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Laura and Sadie 8-5-15 (9 comments) July 21, 2015 (6 comments) Me and Rufus (he's 18 lbs of solid cat) taken 2/20/15 (11 comments) Sadie and Rufus as kittens many teeth do I have? (9 comments) Sadie and Rufus 2/24/13 (8 comments) Christmas 2014 at a friend's home (4 comments) Christmas 2014 (6 comments) Rufus (3 comments) Rufus 8-14-14 (2 comments) Nurse Sadie giving me TLC after my foot surgery on 8/5/14 (2 comments) December 2014 (8 comments) (3 comments) 2012 (6 comments) 2006 Our 25th Anniversary (5 comments) Rufus 4/3/14 (5 comments) 5-16-14 bought a wig (2 comments) April 3, 2014 (7 comments) Rufus reflecting on the table taken February 2014 (6 comments) Yoda, a Westie we got from the HSUS when she was 3 months old. She lived 16 years. A real sweetie! (5 comments) Me and Sadie 1/8/14 (13 comments) Sadie's World 4/13/13 (4 comments) Me and Sadie 6/18/13 (8 comments) Self-Portrait of Me and Rufus Taken 3/5/13 (4 comments) Me with Sadie 3/7/13 (giving equal time to Rufus' sister) She's half his size. (3 comments) Sweet Sadie (7 comments) Got my hair cut off yesterday (9/26/12). Will take some getting used to... (8 comments) Rufus, just hanging out (2 comments) Sadie (1 comments) Sadie and Rufus at 4 months; tuckered out after playing hard (6 comments) Sadie fascinated with mechanical Mrs. Clause ... maybe giving her list to Santa? (3 comments) Why buy an expensive cat bed when a box from bottle water is more comfortable (6 comments) Sadie and Rufus with Shadow before he died (4 comments) Shadow watching the intruders at the food station (1 comments) Sadie and Rufus ... that tickles (10 comments) Me in 2011 (9 comments) Rufus as a kitten investigating a hat box (1 comments) Me in 2006 on our 25th anniversary (1 comments) Feeding a baby tiger at a local sanctuary (4 comments) Rufus guarding my computer chair (1 comments) Me with Jim Cantori of the Weather Channel day after Thanksgiving 2012 (3 comments) Sadie and Rufus (2 comments) Sadie and Rufus as kittens (1 comments) Rufus carrying his toy (3 comments) Sadie and Rufus on the bed, poor Shadow couldn't jump up anymore (1 comments) Taco kitty (2 comments) Sadie and Rufus (14 comments) Sadie sleeping in tree (8 comments) My favorite photo of all three cats before Shadow died. He really tolerated the newcomers (4 comments) Sadie and Rufus in bathroom window (looking for frogs on glass) (5 comments) Sly our 20 year old cat (in her younger days). She has since passed away. (6 comments) My best bud, now passed at age 16. He grieved Sly's loss a long time before Sadie & Rufus arrived. (11 comments)

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