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43 pounds ago and on the right new photo I have risen from the ashes! Jan 2014 December 2013 Son-in-law Josh with Granson Nick fall 2013 (1 comments) my little black dress for inspiration My oldest daugher and my grand babies May 2013 (1 comments) Baby Christine one year later... such a happy soul Who is that in Grandma's kitchen sink...oh it's baby Christian again Marissa patiently waiting at her dance recital When I finally got fed up and realized what was important Future so bright I gotta wear shades! (2 comments) Corny glam photo but at my goal weight 135lbs. Me in black and white. (2 comments) Me at 118 lbs I was actually underweight then. I'm the nerd in my family, when they need their computer fixed, I'm the one they call ;o) To learn more see www.stopsarcoidosis.org though they say I have it, this does not define me. Grand babies Marissa and Nessy Nick with Bride Alex My oldest son Roger playing guitar 2002 Only thing I don't miss about living in NY...shoveling my driveway 2000 Val enjoying the great outdoors My baby girl Valerie who is now 15, can't believe she's growing up so fast. Grandson Nicholas makes a snow angel winter 2009 My humble abode, I need some landscaping and it would be cute. (1 comments) My old shape now fighting daily to get back. Using free weights every other day. My goal waste size Right now I feel like a caterpillar but some day I will feel like the buttedfly again. Virtual me at goal weight 135lbs (1 comments) Close up of the blanket I crocheted for baby Sam aka SJ. Cupcake hat I made for Marissa Strawberry hat I made for baby Nessy (2 comments)

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