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(4 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) The only person who's ever with you 24/7 forever is you, so that's who should be your biggest fan! (1 comments) You can only achieve and keep what you believe deep in your heart. My beloved Chicago Blackhawks - May the 2013 Presidential Trophy winners also win the Stanley Cup! (1 comments) Be the kind of person to others that you want others to be to you. Such a striking view! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Saying Happy Holidays allows me to show I care about their happiness while respecting their beliefs. (3 comments) You'll NEVER live your best life until you start living for your own approval instead of others Good Morning Sparkland! Treat yourself well in every way because you deserve it! :) is remembering to enjoy life as I work towards my goals. ;) Sometimes the lense of positivity or negativity is all that determines how successful I'll be, 1 choice at a time. :) I got a lot of walking in this week and today is a rest day. Notice and enjoy all the big and little things in your life today! ;) (1 comments) No matter how many lbs you choose to lose, you only need to lose the first 1%. Then the next 1%. It's a lifestyle choice, not a temporary project. ;) Happy Thursday! You can choose to believe anything you want - Why not choose to beliieve it's possible for you? :) Happy Friday Sparkland! Embrace your strength, creativity, & imagination. Don't let anyone make you think your are less than awesome, because they would be wrong! :) Hi Sparkland! While you're working going thru your day, don't forget to dream big and believe it's possible for you. :) Remember you are awesome and strong and so worth it! ;) - Life is all about change, good and bad, right and wrong. We all get it wrong sometimes, so make adjustments and keep moving foreward (2 comments) Happy Friday Sparklers! Here is a bit of beauty to give you a smile heading into the weekend. Have fun, and notice everything that really makes you feel great - and surround yourself with more! :) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Embrace what is unique and special about yourself and let others see that gift too! ;) Happy Monday Sparklers! The happier you decide you are, the more you're willing you are to make positive changes for yourself :) Happy Tuesday Sparklers! Today I feel as beautiful and colorful as these Tulips! And that's a good thing! :) Happy Wednesday Sparklers! It's not about being perfect in your food and excercise and health choices. It's about keep moving forward no matter what. You can do it! :) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Have a awesome Day! ;) (3 comments) Happy Monday Sparklers! Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy. Choose to encourage others to be their best selves and inspire them to be, do, and have what makes them happy too. ;) (1 comments) I'm so thankful I have people who support me even if they don't agree with me. :) Happy Thursday Sparklers! This is for you in case nobody says it to you. Think about all the ways you deserve to apply it to you! ;) (2 comments) Happy Friday Sparklers! The weekend is here, go make it awesome! ;) Happy Sunday Sparklers! Possibilities are always ahead, so keep moving forward and enjoy the view along the way. ;) Happy Monday Sparklers! Share what makes you awesome where ever you go today! ;) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Have a great day! ;) Happy Sunday Sparklers! Good or bad, the past is gone. You can only improve the present and future by starting where you are with what you have and moving forward. You can do it!! :) Happy Tuesday Sparklers! What are you doing to give yourself some love and respect today? Happy Thursday Cyberland! The most important person you should encourage and treat well is yourself. You're so worth it, so let the world see that too. ;) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Every action or belief you take is a choice - so is every non action or belief. Happy Sunday Sparklers! Make the decision to make things better for you 1 choice at a time. Once you decide you have have that power, imagine how awesome your life is and can be!! ;) Happy Wednesday Sparklers! ;) Happy Thursday Sparklers! Are you ready to take on the world? Happy Friday Sparklers! It's so much easier to stay on track when you include fun and things that make you feel rich and special and beautiful and happy! ;) Happy Sunday Sparklers! Happy Tuesday Sparklers! The sooner you start, the more progress you can make. :) is feeling really good today! :) is feeling really good today! :) Happy Thursday Sparklers! Embrace the qualities that make you special and give / get support from your family and friends! ;) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Find the joy in every day! ;) Happy Monday Sparklers! Don't think of it as starting over "AGAIN". Each choice, each day is just another day in your journey, so decide to make the next choice better for you. ;) Happy Tuesday Sparklers! Direct the things you can control and roll with the rest. :) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Embrace the day and do something to get closer to your goals! ;) (1 comments) Happy Monday Sparklers! Once you decide you deserve it you can then plan and execute a way to make it happen! ;) Happy Friday Sparklers! Perfect implies being finished and life is a journey of change and progression, not perfection. I'd rather go for change and progress - it's always more interesting. ;) Happy Sunday Sparklers! Happy Monday S;arklers! Happy Tuesday Sparklers! You are so worth having all the best in life! I hope these beautiful flowers make you smile all day! ;) Happy Wednesday Sparklers! You can do it and it's so worth it when you do! ;) (1 comments) Happy Friday Sparklers! Break free of old habits and run towards new dreams! Try new and different things and grow into the best person you can be! ;) (2 comments) Happy Saturday Sparklers! Sometimes are views of ourselves are distorted. You're as beautiful at this view - accept it, believe it, LIVE IT!! Let the world see how beautiful and bright you are! ;) (2 comments) Happy Sunday Sparklers! Spread your wings and soar, you can do it! ;) is choosing to make better choices, one at a time and to believe I am deserving and worth the effort. :)

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