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West Coast Trail (British Columbia - 2013) (1 comments) My first Marathon (Niagara 27 Oct 2013) - 3:36.45// 22 Overall Female; 137 Overall (5 comments) My supporter during 26.2M Niagara- thanks mom (and Ken who took the picture)! (1 comments) Winter 2014 (1 comments) Pre-Race Mantra! Ottawa Marathon May 2014 (2 comments) My trooper during the Ottawa Marathon...My Sis and Mom sharing the glory! (2 comments) Ottawa 26.2 25 May 2014 - 3h35m45s... next Boston 2015 (1 comments) My girls Where is Julia !?! (My quick to say :I am still here 😉 and share ☀️with you) (3 comments) Rise and smile!!! There is a lot to see (2 comments) Big Day in Boston! I can do what my mind is telling me- I can and it will feel great after. THaNKS SpFriends (4 comments) Commander's fitness challenge - coast 2 coast cycle 4 member relay - 3x30 min each! (2 comments) My extended weekend is almost over... Great day at the Scandinavian spa with my mom and sister J&j - California 2015 (1 comments) Gang de filles (my mom, sister & daughters) (1 comments) Finisher! Boston 2015 Last day in uniform at CFB Borden - next posting staff college (4 comments) Saved a baby Cardinal (Covington- KY)- put it back in the nest! (3 comments) "The end is a new beginning"... Working on building a new warrior :) (1 comments) The peaceful warrior version of me :) (or warrior tree!!!) One more big exam done, getting closer to graduation! Catching up on rest and vitamin D 😊 before going back on Monday... (3 comments) Friendship and fitness- that's the way to go. Discovering Toronto island (10k walk) (1 comments) Graduation! Master of Defence Study- Joint Command and Staff Programme :)))) (4 comments) I run to smile ! Back to basic at the trillium trail at CAF Base Borden. So happy :)))) (1 comments) Happy Independence Day to my US friends! First day back on duty (Base Borden) and back on track! (1 comments) Bon appétit! Quinoa pear and blueberries salad with almond and balsamic reduction 😋 (2 comments) Burning the extra calories from last night:5k and army circuit trg. It's Friday!!! (1 comments) New mantra ... (See picture found on Pinterest) (2 comments) Crab apples! Picking, prep and cook, tasting !!! tracking Crabapple butter... and 3 jars of happiness: nice Sunday ;) Happy long weekend! Family reunion and BD celebration!!! Quebec City! Have fun - flip it !!! (1 comments) 500 calories of extra today - Happy thanksgiving Canadian friends!!! (And fun with the kids ! No I did not have cookie ) Army Run Half-Marathon 2012 (PB: 1:38.45) (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy! :0) (Cuba 2012) Little black dress night! (5 comments) with my daughters - Emma 17 and Maggie 13 (1 comments) Joy of cooking! (cooking class in Huatulco Mexico...) Hiking @ Copalita Park Huatulco - Mexico (2 comments) (1 comments) White Desert - Egypt Jan 2011 (4 comments) My relax army look! (2 comments) The best of them! Emma & Maggie (3 comments) Army Run - Sept 2010 - 1 hour 44 min! (1 comments) With my Beau (Lucerne, 2010) (4 comments) my 2 :0) girls Me and my daughters! (2 comments)

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