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Me at Pirate days out in Westport in July 2013. June 2013 One egg open faced taco omlette. This is what's for lunch. Reward for reaching first 100 lbs gone! (5 comments) I don't have a zoodler yet so I mandolined think slices of zucchini added Kirkland brand Turkey meatballs spaghetti sauce and cheddar cheese. This makes my tummy happy. (1 comments) Enjoying new cozy pajamas in a size 1x down from a 5-6x. Happy girl. (7 comments) Just got this baby at Wal-Mart for my protein shakes. It makes them so much easier to make and go! Just under $16 can't be beat! I'm in love. (1 comments) My stomach used to bubble over the steering wheel and I couldn't wear my seat belt. I had a drs note so I wouldn't get a ticket. Now look at me! (6 comments) Food and snack prep for a month! Raw almonds, ham, Turkey pepperoni, colby jack, and pepper jack cheese. 5-20 grams of protein per pack. (4 comments) After losing 100 lbs I was able to switch from the large pill box that was barely holding my meds to the much smaller pill box were they don't even cover the bottom. I am also off two injectables. What an improvement! (11 comments) My face then and now 100lbs gone. (11 comments) Check out the indent in my neck! (4 comments) My friend Bob got this for me for Valentine's day. It smells so I'm and looks so cute. (1 comments) Yep that just happened! (4 comments) I've lost so much weight in my hands that my fingers are always wrinkled no matter how hydrated I am. (2 comments) (1 comments) My first ever frittata. Egg, cheese, broccoli, garlic, and chicken. This will last at least 2-3 meals. (2 comments) "Fried rice" made with cauliflower, eggs, green onions, ham, and soy sauce. I had my doubts but it's good and I don't miss the rice. (2 comments) Recovering from surgery and this is a cool light that is in my living room. Gives light without being to bright. One of the things that help to cheer me up. (2 comments) These rock! (1 comments) Wow I've lost an entire adult. (7 comments) Found this at Wal-Mart. It's made with Stevia and I'm in love with the flavor. (2 comments) All my rings stopped fitting so I bought a few fun new ones. Best of all they are a size six! (4 comments) Since I've been losing weight I have been freezing cold. I bought these slipper socks a couple months ago and I'm so glad I did! (4 comments) Just a bit of close that I picked up today at my local thrift store for under $25! Including my first ever pair of sparkly butt jeans! So excited. (2 comments) (4 comments) Finally I can post again! The app wouldn't let me for the longest time! New hair cut and wearing a necklace that used to be to tight! Your gonna get sick of me shortly! I've missed posting.😁 (3 comments) 135lbs gone over half way to my goal! (3 comments) My new favorite meal baby shrimp in garlic and butter over zoodles. Very little butter that is mostly juice from shrimp. (1 comments) Smaller car now has gap even after having to move my seat forward! (3 comments) New suit is an 18-20! Will feel a bit more comfortable looks wise in a few more lbs but it fits well. (5 comments) Tried closet shopping this the explosion of clothes behind me,but nothing fit. New outfit is a 1X shirt and size 20w Capri's from Sears. Total cost $13 on clearance. Can I get a woot woot! (7 comments) These are so good. Low calorie and carbs. Love love love! (3 comments) Need a new bra but I got this dress of wish.com for $12! (6 comments) Don't know what this is but it was outside the sleep center that I had to go to today, just to be told they don't need to see me for six months. Oh well I got to find some beauty. Also saw two deer on my way up the hill. (3 comments) That's 135#'s of potatoes in that cart. That's how much I've lost so far! Nice getting a visual. Few strange looks but I got a workout and a good pic. (14 comments) It's what's for dinner. Bariatric friendly Caprese salad. 1/2 c 2% cottage cheese. 2 leaves fresh basil. 1/3 Roma tomato. 1/2 teaspoon balsamic vinegar. 110 calories, 9 carbs, 13g protein. Yum. (1 comments) Posted without saying I'm looking forward to summer cause I'm so cold I have to wear three coats to be warm! I want to show off the new me! (2 comments) I haven't bought cute shoes in a long time. I saw these and had to have them. My legs and feet are still a bit large but I feel great! (4 comments) 4 month check up and all is well. Down 68.4 lbs since 12-15-15 and 141 overall! Plus I got a new bra for the girls so they are no longer hanging out with my knees! Good day! (7 comments) Had time cut off my head so pants are visible, but wanted to share my new outfit. Size 22 jeans with no stretch! And a large top! Not sure about white jeans but they were only $5 so I bought them. I feel nice and summery. (6 comments) New jeans with cute flowers on them. $6 on full beauty.com. I have found some great sales lately! (5 comments) Apparently I slept pretty well last night. My hair is always a mess when I wake up but I don't usually look like a rooster! (5 comments) Omg love chai tea but this tastes like ass! (1 comments) Top I just bought from torrid in there size zero... Looks like I won't be shopping for tops there anymore. Fits loosely and falls of my shoulders but I love it and will rock it for the next couple of months! (4 comments) Me riding the bus in Seattle. Had to do a lot of walking for me about two miles and it nearly killed me but I couldn't have done this a couple months ago. (5 comments) I feel like the woman in this statue. Today I got out of the shower and my towel went all the way around me! (8 comments) NSV I have had this ring for about six years and haven't been able to wear it for probably five of those years. Recently I have been wearing it on my ring finger but it was getting really loose. I decided to see if it would fit a different finger and it did. So glad I can still wear it. The best thing...it's a 6 1/2! Woot. (5 comments) I just bought this cute top for summer and I'm in love! So much fun being able to shop in regular stores again. (2 comments) Me and my friend Kari doing the cancer walk at 6:30 am. I'm never that active that early. She has been one of my greatest supporters. Training for my first 5k! (1 comments) This was my reward to myself for reaching 156lbs gone for good! I named her Lil Bugger cause I love the little bugger. (5 comments) Messaged my sister about heading to her house to go on a walk together as I am trying to train for my first 5k, she said ok with excitement. I get all the way out there and she bails on me. Then they started eating popcorn and granola and I couldn't take it anymore. So I boogied on out of there and am going to hit the gym! (6 comments) Seven flights up and eight flights down done like a boss at my dr appointment yesterday. Would have done 8 up but couldn't figure out how to get into the stairwell on the first floor! (7 comments) A friend of mine had this picture of me in an old photo album that she came across while I was at her house. She turned it towards me and said look a picture of you. I looked and it took me a few moments to find me. I had to take a closer look before I realized this was me. I've come a long way in a short time and I'm thankful. (8 comments) New personal best. Mile and a half without stopping! That was four laps around the outer edge of the track and four times up the bleacher stairs. I'm gonna kick the insane inflatable 5k in October in the butt! (2 comments) One of my new favorite meals. (3 comments) I've lost an entire James plus 25lbs of water! That's a total of 175lbs. And the weirdest thing is I don't look judge next to him and he's a bean pole. Shocked me. (6 comments) Me and my sons on their 21st birthday. They have both lost around 100lbs in support of their mom! I am blessed. (7 comments) New ink in celebration of the new me. It is one of two. My best friend and I got matching ones. This means a lot to me. Faith stands for my faith in this process. Hope stand for having hope for my future which I haven't had for awhile. And love is for loving myself more again. My friend paid for them as an early birthday gift. I started this journey a year ago this month. So happy with things as they are now compared to a year ago. (3 comments) A full length photo of me that I don't hate. I'm also 10 lbs away from being half the size I was at the highest weight I was weighed at. Pretty happy. (1 comments) Cute new summer tops from Old Navy two in a size large and one an xl. Down from a 5-6x. So happy. And none of them are stretchy material. (2 comments) This single girl is no longer single. I'm a happy girl. Best part we have known each other for years and he has liked me no matter the size. He is very supportive of my journey. (6 comments) Check it out! I have collar bones! (1 comments) These fit like a second skin when I bought them. And now they are getting baggy. (1 comments) (2 comments) Getting my ride on! (1 comments) It's official I am half the woman I used to be. 430 lbs to 214.6 lbs. (10 comments) Me on the extreme scream at the state fair. I had a blast. No way I could have done this a year ago! (3 comments) I enjoyed ringing in the new year with my sweetheart. Overall last year was one of my best years in a long time. One of the best parts was finally reaching onederland! It's been a bit since I've posted. I find that this is my new favorite way to sit. I have never been able to sit comfortably with my legs crossed before. I'm maintaining at 220 lbs lost at the moment. My goal is to get off 30 more by the end of summer. Plan to be more active here as well as in the real world. Lol. (1 comments) August 14th, 2009 This is me and my boys in 2005 I was quite a bit smaller but still overweight. (1 comments) 2005 July 1st 2010 387lbs (3 comments) July 1st 2010 387lbs (3 comments) Me February 2009 at 430 lbs (3 comments) I found this pic of me at 430 pounds. (3 comments) The heart ring on my index finger is the one I am trying to lose enough to get off! (1 comments) I really like my hair. (3 comments) (3 comments) Newest photo of me 9-19-2012 (2 comments) Mary and Me Oct 2012 at strip show. (1 comments) Me in my pirate costume Halloween 2012 (1 comments) Me and Susan Halloween 2012

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