morning. I just wanna say that the military guy who invented the Burpee and whoever the heck invented the Turkish Get Up are Satan’s minions. That is all!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy grandSUN and I last night. I don't get to see him as much as I'd like to but I make the most out of it when we connect.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGreetings SP! Still on it. Some days are harder than others. 1.5 miles. With 4 minutes of power walking to warm up and I ran the rest of the way. My endurance is increasing. I kept thinking this is the point that I get tired but I didn't. I was shocked. Then finished it off with 40 minutes of abdominal work. I'll strength train tonight. Stay Beautiful and Safe! Happy Friday! ❤️❤️❤️See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerAnd I'm spent.... Tonight I did 30 minutes of my own strength and cardio routine. I'm pretty proud of that as I have been trying not to be so dependent upon working out to others’ videos. This will also make my second time working today. I did 24 minutes of cardio and strength this morning. I want to get back to an hour a day before RONA happened upon us. Peace, wealth, many blessings and good health to you all.See this image largerSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I had to put on some makeup just so I could feel better than I had been feeling earlier this morning. I wasn't sad or anything. I did not feel ugly. I felt something else that's indescribable. I'm not sure what it was. I think I needed some color. Black and white is the best way I can paint what was going on inside me. The most accurate description I can give. Does that make sense? Anyone else feeling Black and White?See this image largerI'm yoga tired!See this image largerSee this image largerThis is one of my favorite memes. 😅😅😅 See this image largerI don't know why this was the face. 😅😅 Anyhoo, though I do like to come up with my own routines, I recently discovered PopSugar workouts on Youtube. I was searching for a Zumba routine and there they were. It's an awesome channel with 100s of great workouts. So I now have two go-to channels. Fitness Blender and PopSugar. Go check them both out if you aren't familiar with them already. Neither will disappoint.See this image largerMy personal trainer kicked gluteus maximus today. That's not even half the sweat that I produced. This was taken after my cool-down stretch. I'm so proud of myself. My knee strength is increasing which is amazing because I have an injury from when I was much much much much younger. I can do lunges better. Push-ups are getting better too. This is the encouragement I need to continue. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's the small accomplishments that matter. Piece and safety to you all.See this image largerPost a pic of yourself wearing red lips stick and a smile.See this image largerI did this one tonight. I almost did not work out today. But as I was in bed thinking of how far I've come, I just had to do something. This one revealed how very uncoordinated I am. Lol 😆. It was a good one.See this image largerI completed this tonight. Two rounds plus three round warm-up and stretching. Needless to say, my legs are shaking. Gonna feel on the morrow.See this image largerRepeat ThriceSee this image largerMy Sun, grandSun, and the daughter-in-Love came to see me today. That is the reason for the simile.See this image largerI did two rounds of this No-Nonsense Circuit this morning. Last night I tried it and could only do one round. I'll do the last round later today. I'll keep trying until I can do all three rounds in 30 minutes.See this image largerHere is one I plan to do in the future. I have to master the others first.See this image largerBeen a minute since I took a stroll.See this image largerPost-workout meal. Turkey salad. Spring mix, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, red onion spiral cucumber boiled eggs and chopped Turkey breast.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHi all. Just wanted to share an app my sister and I use to do those circuits. It works great.See this image largerMidnight snack. Melon/berries, mango, celery, avocado, cayenne pepper, ginger powder and almond milk.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerYesterday I introduced my mom to a walking trail that I love. I’m working with her on moving more. I am so proud of her. This is why.See this image largerSo this was two circuits combined. I did two rounds and was going finish off with a third round until I started to feel as if I was going to vomit! Yep! Maybe... Too much?!See this image largerSee this image largerHappy Sunday, Finally got a fitness watch to help on this lasting health journey.See this image largerWelp it is almost time.See this image largerThank you all so very much for your prayers and positive energy. The procedure was successful. I am in a huge amount of pain though. I have to rest and heal. That’s what I’m doing. You all have a great weekend. 😘See this image largerMy sister had this idea and...See this image largerMet my goal. Started working out this week since the surgery two weeks ago. Still have to go easy but I’m going.See this image largerMy sister got married this past Friday. I was her maid of honor. Me with the best man.See this image largerI actually workout more than I post. I did this this evening doing a Fitness Blender Kettlebell Routine.See this image largerI haven’t done Pilates in a looooooong time. I forgot how hard they can be. Plus, I used resistance bands. Whew! I needed that lower body workout badly though. Off to try and sleep.See this image largerI have decided to do rigorous strength training. I’ll still do cardio but in order to get where I want to go I have to build more muscle. I also I have to limit how many days I low carb. That is gonna be tricky for me. I have to bite bullet and and eat more meals. Ughhh! I’ll do it though. But today I did 50 minutes of upper body strength training. Tomorrow, leg and core day.See this image largerThis was dinner last night. Zucchini fries with nightshade free let ketchup.See this image largerMan oh, man! Bodyboom Youtube channel 90 minute workouts. Whew!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBefore and after sweating.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNot as much sweat as usual but the workout was intense enough. Tonight I used resistance bands. For some great interval strength training, go follow @kikivhyce on Instagram. She has awesome routines and she is gorgeous.See this image largerBefore my workout. I felt okay today.See this image largerI try to workout at least an hour 5 days a week. I was only able to workout for 47 minutes tonight. My head and hip were hurting and I am just so exhausted. However, I was glad to have been able to do as much as I did. Tomorrow will be a better day. I won’t be hard on myself because I did my best this evening. Sometimes I forget to go easy on myself. Good night. Sleep well.See this image largerOh, before I go to bed... This is protein plant and collagen powder from Laila Ali’s health line, “Youplenish”. I take collagen daily but ran out last week and decided to order from Laila. Now this one dissolves perfectly in water without any powder residue. There is no funny taste or smell. This is the best one I have had. The protein powder is great as well. Good flavor. Made of pea protein. Lots of nutrients. I’m hooked.See this image largerThis is my smoothie process. I put in my Plant protein powder by Youplenish, monk fruit sweeter, unsweetened carob powder, ground ginger, blueberries, strawberries, celery, kale and almond milk. I shake it well then I shake all the ingredients. (😅😅). Then blend to perfection. I know they don't sound good together but it does taste wonderful once all the ingredients are blended smoothie smoothly smooth. I don’t why I chose this margarita glass tonight. 🤷‍♀️😅See this image largerI did a thing...See this image largerAll of this time wearing these shoes and low socks and never before have they had my ankle bleeding. I had to come home, mend my wound, but on my other shoes and start walking again.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerAnd I am done for the day. 42 minutes of strength training. Time to eat and rest or whatever.See this image largerAnother cauliflower pizza with chicken sausage, kale, garlic, garlic, broccoli, cheddar, colby, mozzarella cheese, and nightshade-free sauce. It's so good!See this image largerOkay so today’s workout was good. I did a kettlebell routine. Kbells are my favorite. Anyway, that went very well then on to stretching. I was doing really good when suddenly I felt extremely light-headed. Then I started salivating and I felt as if I was about to ”Call Earl”. So I stopped. I was going to push through but I remembered to listen to my body. I didn't wanna faint in a pool of vomit. I did the wise thing. I didn't get the full hour I wanted but 56 minutes isn't bad. Happy Sunday!See this image largerYour full name. I am going to this now. You try.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI took it light today. Only 5000 steps but I did workout weights. Have a good night’s sleep 😴 everyone.See this image largerMy grandbaby and me! That look just takes me. ❤️❤️❤️See this image largerMy evening ended with a 90-minute workout and a much need foot massage.See this image largerI finally found a tire. It's heavy enough too. I am going to find a 200lb tire next. I love it! So many workouts that can be done using a tire!See this image largerI was in the sun for a while before I started recording my activity. This what I did repairing my porch.See this image largerGood Monday Morning Everyone! Today I began Insanity. I completed the program years ago. However, I was not eating properly and I was drinking a lot. So I decided this morning that I will complete this program once more. Though I do workout often, Insanity challenges my body and its endurance. This was the program that had me doing REGULAR push-ups, so I want to get back to that. Today was Fit Test day. I see where I need to improve. And I’m willing...Good vibes to you all!See this image largerGood Morning Everyone! Before. Activity. After. After close up. Sweat droplets. #Insanity #Day2 #ShaunT Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! See this image largerCardio and strength training. The thing about is I am working my ass off right? And later this evening around 4:30 pm I will get a notification from my fitness watch reminding me to ”move your body”. Crazy!!! Lol. Happy Wednesday. Maybe I can sleep for another 15 minutes. Still getting my health adjusted. A lot of rest for me is needed these days.#insanityworkout Day3See this image largerGood night everyone !!! 👋👋👋See this image largerGood morning all! Today is a recovery day. A pretty much it Yoga for Insanity. Last performed yoga in a while and now I see the areas in which I must improve. That balance is tricky. I made it through. Hope you all have a Happy Thor’s Day! 🤗🤗🤗See this image largerSweat, healthy eating and a rainbow 🌈. #InsanityWorkout #Day5 #ShaunTSee this image largerR.I.P. Chadwick BosemanSee this image larger#Insanity week1 complete. Whew!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWeek 2. Day 1. #InsanityWorkout. Though I like tracking my prepress via my fitness watch, if I’m not careful I will rely solely upon it to tell me what my progress is and sometimes... It just doesn’t seem like it is in sync with the hard work I’m doing. Anyway... a new week of goals to accomplish. #progressing HAVE A MARVELOUS MONDAY! 😘😘😘See this image largerMy second and last workout of the day. I had to get in some weight lifting.See this image largerGood morning everyone! Week 2/Day 2 #InsanityWorkout #ShaunT. Today was Pure Cardio. That one ALWAYS gets me. However, I noticed I am sustaining the exercises more than last week. Progress! Anyway, as you can see from the photo collage, I strip toward the end of these workouts. It gets HOT! 😆 Well, you all have a Terrific Tuesday.See this image largerWeek 2/Day 3 of #Insanity #ShaunT I didn’t feel like a full body photo this evening. Just wanna eat and rest. Good night!😘😴See this image largerWeek 2/Day 4 #InsanityWorkout #ShaunTFitness plus strength training with #LIIFT4 #JoelFreemanFitness. I’m done for the day.See this image largerWeek 2/Day 5 #InsanityWorkout #ShaunTFitness-One more for the week. Rest Sunday. Week 1/Day 4 #Liift4Workout #JoelFreemanFitness-Done for the week. Rest Saturday/Sunday. Tonight was a bit difficult with each one BUT I got them both done. Maybe I was just tired. Zip line obstacle course tomorrow morning. I’ll be scratching that off my bucket list. See this image largerVanilla Protein powder keto cake with walnuts and Greek yogurt icing.See this image largerSee this image largerSo high up! Still can't believe I did it!See this image largerAlmond butter keto cookies.See this image largerHa!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHa! I did too! 😂😂See this image largerHappy Labor DaySee this image largerWeek 3/Day 1 #Insanity Week 2/Day 1 #LIIFT4See this image largerTop: Week 3/Day 2 #Insanity Bottom: Week 2/Day 2 #LIIFT4 Now I get a rest day from weight training. I'm older now so weight training is very important for my bones. Even more so than cardio though cardio is extremely important. Now I just have to stay on top of my diet. I don't eat unhealthy, however, what I do consume, I tend to go a little overboard. Portion size it is. 💪💪💪 See this image largerWeek 3/Day 3 #InsanityPureCardio and #InsanityCardioAbs Tomorrow is going to be ROUGH!See this image largerI didn’t use my watch today. I just used my lunch hour to do my workouts. Week 3/Day 4 #Insanity Week 2/Day 3 #LIIFT4See this image largerDinner was a tuna spring salad with homemade Greek yogurt salad dressing. Really proud of my dressing. Helps me cut my fats consumption.See this image largerAnd last year as well. And I actually did fold! I tried my best to not even be here but the creator had a different plan. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went to work on myself. I have such a long journey ahead of me but I now I have the spiritual and mental strength to go the distance. I’m here. I matter. And that is the first time I have made that statement and meant it! I matter!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largeriSmile and bid you all good night 🌚 😴 and sweet 🍭 🍩 dreams and even better reality.See this image largerAir fried chicken. Butternut squash noodles with onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms, and kale top with MY own Greek yogurt butter sauce.See this image largerI almost forgot to post my achievement for today. #LIIFT 4 = Rest Day #Insanity = Week 3/ Day 6 Tomorrow is a rest day from bothSee this image largerHeeeeeyyyy! Weight lifting. Then cardio. Then abs. I’m exhausted. But I’m getting stronger and can do push-ups longer than before without going to the modified version right away. I can lift heavier. I was shocked. I didn’t do well eating today. I snacked today. Not proud of that. Perhaps I needed more because of what was on my schedule. I guess. I’ll get right tomorrow though.See this image largerWeek 4/Day 2-#Insanity Week 3/Day 2-#LIIFT4See this image largerI forgot to show you all the low carb enchilada pie I made Sunday. I am still eating on it. It is sooooo delicious 😋!See this image largerEnchilada pie/casserole recipe.See this image largerWeek 4/Day 3 #Insanity Week 3/Day 3 REST #LIIFT4See this image largerLaila Ali’s Youplenish Protein Powder is what I used for my pancakes. Topped them with blueberries and keto syrup. Two fried eggs on the side cause I had a serious craving. They were so good.See this image largerRed stuffed pepper stuffed with stuff. LolSee this image larger#Insanity and #LIIFT4 I'm so exhausted!See this image largerSpring mix, beets leaves and stems, shredded beets and carrots, black and green olives, cucumber, celery, cheese chips, and sliced chicken sausage. Of course, I made my Greek yogurt salad dressingSee this image largerSee this image largerCelery. Strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, beets and beet stems, watermelon, #Youplenish protein powder, fiber and collagen and ground ginger and turmeric.See this image largerAlmost forgot. Week 4/Day 6 #Insanity. Sunday=Rest day. Next week is Insanity recovery week. Looking forward to that. Nothing crazy.See this image largerBrunch: Protein pancakes topped with almonds, blueberries and Greek yogurt whipped with fried eggs and a small glass of Rose’ Ale. Dinner: Air fried chicken strips, seasoned quinoa, sautéed beet greens with broccoli, onion and red pepper and roasted beet with mozzarella cheese because I ran out goat cheese. And some fresh celery juice.See this image largerThank you all for the positive energy. It's been a struggle today. I'm feeling a little better. Trying to move this sadness and anxiety. You all are the best. #SparksFamily Featured in this picture is a little dessert. Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and chopped almonds. I like to make my food look pretty before I eat it. That helps me to appreciate it more.See this image largerBeet and celery juice!See this image largerI am moving again. Pictures of late last night and tonight. My shoulders are through. Strength training is...WHEW!!!!See this image largerOn my way to my band mate’s wedding.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerMy Sun was married today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMothers and the brideSee this image largerMy Sun ☀️ and and daughter-in-loveSee this image largerI felt so guilty taking off a week from working out. Now I am glad I did. I am stronger than before. I have a bit more stamina than before. So I’ll continue do this about every 4 weeks. Just rest a full week.See this image largerMy baby brothers, my Sun and Pops.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerFamilySee this image largerI wanted it. Didn’t think I’d get it! And was okay with that fact. But I did get it. Mommy and Sis surprised me!!! I’m still crying because I have not felt special since before last year. I cannot stop crying! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m ugly crying! My heart is full!!!See this image largerI wanted it. Didn’t think I’d get it! And was okay with that fact. But I did get it. Mommy and Sis surprised me!!! I’m still crying because I have not felt special since before last year. I cannot stop crying! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m ugly crying! My heart is full!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMore chicken soup 🥣See this image largerOooooweeee. Can one of y’all come move me into the kitchen so that I can fix me something to eat?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂See this image largerHappy Hallow’s Eve everyone!See this image largerFinished my 8 weeks of strength training with #LIIFT4.See this image largerWhite Chicken ChiliSee this image largerSee this image largerI saw this little fellow during my 5 mile walk today. In war, there are always casualties. 😂😂😂😂😂See this image largerHaven’t been posting the workout pics much lately but I’m still on it. #PrettySweaty #PrettyandSweaty #InsanityMax30WorkoutSee this image largerDay 4 #InsanityMax30See this image largerHappy FridaySee this image largerHappy Saturday I’m done for the week. I skipped Wednesday because I was exhausted so I was a day behind. I got it done. Now I don’t have to worry about doing it later today. Whew! #ShaunT is CRAZY 😜😂😂#InsanityMax30See this image largerHave a happy Monday.See this image largerMy trainer, who is like a little brother to me, is helping me reach my health and fitness goals. We go hard. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!See this image largerThis morning’s Fitness Foto with my trainer/brother. He had me increase my dead lift amount. I lifted 225lbs today and this is only my 2nd week in training.See this image largerThis machine has always frightened me because I have seen so many videos of people breaking there legs on it. But today I conquered a fear. I gotz to celebrate the small victories. 338lbs Leg Press #FitnessfotoSee this image larger#FitnessFotos Legs and butt day!See this image largerTonight’s Fitness Foto:. We were elliptical-ing this evening Lol...We did upper body today. I’ve gone from pressing 125lbs to 140lbs since last week. I’m improving. I’m enjoying this particular journey and while walking this path I’m teaching myself to love the physical parts of me that I deem ugly... the fluffy parts of my body that I’m ashamed of....all of me deserves love. Loving me. The hardest thing I have ever EVER had toSee this image largerMy read for the week. Debbie from Ebbo’s Spiritual Store here in Memphis, TN recommended this read to me last year. However, during that time I wasn’t ready. I bought the book anyway knowing that one day my mind would be receptive. Now is the time. “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.See this image largerToday’s Fitness Foto: Last week I was deadlifting 225lbs. Today I could only lift 205lbs. I was feeling so disappointed but my trainer told me not to. He says our bodies give what our bodies can give. He said it happens to him too. He suggests that I accept where I was today because more lbs or not, I am getting stronger.See this image largerI died a little today. But it was an awesome death thanks to that guy in the picture with me. 😂😂😂See this image largerI felt like being fancy!See this image larger

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