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November 2007, this is one of the pics that makes me cringe...just look at that ARM! September 2005, climbing a huge 2 mile hill. To remind me of the athlete I am inside. I just really love giraffes. I really love sheep too. Guess NZ is a good place to be. On my 24th birthday At the peak of MT Isobel on my 23rd birthday Top of Mt Isobel September 2006 College Senior Formal 2005 Oh the good ol' days (I'm on the right) Before my Second Ocean Swim in this series Running into the finish line and away from the 7 foot waves of doom! SOOOO TIRED! Showing the size of the entrance to a cave near the gun implacements in Christchurch (Feb '08) By the sea (look out for Jellyfish!) Feb'08 Me and my kiwi girls (Jan '08) My best mate Abbers and I Me and my lovely MTB ladies I've done it before and I can do it again...this time with permanent results. I've come a long way, but there's still a long way to go These pics in the polka dot bikini were taken in May 2008 A reminder of what I can achieve...this was 2008 and it can be 2013 too! Tummy shot....LOTSA WORK HERE (i store all of my fat here boo!) This was probably when I was close to my biggest in Sept 05 Me and my ladies in April 08. New halter top, I could not BELIEVE it fit me when I tried it on. Recent photo on my 26th Birthday, Craig took me to play with Cheetah Cubs. Have gained about all my weight I lost back by now. A bit too much "drinking and being merry" has put me back to where I was....time to change that. Karen and my Mom...yes we look a lot alike my mother and I! The best day of my life (2 comments) My husband and I Cross Country Skiing After living in NZ for 8 years, I was shocked to see the "normal" US serving size.

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