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See this image largerOne of my motivations to get moving is walking to the field near my house every evening to gather milkweed leaves for the monarch caterpillars my 6 year old and I are raising (for the first time ever!) Here's our first butterfly that emerged this morning. 😊See this image largerToday's lunch: Cool Cucumber Salad and a Peanut Butter Banana smoothie, both #sparkrecipes. Not pictured: a tall, refreshing glass of water with lemon. #eattherainbowSee this image largerMy motivation for today...brand new workout pants. Because wearing old, ratty sweatpants just isn't attractive. Bonus: they're pretty AND I got them on clearance. 😊See this image largerGood morning! Today I am buying a scale. I have never owned one. Time to see if I've lost any weight since my physical two weeks ago! 😊See this image largerA little late to post, but here's my protein-packed breakfast this morning. (I suck at making omelets, and my food photography isn't great.) 😂 2 egg veggie omelet...1/2 cup wilted spinach, 1/4 (diced) yellow onion, 6 (sliced) grape tomatoes, and a sprinkling of mozzarella. 1 Tbsp peanut butter on toast, and 1 cup of 1% milk. 😊See this image largerI slept in until 10:30 (guess I needed it!) So, here's my brunch: Omelet with spinach, Italian seasoning, & a pinch of mozzarella; two fresh watermelon wedges, and coffee with a splash of almond milk. Happy Friday, everyone!See this image largerDinner tonight is two 6" whole wheat tortillas. One has cucumber yogurt ranch, baby spinach, and grape tomatoes. The other has the hummus I made earlier (see blog), sweet bell pepper, and a couple broccoli florets. 😊See this image largerI played around with fruits & veggies, and came up with a new smoothie for my breakfast today: 1 banana 5 strawberries (I didn't cut off the stems) 1 cup baby spinach 5 petite carrots 3/4 cup vanilla Greek yogurt 1/3 cup almond milk Protein, potassium & produce! 😊See this image largerLunch today is tuna salad on 6" whole wheat tortillas, with sweet pepper and grape tomatoes. Delish!See this image larger9.6 pounds lost! 192.0, to 182.4! I started July 8! I haven't weighed less than 190 in more than 2 years, and I've lost this much in only 3.5 weeks! Sorry for all the exclamation points; I'm excited!!!See this image largerOne month ago today, I started my health journey. Through tracking all food and activity, I've dropped 10.4 pounds! July 8, 2018: 192.0 August 8, 2018: 181.6 💖See this image largerMY UNDERWEAR IS TOO BIG. Also, this size MEDIUM top almost fits me. (XL for years) 💖See this image largerIn my first 5 weeks since joining SP, I've lost this much. I still can't believe I did it. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged and inspired me! I'm only 39.8 pounds away from my goal of 140 by 7/8/19. So exciting!See this image largerBreakfast today looks almost too pretty to eat! 2 eggs, fried in red & orange bell peppers, topped with spinach, and a few cherry tomatoes. 225 calories. Yummm!!See this image largerToday's breakfast: Omelet with fresh Anaheim chili and bell peppers from the garden! And a side of grape tomatoes. 230 calories. Yum! 😊See this image largerI think I lost 12 pounds just from my face! 😂 #BeforeAndDuringSee this image largerI'm nowhere near in shape, but these are the same size 16 jeans seen in my before pic. They're growing! My belly doesn't overlap anymore. 192.0 pounds before (left). 179.4 pounds today (right). #BeforeAndDuring #WeightLoss #Be
See this image largerJuly, 2018...I weighed 192. That's when I decided to join SparkPeople. Between July and October, I lost 19 pounds. Then I stopped tracking and moving. No idea what my excuse is. So, I'm officially starting again. This is me, 12/22/18. My weight crept back up, ABOVE my former starting weight. 197.3. YIKES. I've been tracking and staying under my max calories since January 1. I can do this.

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