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is finished writing her blog for this week's challenge! I'm anxious to see what the next topic will be! is finished writing her blog for this week's challenge! I'm anxious to see what the next topic will be! Posted my Thinspiration Picture Blog (for my weekly challenge). This week's blog challenge is complete! (1 comments) I entered some of my photos in a contest last Fall. This morning I was notified that this pic won in the architecture category! I'm so excited! (3 comments) Last Fall, I entered some of my photograph in a local photography contest. This morning, I was notified that this shot won in the category of architecture! I'm sooooo excited! is going to an Eagles pep rally this afternoon! Fly, EAGLES, Fly!!!! (2 comments) It's all up to me! Dug out from the nor'easter last night, but 3 of my subs are w/o power and heat. I was was very lucky. Topaz thinks if he hides in the bag and stays REALLY quiet, no one can see him. (2 comments) This is me at about 195 lbs., snuggling with my Ragdoll cat, Topaz. Isn't he gorgeous?! Blog Challenge topic (wk. 4): My "Not-to-Do" List. Due on Monday. Please feel free to join in. is tickled pink! I just finished 4.5 miles and I jogged the first 3.22 in 45 minutes! My first unofficial 5K!!!! Woohooo! (3 comments) Had a great dinner tonight! Lentil pasta, with scallops, tomatoes, and zucchini (cooked in a pressure cooker I got from Mom) and a salad. Yummy! "Your plan should be etched in clay for molding it to your needs, not in stone for hammering yourself with." (Selene Yeager) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Dr. appt. - done. 3 mile walk - done. Photo of the day - done. 2 hours of piano practice - done. Found a graphic that says I burned over 400 calories tickling the ivories. I don't believe it. (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Started my "Stress Journal" today. (1 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) Hmmmm . . . This idea makes A LOT of sense! (2 comments) Never thought of this related to weight loss until now. (2 comments) LOL! This is the story of my day yesterday! (5 comments) There have been stories in the news recently about mobile apps being useful in helping people lose wgt. Other than the SP app, does anyone use apps on their cell to meet their wgt-loss goals? (4 comments) I'm "learning" more about nutrition & fitness, "understanding" this HAS to be my lifestyle, "knowing" I can do it, "monitoring" my food intake, activity level, & thoughts, & "creating" a healthier me! (2 comments) I'm looking forward to Spring so that I can take long bike rides. I also want to run in a couple of 5Ks and hike at Bushkill Falls and Rickets Glen State Park. What's on your Fitness Bucket List? (6 comments) Who do you want to be and what experiences do you want to create? Per Billy Beck III: Mental Conditioning + Physical Training + Effective Eating = Results My biggest challenge over the holidays was stress eating. Do you know/use any strategies to overcome this problem that you would share with me, please? (4 comments) Live today better than yesterday. (Photo is for my friends on the Birding Across America team) (3 comments) Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with blessings! (1 comments) Improving my health is a lifestyle, not a choice. "Play the smiling game in your daily life. See how many people you can get to smile back at you. Keep score & tally the results at the end of each day." (Josh S. Hinds). Who's playing with me? Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry! (2 comments) Do something today that your future self will thank you for tomorrow. (1 comments) "Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments." (Bethenny Frankel) (2 comments) "The Butterfly Effect": the possibility that one change, however small can cause monumental repercussions in the future. (1 comments) Never Give Up (1 comments) Vision Board: October 22, 2013 (3 comments) A New Way to Combine Cardio and Strength Training? How to Balance Your Calorie Budget Justice, my 6-month-old Belgian Sheepdog and walking buddy, and I (11 comments) (1 comments) Vision Collage 10-21-2012 (2 comments) 9 29 12 The Day I Hit the 50 lbs Down Mark. On My Way to a Wedding. (14 comments) 9 29 12 176 lbs, down from a high of 226 lbs. at the end of May 2012. (20 comments) August 31, 2012: 189 lbs. (7 comments) August 31, 2012: 189 lbs. (5 comments) August 31, 2012: 189 lbs. (3 comments) I WILL Do IT! (4 comments) You Are What You Eat (3 comments) What fruit did you eat today? (1 comments) The Champion's Creed Nature cruise at Acadia National Park, Maine. My weight in this picture is @ 220 lbs. 6/21/12 (9 comments) April 19, 2009 (2 comments) Pledge renewed. (3 comments) Valor & Scrabble were fast friends from the day Scrabble joined us. Val is the gentlest soul! (5 comments) Scrabble, the newest member of my pack. She's a Shih Tzu - Bichon mix who just turned 1 this month. (3 comments) Desi is my 3 year old Havanese. This pic was taken at Woofstock last September, in Harrisburg, PA. (5 comments) Valor, my 125 lb Leonberger, will be 5 this June. (8 comments) My male Bichon, Beau. He's the cuddliest little guard dog I ever saw! (5 comments) Monet, before she lost her eye. She's a sweet girl and quite the diva! (5 comments) Monet, 9 year old, Bichon Frise, is my oldest dog. (6 comments) Create Momentum My Affirmations for a Healthy Lifestyle (11 comments)

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