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Fun times in Chicago! January 2011 (3 comments) After the Mudathlon - Summer of 2011 My first steps in the mud at the Mudathlon! - Summer 2011 (1 comments) The Flying Pig 10K in Cincinnati, OH on May 1, 2010! Official time: 56:24! :) (1 comments) Ready for my college friend's wedding! July 2010 (1 comments) I picked up the spare! (I'm terrible at bowling, so this is rare indeed!) (1 comments) Same outfit, 38 pound difference! (26 comments) Me at the Flying Pig 10K finish line in Cincinnati on May 1, 2010! Official time: 56:24! (1 comments) Approaching the finish line at the Flying Pig 10K in Cincinnati! May 1st, 2010, Official time: 56:24 (1 comments) Flying Pig 10K - Cincinnati, 1 May 2010 - 56:24 (1 comments) Not the most attractive photo, but me (right, with the white hat) running in the Mini-Heart 5K in Cincinnati (3/28/10) - 26:41 (3 comments) Me in my latest band tee - Angels & Airwaves! My favorite band of the past 5 years! April 2010 (1 comments) My new bathing suit for my cruise in January 2010! (2 comments) 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - January 2010 (1 comments) Formal night on our cruise, January 2010 (5 comments) Sitting in our window on our cruise, January 2010 (2 comments) Loving life while on a cupcake tour of Manhattan! Everything in moderation! (3 comments) My boy. (1 comments) Amy Winehouse - Halloween 2009 - 137 pounds (5 comments) My Amy Winehouse close-up! (1 comments) After the finish line of my first 5K! 9/27/09 (7 comments) We got medals!!! Apparently under 29 minutes makes me 2nd in my age group??!! (1 comments) Updated bathing suit progress pic marking my 6-month Spark-versary! (3 comments) Updated "Pants Saga" photo to commemorate my 6-month Spark-versary! (12 comments) Stepfanie and I at the SP Convention in Cincinnati! 9/27/09 (4 comments) Playing with a flower, apparently. Haha. (2 comments) Grand Canyon, June 2009 (1 comments) Windy in the car! (2 comments) My face looks ridiculous, but it's a fun photo anyway! (8 comments) Nancy proud of all of her winners! (I can't believe I got 2nd in my age group!) Teddy Bear 5K - Cincinnati, OH - 9/27/09 This is a freaking SIZE SIX!!! I haven't worn this size in about 8 years... when I was 15!!! 8/6/09 (3 comments) Prentending I'm in West Side Story w/ my friends! I may be a music dork, but my thighs look smaller! (3 comments) Valentine's Day 2004 - 137 lbs. This is my inspiration & the body I miss. I *WILL* GET THERE AGAIN! My journey, as I see it. You can get one of these at www.mvm.com (3 comments) "the bathingsuit" -- every girl has one! (9 comments) New haircut! 5/15/09 (4 comments) Me, doing underwater karate. Haha. (2 comments) As of 01 September 2009! As of 8/7/09!!! ...and on my way to 25! Was a 12 in May 08 when I 1st joined, now I'm a comfy size 8 and squeezing in some 6s as of Aug 09! (1 comments)

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