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New Beachbody coach here....great products that work! (1 comments) (6 comments) Before and After picture...21 Day Fix. 15lbs down! (6 comments) I felt like the bell of the ball last night. Such a fantastic night out with my husband. Just have to keep pushing! (3 comments) All ready for my morning and playing catch up to the 150 emails I just walked into! The price one pays for a couple days off! Lol Keep up the fight because the day you don't will be the start of moving backwards. (1 comments) Just KILLED that Upper Fix workout from the 21 Day Fix program. And boy oh boy can I feel it!! (2 comments) Don't wait for tomorrow to come, make your choice today to make the changes for a healthier version of YOU! (2 comments) Saw this on FB and just had to share take away, find your "purpose" in all you do! (1 comments) Confidence is key! (2 comments) Yesterday my daughter went to a doc appt and was weighed. She is 126lbs and asked me with this worried face is that ok. I told her that was perfect. SMH I wish I could shield her from the world and people that would tell her that isn't good enough! (1 comments) My everything! This little girl (not so little I know) is my everything. She is the reason I push harder in life! (2 comments) My anniversary today...8 years together and 4 years married. Still seems like yesterday that we first saw one another for the first time! (3 comments) Meal prep success today! Only thing missing was dinner because I was so hungry I ate and then remembered to take a pic. Lol Anyone else feel starving every couple hours when your eating clean and on a schedule? (1 comments) How TRUE is this! If we don't find the time it won't get done. Make the time so that you can get an A in this class called Life! (1 comments) Holy cow my legs are on FIRE!! Making sure I get my water in....just packed up bottles of water to keep in my car. Love this time of year when it's safe to keep water in my car in a cooler because it stays cold. Always be prepared! Today I woke up feeling like "ugh it isn't Friday". However only one more day until it is and today I will make it the best that I can! (1 comments) I'm ready to make this a Work Out Friday! Finally getting my Upper Fix in and Pilates Fix tonight at home. Sunday will be another double up to get me caught up! (1 comments) My lunch....sweet potato, 2tsp lite sour cream, 2 tbsp salsa, 1/2 avocado, 2 morning star veggie sausage patties. This was SO good!! (1 comments) 5 baseball games I have to go see today and I'm starting the day off right! Even have all my snacks and lunch packed! Planning = Success!! Lunch on the road and I'm keeping it HEALTHY! Taco salad anyone?? YUM (2 comments) 21DF Total Body Cardio Fix is on the books today. Which means tomorrow I'll be pretty sore. Have to get in a lot of water today and tomorrow to help with the soreness! (1 comments) And be afraid of giving matter how many times we have a bump in the road do t give up. Giving up is letting the fear take over (4 comments) 1) don't tell them your plans of getting fit...:just invite them along on your walks or workouts 2) let them pick the workout 3) take baby steps with healthy eating changes. (Love Chalene Johnson!) Sometimes we can't get out of our own way to see what in our life we are thankful for. Lately I've read a lot of my friends being depressed and don't want to do much....keep going and eventually things will get better. (4 comments) Got a beautiful new cut and I love love love it! (8 comments) Really nothing else to add beside have a great day everyone!! 😉 (1 comments) And at the end of the storm there is light...keep pushing and find your rainbow. (2 comments) Just a little humor for the day! Started the day off with great nutrition after days of the stomach flu Lunch @ work Food prep...turkey sausages, peppers and onions, steamed carrots and quinoa. Didn't let being sick stop me from my goals for the week of 3+ miles a day! Even got in some run minutes! Looks like I'm well enough to go back to work tomorrow! Lol Can always tell spring in Philadelphia...the fountains are turned back on!! My work is amazing. They have partnered with Philadelphia for a bike share program! Rent a bike and cruise the city!! (1 comments) My steps and mileage so far today! I will hit 5 miles before the end of the night!! (1 comments) Sometimes I have to remind myself that I need mending just like a garden to really grow and be the best I can be! (4 comments) Starting the day off with a yummy Shakeology shake! Wanted chips and salsa but I didn't want to damage all the hard work I put in today. So cucumber chips and salsa it is...still crunchy and so much more refreshing than the chips!! (1 comments) I really could get spoiled with starting my workday at home with my Shakeology! Tropical fruit with rum extract and vanilla own personal tropical oasis! My daughter and I killed it yesterday. Lower body set for tonight with 30min of cardio. (1 comments) Getter done!! Great workout today and bike time for our cardio!! Need I say more? Lol (2 comments) Day 3 workout....81 to go! So proud of my daughter who upped her weights to 5lbs. Going to have to pick her up ones in between 5-10 soon. My snack on the road yesterday! Can't beat healthy snacking!! (2 comments) Almost done with my third 25oz bottle of iced cucumber water! Anyone else add natural flavor to their water? (5 comments) Tropical fruit chocolate Shakeology in the morning....don't mind if I do! Love my breakfast in bed! Down just ounces away from 15lbs in 6 weeks! Yes I'm a little shocked but SO happy as this week I've been so "on track"!!! (1 comments) Keeping strong one day at a time. Splurged today but back on track tomorrow! 21 Day Fix starts Monday! (2 comments) Each day do something that will make you proud at the end of the day. I'd be super thin! Lol (3 comments) Zucchini seasoned and ready to go on the grill after the tilapia. Add some brown rice and I have a complete meal! Yum yum (5 comments) Just made these for my daughter. She doesn't like shakeology as a shake but she will eat it this way. 😉 Day two no coffee....wonder if I'll make it the full 21 days. Right now I'm dragging and the motivation to go to work is zero! (9 comments) Tackle the day for TODAY....worry about tomorrow later (because after all tomorrow never comes) (2 comments) 21DF day 2 is done! Upper Fix oh how I love you! Day 3 of 21DF is done. Lower Fix had me sweating buckets! Had to wipe my face after ever move! Hot Momma I was tonight! (1 comments) My note to myself after learning I'm in the #2 overall spot in my works biggest loser contest. 3 more weeks to kick more bottom! (2 comments) On the train to work...didn't get my workout in last night because I fell asleep while icing my ankle (bad one swells when it gets hot out) and it just hit me....I'm TOTALLY ok with it. I'm not kicking myself in the bum. In this moment I look good and I'm rocking this thing called Confidence! OMG I found a little! (3 comments) Two workouts done today...Pilates fix and Cardio fix! Plus 3 hours of volunteer work (manual labor). (1 comments) Dirty 30 killed me today. I've fallen and I can't get up. Lol (3 comments) A little Monday humor! Total Cardio Fix is on the agenda tonight. Goal this week is to not miss a day of workouts so I don't have to double up. Next week starts my doubles so I will also be going to bed early this week to get used to waking up earlier for a workout before work! Day 8 is done! Killed Total Body Cardio Fix! Wasn't even feeling it yesterday and today...but when more than one person tells me this...that means I am and I'm going to LOVE it!! (7 comments) Killed my workout last night! Kicked myself in the bum at 9:30pm and said "get your workout in"!!! (3 comments) LOVING life this morning! Day 11 or the 21 Day Fix and I'm in shorts that were too small last summer for me. I ordered them online and was mad that I couldn't fit them...well I'm no longer mad!! (6 comments) Just some Friday humor. 😂😂😂 (3 comments) 5:30am workout done! Day 13 of 21 is finished and I feel fantastic🎉😘🎉 (1 comments) This reminded me of my husband. He is known to us and everyone as Superman. Happy Father's Day to everyone out there...I'll be killing my workouts tonight!! (1 comments) Today begins my double workouts. Two 21DF workouts set for today. I tried to wake up this morning to do one and that didn't go as planned. So tonight when I get home I will be popping dinner in the oven and getting in my two workouts!! I didn't want to do it...especially two workouts. But I did and after taking my measures and seeing 17.5 inches total gone from my body in two weeks I will keep pushing!! 6 more days in this round before my "bonus" week. (6 comments) My lunchtime buddy! Getting in some extra cardio (5 comments) First workout of the day done! So I'm just a whole lot crazy! Did 4 workouts from 21 Day Fix today....all because we lost power yesterday and I couldn't do my doubles yesterday. Yes CRAZY and I will never do that again! (3 comments) So wiped least I only have two workouts tonight! (2 comments) Hard work does pay off! And visual reminders of the hard work do help keep the drive and motivation! (3 comments) My beautiful girl has wanted blue hair forever now...finally took her in to get it done and I have to say it looks fantastic! So proud that she is brave and has self confidence...she is my inspiration! (5 comments) 21 Day Results...down 12lbs and a total of 20 inches. Still have a ways to go but what I'm most proud of is the determination I've found. I no longer want to be the girl in the left. I want to be fit and in charge! (9 comments) The last 10 weeks I've been in a Biggest Loser Challenge at my work...and with a loss of 9.67% (2nd was at 10.01 & 1st was at 10.40) was SO close. Can't wait for another round this fall with my work family! (3 comments) Let me just take a at work had been down ALL day. But at least I look cute! Lol (6 comments) What happens when I watch extreme weight loss with my husband? Well we begin our own weight loss challenge! For the next 8 weeks it's me against him! And I'm going to CRUSH him!! Especially when the loser has to wear the others football team gear all this season when we are out in public! That's HUGE for us two. So I have fuel in my fire you could say! #teamkim (1 comments) Saw this on Facebook and just had to share it here. I totally love this...I want to print this out so I can see it everyday! Such motivating and powerful words! I SHAPE ME! (1 comments) Killed Combat 45 this morning before I did anything. Power HIIT is on deck for tonight. #teamkim Just made these fantastic homemade NO guilt PB Cups! #teamkim 4tbsp melted coconut oil 2 tbsp organic PB 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology Directions 1) take 2tbsp melted oil & 1/2 scoop Shakeology and mix together 2) pour into cupcake tin (4 spots) and freeze for 5 minutes 3) take from the freezer and evenly place PB on top 4) take the other 2 tbsp of melted oil and 1/2 scoop of Shakeology mix and pour on top of PB. 5) freeze again until solid 6) take from cupcake tray and enjoy. (Keep any n (2 comments) Me and my how defined my jaw and chin are! Hard work is starting to show!! Killed my workout today! Combat 30 (2 comments) Got in a 30min run and day 1 of 21 Day Fix yesterday. Sweating so much during my workout when I got up from my ab round my mat was soaked! Love it!! Thank goodness for Google! Forgot my DVD at home but found a printable list of my Upper Fix online! Now I can be caught up and do Day 3 Lower Fix when I get home tonight!! (3 comments) Upper Fix is done. My arms are jello!!! So sore already! Lower Fix done! It hurts so good! The only problem is I would have to get them out of my house in a hurry so I don't eat them too! Lol a smaller size pants and they didn't pinch me, I didn't have a "roll over the top" at all!!! So proud!! (3 comments) Killed it in the gym today. Ended up doing the 30 min circuit again...really love it. Added squats between the arm weights so now my bum is on fire!! Dirty 30 from 21DF will be done tonight. Love getting in two workouts with hours between....really can see the difference when I do that! Love this! Found this in the bottom of my purse today. What a great reminder of what's important in this journey of mine. (1 comments) Just ordered mine and can't wait to make some great recipes for my family. You can get yours too at my team Beachbody website
So PERFECT I just had to share! Yes I will be saying this to my tummy too! Lol😂😂😂 (1 comments) Oh man did Lower Fix make me sweat today! So proud of my workout buddy! (1 comments) Such a fantastic shake this morning! Vanilla mango raspberry Shakeology! Super YUM (2 comments) About to get my 3rd fill up. Have you gotten your water in today? (2 comments) Got in some great weight training at the gym tonight! Loving my new tank! I'm a super hero!! (2 comments) Shared this today on FB and Instagram. That is a HUGE step for me. I'm praying that this touches someone that is struggling. I want to help people reach their goals, not because I'm a Beachbody coach, but because I know the pains of looking in the mirror and not being happy. (1 comments) Cleaned my pool for an hour this morning in 95 degree down with a strawberry mango vanilla Shakeology! Yummy!! (2 comments) Movies last night...2 of my 3 kids...they are why I work so hard. I want to be around HEALTY for them! Strawberry watermelon mint vanilla Shakeology this morning. YUMMY (2 comments) Came home to gifts! My monthly Shakeology order (chocolate this month) and I finally got my free 21 Day Fix shirt for finishing my 1st round!! Woohoo I love BeachBody! (2 comments) Second workout of the day done! Killed it with the weights and was able to up everything 5 to 10 pounds!! Down 4.8 pounds this week! Got to put in the sweat time to get the results!! On the way to the gym to get my sweat on! Burn up the calories in a healthy way! Haven't posted in a few dinner the other night! Have to get more avocados because this salad was amazing! (2 comments) Killed a workout at the gym this morning was planning on Dirty 30 tonight but my foot is killing me so I'm going to do Piyo sweat to stretch things out! New shoes!! Love them SO much!! (4 comments) Double workout today. Gym time at lunch time and gym time after work with hubby. Great salad for lunch! (1 comments) Getting gifts from my BFF for finishing the 21 Day Fix are the BEST!! Such a beautiful necklace! (3 comments) Friday workout! About to go crush it at the gym. Already spent an hour in the pool today! (2 comments) Once I started planning my workouts and my foods I started to see the results! (2 comments) Killing it at the gym yesterday! Arms are starting to take shape!! From this weekend...had SO many compliments on how great I look! (3 comments) Wasn't going to workout tonight but I did. Got in a routine of Cize and LOVED it! Danced up a REAL good sweat! Love being a Beachbody coach so I can try all the good programs and help others fall in love with them too Two and a half month difference. Getting it DONE! Me from the other day....really loving myself. Best part of working out and gaining pride in what your doing! (2 comments) Happy Friday!!! Can't wait to get home and do my Cize workout! Shaun T really did a great job with this one! Anyone interested let me know, it's on sale this month and I will be running a challenge group on FB! 😉👍 (2 comments) Baby's got back! Gym time! Home from my workout at the gym and then pushed play and did Crazy 8's from the Cize workout program! (2 comments) Woohoo new workout clothes. Gift from the hubby! What to do with a bowl full of tomatoes? Making homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch for the very first time!! Makeover Monday! LOVE seeing the changes in the pictures. This one is June 17th to Aug 10th....almost time to take the dress to the seamstress to get taken in!! (4 comments) My transformation Tuesday. 5 years and LOTS of changes! (1 comments) My goodness do I love this man! He is my everything! SO proud of the steps we make daily to be healthier and fit! (2 comments) Took me 37 years but I can now look in the mirror and say I LOVE ME! (2 comments) Love this...Fit is not a destination it's a way of Life! (1 comments) Just checked my last class and I ended it with a 100%!!! I'm super excited!! (1 comments) Six month side by side comparison. There are times that I still look in the mirror and think "my goodness I'm really doing it this time!" (11 comments) Got in a GREAT workout today! First day of the Labor Day Fix is done! Great foods today for day one of the Labor Day Fix! Missing the taco salad at lunch. Are it after my workout so I was starving! Also having watermelon as snack tonight (3 comments) NSV....first time I've felt comfortable tucking in my shirt and not hiding behind the shirt! (4 comments) Day 2 of Labor Day fix is done! Upper Fix today and it turn my whole body into a fire. My glasses even started to fog up!! Barre Legs are done...I'm going to feel that tomorrow!! Just some motivation for the day (1 comments) Spinach, bacon, egg, sunflowers and tomato salad for lunch. Grabbed a plain Greek yogurt for later. Oh the joys of work meetings! (1 comments) NSV....trying on jeans this morning and pulled these out saying "these will never fit" omg not only did they fit but as I told my husband "I don't look like a stuffed sausage!" (4 comments) Just waiting for my vacation to start on Tues and to be at the shore on Wed! Started packing and the first thing in the bag was workout clothes for each day we are there! Going to rock the morning workouts!! From Cardio Monday at the gym! Finished day 2 of the 3 Day Refresh and I'm down a total of 4.8lbs...can't wait to see how I do tomorrow morning!! Pretty nails for my vacation and matching toes! So happy that I'm healthier now and drink my Shakeology daily. I can really tell the difference in the rate my nails grow and how clear my skin is now....what we put in our bodies matter!! (1 comments) Beach time! Heading out with an extra smile on my face because I won the weight loss competition with my husband! New Seahawks jersey for this happy girl! (2 comments) My daughter and this girl! (3 comments) Got to our hotel and all unpacked. Enjoying a little wine before heading up to the board walk. Having such a great vacation I've been getting in the workouts while away. Love the healthy choices I've been making. Day 3 of CIZE is done...killed it today!! TBT....last summer to this summer. 30+ pounds gone and still going!! (9 comments) Day 4 of CIZE thankful for the showers in my gym at work! This program makes me sweat like a crazy woman!! Challenge yourself will be thankful you did tomorrow!! Not sure where I can find this but it's on my must have list! Lol (3 comments) Love when I can get healthy low calorie snacks on the go! Because the struggle is real sometimes! Hahahaha (2 comments) My crazy family (minus my daughter) at the gym tonight A little Fall humor. (6 comments) Got my preworkout and recovery shake! Can't wait to start using these! LOVE Beachbody and being a Coach! (4 comments) Nothing like some brain power to help with my homework! PB chocolate cheesecake Shakeology (2 comments) Starting another round after I get back from seeing my mom. Love this program SO much! It's the program that brought me to Beachbody and kept me going! (8 comments) Pumpkin Pie Shakeology this morning. Man was it fantastic!! Beautiful ND sunrise My last morning in ND. Will miss my family here, but goodness will it be good to be with my husband and kids again. Good morning! Happy hump day! It's Friday, it's the weekend and I'm shopping and food prepping! 21 Day Fix starts on Monday!!! (5 comments) New workout shirt! Hehehe SO true some days! Feeling so beautiful today! (6 comments) So chilly this morning, but going to hit into the 70s today. This time of year always cracks me up. Winter jacket to work and carry it home at night! (2 comments) #TBT posted this on FB to bring my boys some luck tonight. This was taken after they won the SB Finished my first virtual run! Ended up doing my miles on a stationary bike and did over 9 miles! Killed it and dedicated my run for my Aunt who is a survivor of BC (3 comments) Happy Halloween New addition to the family (3 comments) Got in my plank challenge for the day! Day 4 is in the books! (1 comments) Getting in all my Shakeology! Good to the last drop!! (3 comments) I finally hit my 10,000 steps!!! (3 comments) At George Washington's the history in Philly! Had a rockstar day in steps yesterday!! Have to love when the hair is long enough to curl again! Woohoo (6 comments) New hair color for the new year! Planning BIG for 2016!!! (2 comments) Second Shakeology shake of 2016...goal this year is to have one everyday and not miss one day! (2 comments) I'm on a roll with my Shakeology, haven't missed a day yet this year! Also have gotten in 8 workouts, some days I've even done doubles as I've gone to the gym at night with my husband and P90X3 during the day! (1 comments) Did you get all your water in today? (3 comments) Had a super yummy shake this morning. Just loving the changes like stronger nails!!! Never could I grow my own and with Shakeology I'm getting all the nutrients I need and it's showing!! (2 comments) I did it!!! I got up at 4:40am and worked out!! Have another workout planned with the girls at lunchtime. Can't wait for the late afternoon pick me up! (2 comments) Loving my shake today...was sick the last couple days and couldn't get it in! Have to warm up after each sip! Lol (2 comments) Had a great Valentine's with the hubby! (1 comments) Just made my first Cafe Latte Shakeology shake and I'm beyond in love! This one I might actually cry when I'm done with my shake because it's gone! Lol Totally in love with my new cup!! WooHoo!!! My 22 Min Hard Corps is in my Beachbody on Demand account!! That means I can start it TODAY and not have to wait on it being shipped to me! Garfield waiting for me to open the Beachbody box...what came today?? (3 comments) Can't wait to start this program on 4/1!!! Comment on the picture if you would like to order your challenge pack and join me! Going to be using the new Beachbody smart phone app to track the challenge group! (4 comments) Lunch time workout done! Day 9 of 21 is done! Fought the afternoon sweet tooth/voice in my head with my Cafe Latte Shakeology yesterday! So proud I didn't cave! (3 comments) Killed my lunchtime workout!! Dirty 30 is done!! (1 comments) Killed a amazing ab workout. Was short so I did it twice! Plus cardio tonight Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a yoga class! It was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one! (6 comments) One of the best things about being back on track is the confidence I get back! Normally I would have hidden behind a blazer jacket...but I didn't, skinny jeans and all!! (3 comments) Spent yesterday afternoon prepping for this week. Last week of the 21 Day Fix and I want to end it strong! Going to end this round with the last 3 days on the competition meal plan. Also going to do the 3 day refresh after that. All off that will take me right into my Anniversary weekend away with the Hubby! Are you getting in your daily water? I LOVE to infuse my water!! What's your favorite infused flavor? (2 comments) The look I have when I open m lunch bag and see my Shakeology and realize I didn't have breakfast!! Drinking it now! My added St Patrick's Day workout!! Didn't forget my Shakeology this morning! It's a good thing too as my 2 hour meeting turned into a 3 hour meeting!!! (2 comments) Been drinking Shakeology for a year strait! Love my daily shake! Now I have the 365er cup and my gold scoop!! (3 comments) Because Shakeology isn't just used for a meal's great after a workout or even when your craving something sweet! I can't live without my Shakeology!! (1 comments) Killed that workout today!! (2 comments) Killing my workout last night....I can sure feel it in my lower body today! (1 comments) Oh I'm going to feel that workout for days! (1 comments) Killed some weights and Core 1 from 22 Min Hard Corps! (2 comments) For anyone interested I am running a challenge group outside of Facebook starting on 4/4/16. Comment on this picture to learn all that is needed to be part of the fun! Happy Easter everyone! 3 day cleanse starts tomorrow!! (2 comments) Never miss a Monday! Get that workout in!!! (4 comments) Yesterday was a great day. Had a solid workout and a good drop from the first day of the 3 day refresh. (2 comments) Day two results! Down a total of 5.6lbs! Feeling great, except for this cold bug I'm now fighting. Today was my last day on the refresh, can't wait to see my over all results in the morning!! In case anyone was interested in this sale.....the link to my Beachbody page is in my profile. Would LOVE to have more people to workout to this program with starting on April 4th!! Forgot to post my over all results from my 3 Day Refresh! (3 comments) This has been my view this weekend! From my workout last night. Didn't let a little thing like bronchitis stop me. Modified when needed and paused when needed. But day one of 22 min hard corps was finished!! (2 comments) Getting in my morning Shakeology!! Four days in the book! Loving this program SO much! Love my cafe latte SO much! Shakeology girl here!! (6 comments) Having fun in the carousel the other night! Catching up is never any fun...but getting to the end of 60 days and know I didn't out the work in would be even worse! Cardio before bed and I'm good! (2 comments) Dessert for dinner anyone??? Home late so I decided to make me a Butterfinger Frap Shakeology! Loving my new water bottle!! (1 comments) Last Friday....went out with my work peeps! (8 comments) No sound....did NOT stop me!! Got in upper fix from 21DFX pre workout! I'd be so lost without it! (2 comments) Self-Esteem You can't protect your time if you don't feel like your time is worth it. Experts cite these 5 components as the building blocks of self-confidence and self-esteem: -healthy role models -a sense of uniqueness -empowerment -social support -calculated risk-taking Sound Complicated? Then grab a pen and paper and try this quick exercise by answering the questions below! 1. Name a role model and what you admire about them. 2. Name a personal characteristic that makes you special. 3 (3 comments) Ohhhhhh Shakeology how I LOVE it!!! Best meal of my day right here!! (1 comments) Woohoo!!!! It's Friday and I'm off work early! Time to get my daughters nails done for her ring mass tonight! (3 comments) When you wake up with a headache and wish the coffee was already done!! (5 comments) My beautiful girl from her ring mass last night. She got her class proud of her! (5 comments) When the creator of 21 Day Fix likes my status of DietBet! Anyone that wants to join me here is the link! (1 comments) 365er on the go...I could go on and on about Shakeology. But the main thing I love is how it really has made a difference in my digestion. After years of trying different things after my gallbladder was removed this is is my lifetime answer! (2 comments) Food has been ON POINT this week!! (1 comments) Sweat and messy hair = one darn good workout! Crazy 8s yesterday was my life saver! Guess who gets to meet and greet CEO of Beachbody and the trainer of 21 Day a super amazing coach!! Yup ME!! (2 comments) New personal development could you not buy a book with that title!! Tried out Country Heat today on Beachbody on Demand. I'm 100% in love and can't wait for it to come out this summer!! Love my family so much!! If you haven't read's a must!! (1 comments) For those of us that love autumn from 21 Day Fix!! (2 comments) 3rd morning of waking up and getting a workout in before 6am!! (7 comments) Nothing like getting back on track after a 4 day weekend! Second workout of this week done!! Two days of Combat in for this week (1 comments) Getting in my Eggnog Cafe Latte Shakeology. This has to be my most favorite shaker cup to use. It reminds me of how far I have come in my journey and that I pick each day to be my best! Daily Shakeology! I've been having two this week while "TOM" is here and MAN has it helped with my moods, bloating, acne, cramps and cravings! I do believe I have found my cure for PMS!! (1 comments) Cleaned out my closet with a little help from my Eggnog Latte Shakeology Didn't let myself talk myself out of working out today! #nevermissamonday (1 comments) Family Game night! If you don't have the game Googly's SO worth it! (2 comments) When it feels like 9 degrees out and you don't want to leave the office! (1 comments) Upgraded my Beachbody on Demand account so that I will have the All-Access that is being offered! Did you know starting today there is a new challenge pack that includes a Years access to ALL the workout programs and and new programs released in 2017!!! This is HUGE! You also get the 30 day supply of Shakeology and the colored portion containers. (1 comments) When your yogurt is so good you have to lick the top clean!! (1 comments) I really had a million and one reasons not to workout today....however I didn't listen to one of them and killed lower body!! (3 comments) Got in Dirty 30 in the gym today! Love that I'm ending the year with a healthy choice! (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/31/2016 Nothing like a dance party of my own while listening to old school music and cleaning my closet! Out with the OLD me! day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/2/2017 The moment you figure out how to stream BOD to your tv from the IPad using Chrome Cast!!! Beyond a happy girl tonight!! Needed this workout tonight after the Cheesecake Factory lunch today! (2 comments) Super excited! How great is it to have a note in your HealthBet from the CEO!!! Made me a happy girl! Lol Fantastic workout today! Day 11 is done and only 4 more for this round of 21 Day Fix! (2 comments) Killed that darn workout!! Whoop whoop!! There are today that I take a after workout selfie and I think "hot damn I look so beautiful"!!! (5 comments) GO HAWKS! (3 comments) day 14 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/9/2017 In 21 days I'm down 15.5 inches all together! So proud of myself for sticking to the workout program. Next 30 days will be Core De Force and going to also focus on my nutrition so that my weight loss can be more on track too! (2 comments) The photo that knocked the wind from my sails for a day. Why are we ALWAYS our worst critics? Still need to blog, but right now I'm hitting the gym! (2 comments) Working from home today...breakfast on point with my yummy Cafe Latte Shakeology Back on track after two weeks of crazy work schedule! Sore but loving it! (1 comments) Working from home today so I got in my workout this morning. Going to make my daughter get dressed and go for a walk with me later. Also going to hit the gym tonight with my husband. Time to let go of this "funk" I have been in!! Just kicked some bum with the 21DF workout Dirty 30! Will be doing T25 Total Body Circuit tonight to round out my day. Just a funny I sent to my BFF and had to share...Bye Bye double chin! (2 comments) Last nights second workout was a pure sweaty mess! Lol (1 comments) I'm all sweaty! Redoing Shaun T Week so I can be consistent this week. Last week with my Mom coming in and my daughter's graduation I didn't get it done. So thankfully it's still up on my BeachBody on Demand and I'm going to kill it this week!! (1 comments) SO proud of my baby girl...she is a fighter and is going to go far! Step one into adulthood is done, now to finish nursing school! Look out world! (2 comments) Day two of Shaun Week is done. Was able to get through this one without wanting to vomit, tears got me though. Sometimes workouts are about totally letting go!! (1 comments) Day 4 of Shaun T week was abs and I was able to do almost all the moves not modified! Major win in my book!! Day 5 was a killer, but OH my I loved it! Day 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme is done....working towards another new shirt!! (3 comments) (1 comments) The Run or Dye 5k....The BEST run ever! Wouldn't this be priceless! (1 comments) Good thing I have a plan for 2013 that backs up ALL my goals for this year!! (2 comments) This is totally true as who really wants it back! (1 comments) At the Madonna concert....I am determined to look this HOT in my 50s!! My boys Time to lock all the doors....LOL I'm taking the 12 week challenge....are YOU?? (1 comments) My gym partner in crime! Teaching her now so she will have a STRONG future! After 6 years together I'm still the happiest girl in the world. Love this man with everything I am! (2 comments) One of my nicknames and perfect on this journey - Kim Possible! (Thanks Beth) (3 comments) My 1st 5k...48 min! (2 comments) (2 comments) Husband's Christmas Party 2011 (6 comments) My beautiful daughter...picture day at school (4 comments) My new favorite picture of Sammy 10/31/11 (1 comments) Me and my Bestie....have to love the "girl nights" - 2006 (6 comments) My "skinny" jeans - 2005 11.8.11 - getting ready for date night (2 comments) My babygirl's 13th birthday (3 comments) does the time FLY! (2 comments) Wedding 4/5/11 (4 comments) wedding 4/5/11 (1 comments) Yes the heels wear too much...I was sinking into the ground! LOL Now I'm ready for my Spark walk! (5 comments) He can't stop looking at me! (2 comments) Oh darn it...they found us! (1 comments) My Prince Charming (3 comments) The Robinson's (3 comments) Me and my girls (1 comments) me and my #1 girl (2 comments) Me saying my vows...Yes I started to cry the moment I said his name! (2 comments) The KISS....tingles all the way to the toes! (2 comments) My Vision Collage....the journey to become a new me! (3 comments) Terry and I ..... 9/2010 (6 comments) My 1st degree (4 comments) The love of my life! (10 comments) This photo scared me! This is the point I say ENOUGH and take back myself! (5 comments)

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