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October 4 2017 - finally got the courage to shorten my hair. (3 comments) Annual solo camping adventure on the ocean September 3 - 10 2017. 186 lb. (3 comments) Yearly solo camping on the ocean in Montauk, New York. A time to find peace of mind and a change. (1 comments) is on day 169 Gluten - free - it's working is on Day 168 - Glten - Free August 4 2017 - weight 186.1 New yellow setting to be used when scale drops to 179. (2 comments) July 31 2017 Looking forward to reaching the 170's. I DID IT. Dropped from the 190's and am now 188.1 lbs. on last day of June. 10 more lbs. in July!! (1 comments) June 22 2017 - at granddaughter's high school graduation. 190.3 lbs. (1 comments) June 22 2017 190.3 lbs. A goal:Been patiently waiting for the scale to drop below 190 so I can use these new blue dishes. (4 comments) June 10 2017 waistline 35.75. 192.7 lbs. June 10 2017 - 192.7 lbs. waistline 35.75 inches. (1 comments) 2017 back of organic garden. 100's of seeds planted June 4th - companion planting strategies. day 35 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/28/2017 I broke "200" and have been in ONE derland since April 2017 & my mission - 30 more lbs. by 9/1/17. (2 comments) is on day 62 Gluten-Free is on Day 61 - Month of April I have lost 4.5 lbs. by cooking, measuring over 210 meals is on Day 60 of Gluten-free and Sugar-free plan. (1 comments) is on Day 56 - Gluten-Free is on day 46 of Lenten Fast is on day 45 of Lenten Fast is on day 44 - Lenten Fast (2 comments) is turning 67 on April 11th, and will spend the day by myself & off the Computer!! (1 comments) is on Day 33 of Lenten Fast & finally made it to ONE- der- land. (1 comments) day 28 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/27/2017 day 28 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/27/2017 "The medicine for my suffering, I have within me." Bruce Lee is energized by January Full Moon. Little corners decluttered, small bits of movement in house, yard. So much to do its crushing my brain thinking abut it. Grateful for today. (2 comments) wishes everyone a very happy healty New Year in 2017. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to all my Spark People Friends. (1 comments) is working very hard - too many chores - not enough time using hand tools. Fence I erected in June 1986 is rotting, falling down. I'm unable to replace it. Vertigo still present. (1 comments) is wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!! enter kitchen through the size 14 jeans legs & be mindful of what you eat!!! GOAL wear these jeans A beautiful sight to see on the beach. It's possible to look like this if we maintain good habits (1 comments) You are what you eat (1 comments) The FUTURE New Me at 165 lbs with Healthy BMI of 24.0 Towing my sailboat home using a U Haul It truck in November 2013 (1 comments) After a perfect sail, back home celebrating daughter's 22nd birthday with a homemade cheesecake (2 comments) Who says I can't look like this as a Grandmother? (1 comments) Drumming Circle September 10, 2011. (1 comments) June 2003 - Upstate NY at son's wedding. Wearing size 14 dress - 168 lbs. (4 comments) December 29 2010 in Hutchinson Island, Florida - size 18 - 2008 lbs. (2 comments) July 17th 2010 - First year anniversary on SP. (1 comments) July 17th 2010 at the yacht club Clam Bake. I brought my own measured foods and stuck with 100% gluten-free foods in plastic dish with 3 sections for salad, veggies and papaya and cantaloupe. I'm feeling da power!! Taken April 20 2010 This is how I want to get to where I'm going. Well balanced MMM only way to eat! (2 comments) Team Leaders I had breakfast with Josh Groban in July 2007. I invited my daughter, a model, to come. (4 comments) Kayaking the Great South Bay with my daughter and her friend under the Full Moon How I keep Warm in the Winter Nights Breaking 200 on November 3, 2009 - One - der- land (1 comments) Daughter's 18th birthday in Aug. 2009 - Tyra Banks Show Size 16 Denim Jeans WILL slide off my hips by 4-11-10 on my 60th birthday!! (3 comments) July 3rd 2009 - This Is The Motivator that Started with Jon Gabriel, but soon left his plan. July 3 '09 - 220 lbs. Belly fat! The Denim Jeans that WILL fall off my body in April '10 July 3rd 2009 - Waistline 45 " Belly fat produces Estrone which is feeding polyps/fibroids. (3 comments) September 8th 2009 - waistline went from 45 to 38.5 WOW (1 comments) October 14th 2009 - OMG They can ZIP UP - these are NOT stretch denim!. Yea!!! (1 comments) November 3rd 2009 - 4 months later and 8.5 " off the waist (1 comments) The After Picture for 2010 Before picture - sitting in my home office 2009 size 16 - 18 - 198 lbs. (4 comments) She personifies the INNER GODDESS inside my Soul. At Cold Spring getting a drink from Long Island's natural spring aquifer. Spring 2009 My secret cove, peaceful and adventuresome - here's where I sleep onboard my sailboat every summer. (3 comments) Here's that long park walk I wanted to do with my daughter and our yellow lab . (4 comments) August 5th 2009 Summer dinner - light fare - only 173 calories and packed with live enzymes (2 comments) My kitchen island filled with fresh, natural, organic, pure, whole foods. (5 comments) Measure everything and store in sealed containers for the next day. Take away temptation. (3 comments) Alignment & Balance (1 comments) Virtual Body at 150 lbs. (1 comments)

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