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Halfway to my goal... Less than 30 pounds to go now!! Taken 08-27-13 by my sweet hubby... he made me laugh. MY GOAL SIZE!!! I was actually 155 when this was taken, my goal is 160. How old was I? Hmmmmm 01-01-2013 I know he loves me but I don't love the way I look. Dinner... Baked cod, fresh mushrooms sliced and sauteed, lightly sauteed/steamed asparagus. Brunch ~ Omelette made with egg beaters and fresh baby spinach and mushrooms (sauteed first) Saturday Breakfast - French toast made with egg beater, frozen strawberries (thawed), egg beater Any meal for me!! Scrambled egg beaters, steamed broccoli and simple salad 01-01-2013 with my lifelong friend... I'm in red, feel like a ball that hangs on the tree. Hubby likes this one, wouldn't have taken this a year ago! Me & my Hubby at the pavilion-South Toledo Bend State Park in Louisiana-2009 Family Reunion Weekend Hubby's favorite, 06-13-09. Compare this to the one a year ago, shown below. CHRISTmas Day 2012 at 240-my biggest in the last 8 years. I'm the one in brown, looking pregnant Me with my two boys, 18 yrs and almost 16 yrs. This was on the deck at our cabin at the reunion. From our Family Reunion on June 13, I am almost 40 pounds less than at last year's. WOO HOO!! 2009 - January 3rd to May 2, from 239.2 to 211.2 in 4 months. Down 28 pounds, WOOHOO!! Taken in the spring of 2007 after losing 10 pounds... gained it back later in the year. I was so proud of that 10 pounds I lost that I went and got it back! NO MORE!! March of Dimes March for Babies 2008 - Captain of my "family team", only real walking I did all year ...and the side view "before" at 239.2 pounds, January 3,2009 First grade!! 1973 Me in 6th grade, 1978 10th grade 1982 June 1999 at 33 years old when I FINALLY got my GED, yes I was a high school dropout. 2 months before Robert and I got married, in a size 14 here. My daddy recently sent this to me, VERY awesome and cool.

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