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My husband and I at the Japanese Garden in Portland. 3.19.2017 I enjoyed walking in a new park today. The wind was a little chilly, but it was worth it. Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Last week, I got to visit my flower girl in a different state. Feeling blessed. The bitter cold rain didn't stop me from getting my 1 mile walk today. Because no kids were at the park, I got to try the new addition. I took some time for a long 2 mile walk before my doctor appointment. The fog was thick and pretty. Happy Easter! Have a great day with family or friends, or just relaxing. My plan is the second, as this is the first year that my husband and I don't have plans. For those that don't celebrate Easter, happy Sunday. Yesterday I felt sick, so we took a rest day. I made up for it with an extra long walk, and we will work out tonight. I got back at the right time because it started to rain. These are my favorite flowers. They smell so good. Today we took a walk in a new park that we didn't know about. It was beautiful and full of awesome sculptures everywhere you looked. It took us 2 miles to walk all of it. We will definitely have to walk it again. Gotta love Colorado and its ever chsnging weather. It has been in the 60 and 70s for the last month or so, and today it is snowing. I am so thankful for yesterday. I got to see my mom and grandma for Mother's Day. My family came to our house for the first time in almost a year. Even though we were busy getting everything ready, we still found time to work out where I hit 2.5 miles on the elliptical in 20 minutes on the big hill setting, and I found time to plant some new flowers. Crushed it at the gym last night. This was with the hill setting, and a resistance. I am really enjoying our trip to Iowa. Yesterday we visited the Omaha Zoo (as we do every time we visited). We haven't been to the gym but have gotten in a lot of walking. It sucks that family drama back home has to come at the end, but it helps with our decision on whether or not to move out here. Naturally, this week I was a little over emotional. I was feeling guilty while eating a serving of Dove dark chocolate, and this was my wrapper. I won't apologize for eating chocolate (especially during my cycle). I won't apologize for making health and an active lifestyle a priority. I saw this on pinterest and I liked the visual. Some of my friends and family think my town sucks. But I am so grateful to have many beautiful parks and lakes like this to walk around. I am grateful to have many different places to exercise and relax in. Yeah, my town is "small" (sometimes too big for me) but I find what I need here. I like to say "hello" to the duck family on my morning walks. :) Last night we decided to have some fun, and we went to Friday Fest. Great food, great drinks, good music, and flame throwers. I love the community events that this town offers. Today we took our students to Lory State Park. A lot of the 14 mile hiking trail was climbing uphill. I am sunburned, sore, and tired. But it was worth it. I am excited to say that my husband and I signed up for our first 5k in late August! We may be doing more waking than running, but we will train hard, have fun, and be proud we did it. For our 5k training, my husband and I walked 5k to a "hidden" community garden with a short walking path. I call it "hidden" because not very many people know about it. Very peaceful and relaxing. Sometimes we have days when we feel great about ourselves. Sometimes we have days we "feel fat" and that we haven't made any progress. I have been feeling the second more often lately. I've been afraid to step on the scale. I just had my annual check up and I lost 12 lbs in 2 two months! We can do this! After a long night if very little sleep due to thunder storms, I was not wanting to go on my morning walk. But I still did 2.25 miles! Sometimes the beauty of this park is motivatation for me. Up early for my 5k. I am kind of nervous for it. My husband and I have been sick with the flu for the last week and a half, so working out hasn't been happening as much. It will be a big way to get back into it. I am prepared for the distance, even if its just walking. Completed my first 5k yesterday. We were dead last and a little behind. BUT we did 7k instead of 5 because we ended up going the wrong way at one point. The people running it where impressed by that. My Father in law was in town from out of state this weekend, and we took them hiking. Now it's time for much needed rest while tying to get back into a work out routine. Meet my new walking buddy! This is Morty, a 2 year old min pin. We adopted him 12/3. He and I go on multiple walks every day. 6 weeks ago, we adopted this little guy. A min pin named Morty. He has been such a blessing in our lives in many ways. He's a tough trainer, but he always keeps me motivated and I am grateful to have him. Two weeks ago, my dog pulled a leigement and was put on activity restriction along with meds. I still did shorter walks with him. Today the restriction was lifted and we celebrated with a 2 mile walk around our favorite lake! Posted a photo My husband and I on our wedding day. March 29, 2014. (1 comments) My little old man, This was when Buddy was 15 yrs old. He died in Oct. 2013 at 18 yrs old. My sister (left) and I at the Hoover Dam. I found these on the wall, each in a different restroom. I took pictures so I that I would remember. Some of my favorite insperational quotes.

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