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A big shout out to the 'Mail a Spark Coach' program. I was stuck on a plateau and getting increasingly frustrated when I decided what could I lose and used the option. i was not expecting much back but Wow. I got a great response with lots of support and suggestions which I have implemented and today am down again on the scale. Thank you Spark People My niece and I have been on a weight loss journey most of our lives. The photo on the left was taken in 2005. We both have lost and gained since then but last Fall she had the gastric bypass and I got serious again about eating healthy and an exercise regimen. The photo on the right was taken yesterday as we celebrated Canada Day 2 pounds from goal and brave enough to buy and wear leggings to my fitness class (3 comments) This morning I m at my goal weight. When I checked the emoticon I was so shocked at the number I got off to let the scale reset and it said the same thing Now comes the hard part-maintaining that for the rest of my life (2 comments) Happy with seeing my cheekbones 11 pounds from goal and my first ever 'cheesecake' photo in my new bathing suit Feeling good since back on healthy program Wishing all my Spark Friends a very Happy and safe Fourth of July (2 comments) My 10-month old Irish Setter Ruairi with my niece and Grand-niece (1 comments) Passenger side view of our new toy Al and his brand new (to us) Winnebago Meet & Greet People in Ontario-Ottawa. July 11, 2009 Snacking can not only sabatoge the loss but can cause me to gain! No way do I want to go back! (1 comments) Target outfit! I did not think I would get into this until at my target weight but the top is actually slightly large! What a difference a year makes! Want more changes in 2008! And the journey continues (3 comments) Happy day and was down 85 lbs from start of the year! (2 comments) Don't look fat here at all! This taken in our backyard-behind us is the golf course In front of the little stone church My wedding day, Oct 06, 2007! Xmas 2006-NEVER again-look at that double chin and all the rest This is my motivation photo, and now I am lower than that weight-I have no photos of me lower!

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