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Me, Mom & Jilly @ the St. Paddy's Day Run, 3-20-11 (2 comments) My Dad and my son Tim (2 comments) My sister Jill, hamming it up... (1 comments) Horseradish Festival in Collinsville, IL and my sister, Jill My sisters and I prepare for the St. Paddy's Day Run (5k-I'm the frog on the bottom). (2 comments) Heard of a 'three dog night'? This was a four cat afternoon! (1 comments) Purple Coneflowers and Butterflies (1 comments) Can you find the kitty in the tree? (1 comments) What?! I'm not sitting on anybody... (1 comments) Jules brushing her teeth... (1 comments) Look Ma - no ears!! (1 comments) My Sweetness (3 comments) Little Romeo a.k.a Sweetness (2 comments) Contentment: Me, Toffee (the kitty) and chocolate ice cream (2 comments) Bubbling brook along our path (1 comments) A sheep outstanding in her field. Fog over the treetops. (1 comments) Trees in the forest (Lake District). (1 comments) Beatrix Potter's home and farm (1 comments) Along the farmland path What a view! (from the bedroom window) Don't feed the swans... (2 comments) Lovely Windermere (1 comments) Sisters, a soldier and a horse. The London Eye from St. James Park (1 comments) Tower of London (1 comments) Judi and Raymond on Millennium Bridge (1 comments) Big Ben and Parliament from the 'Eye' (1 comments) Tower Bridge (1 comments) Pond at St. James Park (1 comments) Along the pond's edge at St. James Park (1 comments) Residents of St. James Park (1 comments) Sleeping Beauties (1 comments) Trees, glorious trees! (1 comments) Mushrooms on the forest floor (1 comments) Audubon Center of the North Woods in Minnesota, late afternoon (1 comments) Jimmy6toes catching up on his favorite television show (1 comments) Jimmy6toes admires the Valentine bouquet my son Tim sent (1 comments) Small creek in the woods at the Audubon Center (1 comments) Boston, from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument (1 comments) My sister Jill, niece Paige and friends join me on a river boat ride on the Mississippi. (1 comments) Kindergarten is always more fun the second time around! (1 comments) What happens when you leave a carved pumpkin in the classroom over the weekend... Forest trees of the North Woods in Minnesota (1 comments)

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