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At the original KFC. Big weakness. (4 comments) My kids, playing around with daddy. (2 comments) Me, playing around at work. (5 comments) Me at work, looking the part. (4 comments) Jan 16th, 2013 @ the Y. Middle of running 5k after my "Guts and Glutes" core class. (3 comments) Jan 16th, 2013 @ YMCA. Communications Dir. Linda being a good sport with sweaty me on her lap. (3 comments) Just finished my "Pirates on th Run" 5k. I look bad, but feel worse after no sleep. HOT Too!! (3 comments) 7/27/2013 Just finished the Munger Spud Run 5k. Got a medal and a bag of potatoes. (7 comments) Getting ready to start first half marathon. 7/27/2013. It is a cold raining July Day. (1 comments) Finishing my first half marathon. 7/28/2013. Time was 1:50. (6 comments) After 7/28/2013 Half. Cold day, getting dry and warm clothes. What's left after a 13.1 mile run? Answer: watered down Cytomax and a medal. This is me, and I have no plans of backing away. (2 comments) (1 comments) I CAN and WILL do this!! (1 comments) Aiming to have a little of this, all the time. Even when it's cold, I still have my fire inside. (1 comments) Working on this one, and Thankful to all those who can. (2 comments) 2/16/2014 The reality of life. A little rough, little tired, little puffy, but living in the moment (3 comments) Stacey, Joe, and Myself after a Kiwanis run for children. April,19th 2014 (4 comments) Just a nice one I wanted to save. (2 comments) (2 comments) A little fun with my first Spark "meet and greet". (4 comments) My runner friend Julia. A beautiful person. My real meet and greet photo with Spark friend Julia. (1 comments) My real meet and greet photo with Spark friend Julia. Wow, an ok pic of me running with a broken arm. Oops-don't tell doc, no braces. (3 comments) found this on Michigan Half Series (5 comments) had one of those last race when my legs droped off, still did the same distance as everyone else (1 comments) I LOVE rainy runs!! another one I found on Michigan Half Series (1 comments) next half coming up, this could be a double So very true about me. (1 comments) YES, it can be done. Effort + Time= Success Trust yourself, and the hard work. The results will be there! (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Just something I like. (1 comments) This is exactly how I feel about Winter. Power up, Push on, Persevere! (1 comments) I think that about covers it. (2 comments) A nice day in the park with friends, 5 miles, and a PR. 4/18/15 Madeline and I with our 1st place age group medals. (5 comments) (1 comments) Finished our first daddy/daughter 5k. She had a rough time, but she liked it a lot more than she knows. (4 comments) You know it's a good day when you set a PR in a HM 1:43:57 , and get to hang out with Superman. (4 comments) Took a bike ride down to the park and saw them remnants of a party. Looks like three Sparkpeople must have been there. (2 comments) Good morning everyone. Let's put our feet down, heads up, and crank out a productive Monday. Start it with vigor and finish with a bang! Just signed up for the Inaugural "Rock Hall Half Marathon" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on Aug 23rd. Anyone want to join? There is a 5k also! (3 comments) 5k every day is giving my body a new baseline. It can be tough (like this one) but it's worth it! (1 comments) Had a nice 8k today. Around 35:38, good enough for an award to go with my finisher medal. My fitness level is dropping though, so off to the gym and a soul crushing workout. (3 comments) Woop Woop!! Workout is done. (2 comments) Coffee, water, walk, warm up, intervals, drills, and a walk home. APPETITE EARNED! (2 comments) The ticker is ticking, legs are pumping, and another 6 for the mileage bank. Happy Days my Friends. (1 comments) Sometimes like can be a messy business. So get up, get it done, and take a nap after lunch. Oh, and bring 2 shirts, 3 apples, 4 band aids, and a lot of water! (2 comments) Do you love squats? I do!! Trail runner tan lines, got to love them!! (3 comments) Back home from a successful HM in Cleveland. Pic is me, dressed for night before dinner with my wife. Yes, the race shirt is THAT BRIGHT!! Ran in my own attire. (3 comments) I love my family. :-) :-) :-) (2 comments) And a new evil descended upon mankind... Sharing a stuffed animal photo. Saw this out shopping in one of those $5.95 bins. My wife and I actually had a date night!! (2 comments) Last race of the year. Santa Hustle at Cedar Point in Ohio. Word to the wise- don't run 13 miles on the shore of any Great Lake in December. (1 comments) Feet down. Head up. Moving forward. Survived St Patrick's weekend in Bay City. Good Day For A Guinness! According to Spark, I can eat 4236 calories before I gain weight today. I Love Running! (1 comments) Last week of school. Just have to remember- Keep pushing! (2 comments) Just a friendly reminder- I would like to thank Sparkpeople for the free picture rotation on my photo- (2 comments) Finished the St.Stan's 5k. 21:23, not the PR I wanted, but a very solid effort/result. 34th overall w/ medal, 3rd age group with plaque, & personal cheesecake/blueberry/rice pudding reward. (3 comments) Another 10k in the books, 44:41. A nice run with some friends. Today's snack/reward was some super awesome herbed chips. I needed salt and the family loves them too. Enjoy the weekend everyone. My family's humor as displayed in a Mother's Day card. Today's run was brought to you curtesy of green trees, black squirrels, and brown dirt. It's the dirt part that I really love!! Heading off to work. This is the night tie view from my restaurant. Heading off to work. This is the night time view from my restaurant. (3 comments) Love this shot. It is at my old place, The Stein Haus, working on July 14th. The musicians from around the world are starting to gather. My co-manager, Rachel, and I goofing around while representing the Doubletree for some charity work supporting the Bay County Women's Shelter.

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