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Joann and Nigel, my favorite exercise partner (3 comments) This used to be my commute in2005 (3 comments) Our new baby (3 comments) What is my name? (2 comments) Joel and Me out to dinner last summer (2 comments) My daughter gave me a beauty Makeover (8 comments) New picture of Nigel and Emma (6 comments) Dec 2,2007 Weight183 (4 comments) Joann and the doggies -Shadow, Emma, and Nigel Dec 2, 2007 (5 comments) (2 comments) (4 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) (3 comments) Nigel, Emma and Me (4 comments) (2 comments) view from our front yard (5 comments) Nigel (6 comments) Emma (6 comments) family party this summer (4 comments) My middle daughter, Nurit and me on Mother's Day (7 comments) (2 comments) (5 comments) (7 comments) Baby Anna (6 comments) (4 comments) My beautiful daughter and grandbaby (2 comments) Anna is 1 year old! (1 comments) (1 comments) Anna is growing up fast! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Ghost of Nigel (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Anna saying cheese for the picture. (5 comments) Nigel dressed for the cold weather (3 comments) Nigel reprimanding Emma for being wild (3 comments) Christmas 2013, Granddaughter with Santa (2 comments) Anna is 3 years old (1 comments) My little Anna is doing some modeling. (1 comments) Celebrating my new Granddaughter (2 comments) My 2nd Granddaughter born Feb 1st My Granddaughters (2 comments) is enjoying the summer. is enjoying the summer. (2 comments) Anna is 4 years old and loves to pose (7 comments) is on day 4 of walking 10,000 steps. Wish me luck! (1 comments) is up early, looking forward to a good workout. (1 comments) Rain day. Rest day for walking, but trying to get some steps in by doing other exercise. Beautiful sunny day in the Pac NW Back to rain this morning. So happy I am not in all that snow back east. Hope everyone is safe! (1 comments) Lauren, Granddaughter No.3 (6 comments) Ayla, Grand daughter Number 2 (4 comments) had a very good walk this morning. Feeling highly motivated. Forgot my fitbit at home today, so guess I have to do my walk a 2nd time so I can get my steps accounted for. Maybe I should put the tracker on the dog? is so happy to be feeling strong again. rewarded my good work with a new hair style today. (3 comments) spent some quality time with Granddaughter No2 today. (1 comments) is looking forward to our sunny weather. is ready for an active day. Make it great. (2 comments) Ayla 2 yrs enjoying the summer sun (2 comments) Lauren is 8 months old (3 comments) Sister Love - Anna and Lauren (6 comments) Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you have a fantastic day! Working on finishing the year off with a positive attitude. (1 comments) is feeling motivated to make this an awesome Tuesday (2 comments) Lauren is 1 1/2 years old. They grow up way too fast. (1 comments) Emma and Nigel out on a joy ride. (2 comments) Anna is 6 years old (1 comments) is (2 comments) is (2 comments) is (1 comments) is (1 comments) is is is is (1 comments) is (1 comments) My beautiful daughter and her hubby, parents to the 2 girls above. is Ayla is 3 1/2 years old is (1 comments) is is is is

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