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Me being brave enough to put a before picture up!!! (17 comments) Hair cut looking better but I still need abetter cut lol. (1 comments) 5 inches off the stomach 3 and a half inches off the butt lol the butt is falling BEHIND! 1 inch off the arms 2 inches off the thighs and 3 inches of back fat-chest lol (13 comments) These capris were tight before joining sparks woohoo!! (14 comments) Me not at me heaviest but pretty darn close!! Got rid of my picture that was at my heaviest!! Oops (3 comments) A note to myself to keep pushing hard!! (4 comments) (5 comments) Getting there slowly but surely!! lol (8 comments) This I promise! For sure!! KIA KAHA...BE STRONG!! KIA KAHA...BE STRONG!! (1 comments) did K.C.M Athletic Conditioning today! LOVED IT! So sore from yesterdays workout as well! (1 comments) is very sick...looked after sick family now its my turn...will be back when I am bettter (2 comments) is healthy again and hopes to stay that way for awhile and kick some butt! Lol did Ripped With Hiit/ Low Impact Hitt...that was a kicker but I sure needed it!! did Ripped With Hiit/Chest Shoulders & Triceps today...ouch feel the pain!! lol oops fogot to update this lol...Todays workout was Ripped With HiiT/Legs...killer but very fun and sooo very effective!! LOVED IT! is very energized today!! did Ripped With Hiit Back and biceps today!! did Cardio Quick Fix today! Had a side stirch but did one anyways!! Deid Ripped with HiiT /HiiT Circuit/ Lower Body...was so tired from sooooo much walking yesterday that I almost didn't do this workout! But I pushed through and did it!! (1 comments) did Ripped With HiiT/ HiiT Plyo #1...nasty!!! just finished KB Scorcher Series/Power! Felt it everywhere!! didCathe's Cardio Super Cuts this evening!! It was....AWESOME!! (1 comments) Happy Valentine's Day!!! (1 comments) did Ripped With HIIT/ Lower Body....IT WAS AWESOME!!! just finished Mesocycle 1 disc 1(chest shoulders& biceps) OUCH!! Felt those muscle work today!! did Mesocycle 1 disc 2/triceps and back today!! did Mesocyle 1 disc 3/Legs and Stability Ball Ab workout today!! did Mesocycle Disc 4/Shoulders,Chest & Biceps along with Power Hour Abs today!! is enjoying the protein chips!! YUM!! did STS Meso 1 Disc 5 Back & Triceps today!! 58 minutes on just 2 body parts!! OUCH! did Lower Body blast along withJNL Fusion Express Abs...and it HURT in a good way lol!! did STS Mesocycle 1 Disc 6 Legs & Step Heat Abs today!! Felt that!! did STS Mesocycle 1 disc 7 Chest Shoulders % Biceps...felt every flipping rep...OUCH!! did STS Mesocycle 1 Disc 8 Back & Triceps along with Turbo Fire Abs 10 today...HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY lol!!! (1 comments) has had a major wake pill!! Now to get serious!!!!! did a great workout today!! Did Chaleans Extreme Interval Training! LOVED it!! lol oops.. (1 comments) 50!! (1 comments) (1 comments)

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