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Audrey and I April 2010 My favorite picture of Audrey and I (3 comments) The family - Jason, Audrey, and I My motivational poster My bf likes this pic - he says it shows my progress... (3 comments) -73 lbs (4 comments) The difference in my face after losing 73 lbs. (7 comments) Exercise Deck! Made by my friend SushiHappyMeal2! So COOL (5 comments) Looking rough after a long day. This is 75 lbs gone (2 comments) Time line so far dec'08 - now (10 comments) weightview.com me at 190 lbs. I look like I'm from shallow Hal LMAO look at my shadow its huge HAHA (3 comments) My BABY at 9 weeks. I am due January 5 2010. I am so excited!! (7 comments) baby at 12 weeks (1 comments) Jason and I in Foxburg (2 comments) Jason (terminatoe pose LOL) and I in Foxburg - outside (1 comments) I look so silly. I thought it was a close up so I leaned in! (1 comments) My boyfriend and I on Grandview Ave. overlooking Pittsburgh (3 comments) a better progress picture in my clothes that fit. I can really see the difference in my face and nec (1 comments) Bad pic but Dec 2008 and Feb 2009 notice how the shirt couldn't be buttoned before and is big now (1 comments) This is awesome www.weightview.com (1 comments) Virtual model. Everyone has one LOL so I got one too (2 comments) Me with my two friends (1 comments) My best friend and I at Put In Bay - my favorite place in the world (1 comments) (2 comments) January 3, 2009 on our way to see Jerry Seinfeld (1 comments) (1 comments) At Mt Rainer - these trees were huge! (1 comments) At Coolspring cornmaze with my best friend and her kids (1 comments) Happy Halloween! I was Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd (2 comments) My brother, dad and I at Mt. Rainer. I was hiding in the background (1 comments) another PIB pic (1 comments) My dad and I at Mt Baker snoqualmie national forest (1 comments) Merry Christmas - my sister and I (1 comments) Whale watching in the Puget Sound (1 comments) before picture for weightview.com (1 comments) www.weightview.com virtual 50 lb loss (2 comments)

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