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walked the little over a mile route that I used to walk my dog before her hip dysplasia weakened her. I wore two different socks for World Down Syndrome day. (1 comments) Went for a lovely, hot five mile run after work! I ended the run with a sprint up a small hill at the end of the path. enjoyed a very warm run on a pretty tree-lined path! Good for the soul! Went for a humid walk break at work. Everything looked extra green. Good for the soul! (1 comments) Enjoying a relaxing morning after beach yoga and a pedicure. 🌴 (2 comments) (1 comments) Sticking with short work-break walks to keep moving while trying to recover from a hamstring injury. (2 comments) had a great 5-mile run today since it warmed up a bit! To keep myself motivated, I imagined every st (1 comments) DH and I put the Christmas decorations away, cleaned the house and then I went for my first outdoor run since before Christmas. We had a heat wave... sunny and 15! jumped on the elliptical since it's still EFFING freezing. Got a little "spark" of energy when I found my SparkPeople shirt. (3 comments) participated in the Lifetime Fitness Commitment Day 5K this morning I chose their indoor option due to 13 below wind chills. (4 comments) Family new years eve ice skating party 2017 (1 comments) Fun Run with a local running store 2017 (2 comments) Christmas shopping Sat AM, annual cousin Christmas party in the PM, 3 hours of sleep, a 5K in 3ish-degree weather this morning, cleaning and decorating. Stick a fork in me, I'm done! is waving hello to all my Spark motorcycle riders on National Motorcycle Riding day. Storms here so no riding. Safe travels! (1 comments) was able to leave work early for a short, humid run, got chased by a German Shepherd and watched an exciting Cubs game. (3 comments) is starting the week with a fresh-air walking break. (2 comments) Crossing the finish line at the 2017 Chicago Half Marathon (1 comments) Crossing the finish line at the 2017 Chicago Half Marathon Chicago half marathon packet pickup/expo is in the books. My clothes are laid out, my bag is packed, I have my plan in place for the hot weather expected for tomorrow's race and now it's time to relax. enjoyed a beautiful sunny last weekend of summer with a 10-mile run. "Blue skies, nothing but blue skies..." (2 comments) went for a 7-mi run early when it was only 65 degrees, low humidity. Much joy! (1 comments) ran six miles then celebrated International Yoga Day with the Yoga With Adriene For Feet video. Ready for bed soon! Celebrated the arrival of summer with a walking break at work. The weather was perfect! (1 comments) Mental health break walk June 2017 (1 comments) My daughter and I at the Soldier Field 10 Miler, benefitting families of fallen service men and women. She really kept me going the last 3 grueling miles! Now it's nap time 😴 (2 comments) A rainy evening, muscles are worked so it's a great time for ginger tea and Yoga For A Rainy Day - Yoga With Adriene video. Namaste Sparkers. 🙏 Enjoyed a seven mile run on a beautiful sunny Sunday! (5 comments) took a beautiful walk on the path at work. Keep putting one foot in front of the other! Totally blown away today. I placed 2nd in my age group in a VERY challenging 5K AND earned an award for female middle of the pack. Never EVER thought I'd earn anything in this race, let alone two! Took a lovely walking break at work, varying the intensity of my pace. Cleared the Monday morning cobwebs! (3 comments) Cancun 2017 (3 comments) Two more nights to enjoy this sight before flying home. (3 comments) (3 comments) A gorgeous fall Chicago morning run! (1 comments) After-work run before the sunset (1 comments) had a beautiful walk/run at the arboretum. It was early, crisp and therapeutic! (5 comments) Beautiful run/walk at the atboretum My first half marathon. High-fiving spectators right before the finish line. (2 comments) did a 10K for charity and kept going for four more miles to hit 10miles for my training distance. The last mile and a half was NOT pretty but I'll take it! 35 more days till the half!! (2 comments) decided to go in late to work and met my running group at 5:30 for a 6 mile run. Oh the humidity but it was nice starting out in the dark and sort of seeing the sun come up, very cloudy. (2 comments) Post 8-mile run recovery! (1 comments) started running feeling like Herman Munster then came across this beauty and ran longer than intended. (3 comments) Did some riding, did some walkin, did some swimming now for some kickin back (1 comments) had a great run last night. My legs felt like lead, but the weather and the group was inspiring. Good for the soul! had a bit of a rough start due to sore muscles from yesterday's Orange Theory workout but 3.77 miles for Global Running day... DONE! (2 comments) is relaxing and taking in nature's beauty on a beautiful Sunday morning! (2 comments) Happy Walgreens Red Nose Day! (2 comments) ran a super hero 5K this morning benefitting kids with CP, organized by the mom of a young boy with CP. So much to be thankful for! (3 comments) Eggo waffles, Dole frozen fruit, peanut butter and vanilla yogurt. (5 comments) Mental health break (2 comments) The other side of 50! (3 comments) Photos with Santa 2015 (5 comments) Getting ready for a run on the hotel treadmill (2 comments) Well someone goofed on the 8K course this morning. It ended up a smidge over 4 1/2 miles but we had a great morning. I love running with my daughter! (1 comments) April 2016 Had a great run this morning benefiting a local zoo! Now errands a nap then a wedding reception! Happy Saturday! (4 comments) Running with my daughter after the Warrior Dash was cancelled. June 2015. (3 comments) Mental health break. (3 comments) Wipeout run with my daughter July 2015 (1 comments) Approaching the finish line #1003, 10/5/14. It was a PR! (4 comments) Ugly Sweater 5K, Dec 2014. I am the only one in this group in an ugly sweater. (3 comments) took advantage of the temps starting to head up and had a great run in the morning sun! (2 comments) Mondays are better in Mexico. March 2015 (3 comments) Leading the 2014 Chicago NEDA walk with my daughter. I'm so proud of her! (1 comments) Chicago Tragic Events 5K Running Tour April 2013 (2 comments) My walking buddy 2005-2018 :-( (11 comments) St. Patrick's Day 5K 2013 (1 comments) My daughter and I St. Patrick's Day 5K 2013 (5 comments) Chicago Tragic Events Tour April 2013 Starting out (1 comments) Beginning of Route 66 with my son, daughter and a new friend (3 comments) End of Route 66 (4 comments) Chicago 5K tour Running past the museum (1 comments) DuPage County Human Race 5K April 27 2013 (1 comments) DuPage County Human Race mascot April 27 2013 Before: Wedding in Key West Dec 2006. I was really trying to suck it in! :-) (4 comments) Cosley Run For The Animals 5K June 2013 31:10 (2 comments) Crossing the finish line - Warrior Dash 2013 (3 comments) Chicago 2013 Crosstown Classic 10K (1 comments) Chicago 2013 Crosstown Classic 10K with my daughter (1 comments) Hot Chocolate 5K 2013 Visiting Santa at the Harley dealer. Dec 2014 (3 comments) St. Patrick's Day 5k 2014 (1 comments) My walking buddy (8 comments) 1st obstacle course race, Warrior Dash 2011. (3 comments) My 1st official 5K, St. Patrick's day 2012 (3 comments) My bike (10 comments)

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