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Me - on 6-18-11 at the Miss Michigan Program (2 comments) Mark & I - Christmas Eve 2011 (1 comments) (1 comments) 8/28/13 at 6:22 p.m. A week after Mark's death - lanterns to celebrate his life. Mark drinking out of the Stanley Cup. What a great memory! (1 comments) Ready for a ride :) May 2011 (The gorilla in the background belongs to the neighbor! ) (2 comments) My grandsons - a good reason to get healthy! (2 comments) In Oct. 2010 with Asher and Aidric (1 comments) My oldest daughter April, with Asher, Aidric and Ruger. Oct. 2010 (1 comments) Me - In July 2009 at my sister's bridal shower (1 comments) No Excuses Old Glory at our Boat Harbor in Alpena Elise, Scott and I 7/2009 Troy and Elise Mark and I Elise and Scott Reed Asher Logan & Aidric Lucas Aidric & Asher 3/10 My brothers and I at Nod's wedding. 10/09 (1 comments) With Dad - Noddea's wedding - 10/09. Had lost 10# but gained it back. (2 comments) My daughters with my grandson, 2 more reason to get healthy. Their brother is a good reason too. (1 comments) Aww. Asher reading to Aidric..... such sweet grandsons!!! (1 comments) Aidric (1 comments) April, Addam, Asher & Aidric (1 comments) With Asher & Aidric - January 2009, just before they flew back to El Paso with their momma. 208 (1 comments) April, Asher and I - Lake Huron 9/2008 (1 comments) An angel watching over Asher in the TN snow AJ (1 comments) Ruger (1 comments) Ruger and AJ looking for some attention. My baby boy (ha!) with his oldest sister and her oldest son. (4 comments) Such is Life (1 comments) Really, grama, it's okay to sweat!! My Grandsons - a very good reason to get healthy. (2 comments) Me - Christmas 2008 (6 comments) Me with the Stanley Cup - Go Red Wings! 2008 (5 comments) Grinch 12/08 - Everyone who saw this pic thought we got the blue coats on sale! Seriously? (1 comments)

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