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(6 comments) may 2011 249# (3 comments) thats me (4 comments) having 2 girls get lnto my pants (4 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) GOD WAS I FAT (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) NO MORE SHOPING AT BIG & FAT (1 comments) (1 comments) ME IN MY 30s (1 comments) I dont need this any more (4 comments) One Pound of body FAT! (3 comments) (1 comments) WIFE CAREN AND ABBY (3 comments) ME AFTER A 200 POUNDS GONE (9 comments) at 500 pounds (1 comments) at 500 pounds ME IN MY FAT SUIT (1 comments) ABBY AND ME AFTER THE FIRST 100 (1 comments) ME AND ABBY (3 comments) MY 68" JUST FOR A REIMBER (10 comments) my wife and granddaughters three good reasons to get into a healthy lifestyll (7 comments) ABBY AND CHLOE (5 comments) NOW LOSE SKIN (13 comments) ME AND GRAND BABYS ME AND HEMI (2 comments) ME AND BABY JESUS (45 AUTO) (1 comments) ME AND JENNY ME VERY YOUNG (2 comments) my new grand daughter reason # 342 to lose and add years to your life (2 comments) ME AND ABBY MEETING BABY SISTER CHLOE FOR THE FIRST TIME 2006 me over 500 p0unds ME AND ABBY NO SILLY THATS NOT DANCING WITH THE STARS ITS ME AND MY GOOD LOOKING WIFE (9 comments) SHAKING HANDS WITH GRAND SON DAM DOES THIS PICTURE MAKE ME LOOK FAT OR WHAT? (1 comments) THIS WAS ME AND ABBY ON 10/09/2012 IN A SMALLER SIZE (11 comments) MY GRAND DAUGHTERS (4 comments) I KEPT THIS SHIRT ITS A 6X (2 comments) my home (13 comments) (11 comments) (6 comments) this was me as a Gravedigger (1 comments) (2 comments) x mas 2010 (10 comments) (5 comments)

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