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Major Woohoo moment = ) 1st time wearing miniskirt in public!!! (7 comments) 3/3/12 my grandmother's funeral (2 comments) my mom's bday 6/29/2012 size 8/10 (3 comments) 8/2012 (3 comments) size medium maxi dress 8/2012 (1 comments) (5 comments) After my graduation--Before pic...Thx Irie (3 comments) (4 comments) Recent pic weight loss of 15-20 ibs (10 comments) Wow drastic change. On my way to church. This shirt I got last year came up to my belly button (2 comments) @ the tattoo shop getting a piercing 3-6-10 size 14/16 (4 comments) new piercing (2 comments) me looking better in this shirt from wearing it in dec (3 comments) waist lookin trimmer and slimmer!!! (1 comments) my baby bear (2 comments) My husband and I for my b-day 3-7-2010 wearing a size 13/14 pants!!! (3 comments) Him and I again 3-7-2010 my sweet chocolate handsome man!!! (1 comments) my beautiful mother (1 comments) size 16 gettin there w/progress! (2 comments) (2 comments) Love this shirt!!! (1 comments) Know im mix matchin but im lookin gr8!!! My before pics for the Springing into Summer challenge!!! the back...oh so many rolls lol (1 comments) My CCC's!!! (1 comments) 4-12-10 dang i was huge! tryin on a size 10 and successfully fit pretty snug but by the end of the yr it will be loose! (4 comments) 8-8-10 i h8 my arms!!!! still tryna tone them up! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) I went Natural and cut it ALL off! (5 comments) i feel and look gr8 60 lbs down! 9-18-10 Bonafide chica! Im confident in every way! 9-18-10 (7 comments) Outfit I wore 2 church sunday...and finally wearing a medium/large fashion belt! To God b the glory! (6 comments) (2 comments) Sumthng different 4 the new yrs...n the process of growing it out ill b back natural n no time!!! (5 comments) me n dh on new yrs day 1/1/11 (3 comments) and again I just LOVE this man! (3 comments) (3 comments) Raven Symone at the Peoples Choice Awards 1-5-11. She looks gr8 now n she's my new inspiration!!! (2 comments) J-Hud, another inspiration (1 comments) I want to be able to wear a dress like this one day (2 comments) I can actually cross my legs now...woohoo! (4 comments) trying to tone these guns (5 comments) 3-2-11 (6 comments) Recent 5/7/11 (4 comments) 5/10/11 (9 comments)

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