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See this image largerSee this image largerMy husband is my best motivator. He told me last night that he was proud of me for pushing myself to actually walk around the first block of our neighborhood. I’ve been working up to making that first goal now it’s time to keep that up until I can reach my next goal.See this image largerWaiting for Christmas...steady as she goes.See this image largerIt may be chilly here in Sarasota, but tomorrow it will warm up to 80 degrees again 😨-😎😜See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerAfter our walk, look who is sleeping on my lap!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy dog loves treats more than me!!See this image largerMy girl gives me the best love...unconditional!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGood morning friends one and all!! Look what I found across our little lakeSee this image largerI painted this last night as a stress relief, it helps a lot. I went to Paint with a Twist in Sarasota. So much fun!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerFeeling better today than I have in a long while See this image largerI can’t make anyone happy outside of my house. I guess I can be comfortable knowing my house is happy without ice creamSee this image largerThis is me. I’ve come a long way but still have far to go!! Never give up!!See this image largerMy motivational song is “Stronger “ by Kelly Clarkson. It speaks volumes to me!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerAfter I decorated some more in the house I made myself get outside and walk around my block again, trying to make it a habit every day! But my back hurts so bad, I can’t give up. I did my trek and I feel good about it!!!See this image largerTrying to deal with the pain in my back, hip and leg to my foot . I had my hips replaced 9 years ago and they are really causing havoc on me now. But I still power through my walks with my poodle!! See this image largerWrapping Christmas gifts, trying to feel good, but still I can find my happiness inside!!! Life is wonderful despite pain and labor in breathing!! Smile 😃 everyone!! It’s a brand new day!!!See this image largerOkay, all the gifts I have so far are all wrapped and decorating is almost complete. Here’s what I have so far, now it’s time for our walk!!!See this image largerMy exercise mats! They stay at my bedside so when I get up in the morning I am reminded to keep moving again today!! I’m doing good with it!See this image largerWhen you think you have it all figured out...good night friends, surgery in the morning. It will get better I know.See this image largerThank you all for your prayers and wishes for good surgery today!! I’m doing better this morning since they opened my esophagus and took a couple of things for biopsy. I can’t walk today they said so I found this picture to lift my soul!! Have a wonderful day loves!!!See this image largerGood morning one and all!!! I need a shot of puppies this morning!!!See this image largerOkay, thank you 🙏 for all of you! I’m starting out, two weeks now and have lost my first four pounds instead of gaining . You all are a wonderful family to have on the net and I will work with you to make a difference. I am not alone in this anymore.See this image largerMy sister-in-law promised to send me pictures and video from last night get together. She sent them to everybody else at the family tree decorating party except me. Now she says she is having trouble sending them. I’ll say my prayers again tonight!See this image largerI made banana strawberry crepes for my husband and me. Followed a recipe, the crepes turned out a bit too thick, more like pancakes, but they were really good. I had to save mine from my husband, he was going to eat it when I was busy cleaning my mess!!!See this image largerYou know you aren’t awake when you pour coffee in your oatmeal and water in your coffee cup! Wow 😲!! I’m awake now!!!See this image largerGood night 😘 everyone!! I did good today, still have over 400 calories left in my diet plan, will look to maybe change it again, lower the intake!See this image largerStarted my Christmas cookie baking today for friends and neighbors!! I hope that they enjoy them when they get them!!!See this image largerFinally finished baking cookies today for our neighbors so I had time to bake my husband his favorite Gugelhupf, it’s a German pound cake. The cookies before were oatmeal raisin, and I added 3 kinds of chocolate chunk cookies, decorating sugar cookies, and pecan caramel.See this image largerAlmost ready for Christmas!!See this image largerI’m trying to follow this saying, but lately I’m having trouble getting myself out of bed!! But still I roll out, get dressed, take the pooch out and make coffee. From there it gets better.⛅️See this image largerGood morning beautiful!!! Let’s work on heart 💜 healthy today!!!!! Eating healthy food, exercise, being great to others and keep smiling no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be a glorious day!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get busy!!!!!!!!!@!@¡&¡&!!See this image largerHalf way through my walk, I love ❤️ these beautiful trees 🌳! I live where there’s a lot of concrete, but I’m lucky to live in a Preserve. Still too much concrete.See this image largerGood morning beautiful sunshine 🌞...no, we don’t have snow here in Sarasota but I found this beautiful picture to share. Things like this makes me smile 😊. I hope you all can find your smiles today and thank God for all the love you have around you.See this image largerI’ve been looking for the “Elf on a shelf “ for more than 2 years. I finally found him!!! In our tree on a ladder!!! Who would of thought 💭!🤯😳🤪See this image largerWell, I’m not getting back to sleep right away, came out to watch t.v and wouldn’t you know, no picture on the screen but sound. If I change the channel I get the bottom comments on what the show is but nothing else. So, here I am, drinking water and bored 😐.See this image largerI was awake at 3am until 5:30. My husband got me back up at 8 and my body feels like it’s in shock!!See this image largerGreat morning my friends!! I had a wonderful night sleep and woke up feeling better today. I stepped on my hated scale and actually lost another pound! I just left the 160’s and hit 159!! I’m excited 😜 to go on my beautiful walk even though I won’t see anything like this picture!! I saw this picture and had to share it, but later today I will share an actual walk picture!!!See this image largerMy sweet husband brought home breakfast, a crescent egg bacon cheese from Dunkin’ Donuts!! “ I can’t eat that but thank you 🙏 for thinking of me.” He said “it’s only 580 calories!” I gasped and left for my walk. I stopped to admire the beautiful view of a lake and here’s a picture of that view. It’s almost 3 and that sandwich is still there.🥴See this image largerPouring down rain 🌧 today!! And chilly here in Sarasota, also flooding in areas with tornado warnings all around us but thankfully missing us, so far!! My husband said if the weather clears enough to drive he will take me to the gym!! Bless his beautiful heart 💜!!!!!!See this image largerThis is a picture of our bedroom when we had it painted about a month ago. Just wanted to share it as I think the color is really pretty. Anyway, I made it to the gym today and worked my butt off for 40 minutes with my trainer. Then I got on the treadmill and not only increased the speed but also the time by 5 minutes!! I’m so proud that I almost made a mile today. It was.94 at 2.3 mph!! I am happy 😊 with myself!! Enjoy 😉 your wonderful day!!!See this image largerHi everyone, I just took this picture of myself and wanted to share. I just started using a new product for under eyes dark circles and bags and skin cream to help moisturize. It’s called Radiance by Judge Judy... my husband bought it for me today, so I’m documenting it’s performance like we do with our weight loss. I love ❤️ you guys!! Thanks for your wonderful support on spark!!See this image largerSecond round of baking cookies for the rest of our neighbors!!!! I’m in the middle of deliveries but had to rest my back!! It really hurts!!!! So after my last 3 deliveries I might finish with my walk around the block. It would be a great addition to the “6500” steps I made yesterday!!!!!See this image largerGood morning!! I stepped outside in the bitter cold 46* to let the dog relieve herself and got these cookies from a near dear friend, but not near enough to know I’m dieting!! Or maybe she does and it’s a work of sabotage!!!! Oh no!! She won! I admit I ate one!!!🥴So gooood!!!😩See this image largerI had to share this: 😂, my husband opened his Christmas gift a little early!! A “cat climbing out of the toilet” sticker! He yelled from the bathroom and I almost died laughing when he showed me the toilet lid!!!!!!See this image largerHappy Day!! All cakes and cookies are gone!!! Left them at my sister in laws house!!! LOL 😝!!!! Now my grandson brought enough ham to wrap in lettuce for a good leftover sandwich!!! And btw, the Judge Judy cream called Radiance does seem to work. Here’s my picture without makeupSee this image largerHappy New Hope!! I’ve been away in Atlanta to visit with my family, this is my niece with me. It was too hard to keep track of this so I just watched how much I ate. Not too bad, I only gained 2 pounds but now I’m back on track with a cold to start the New Year off!! Thank you all for your wonderful words to carry me on!!See this image largerI feel like a trash compactor, all smooshed up with garbage! I have a bad cold thanks to the holiday travel tours!! Ugh 😑See this image largerI’m still here. Worked my butt off at the gym. After weight lifting I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, just over a mile! That’s the furthest I’ve ever gone on the treadmill since my hips were replaced 9 years ago! I am proud of myself, and I even went shopping at Walmart after!!!See this image largerMy husband surprised me with a new fan!! I love this kind of fan because it works and it’s pretty!!See this image largerWent on my walk after stretching and exercise and I made it around the block! I saw 3 Sand Hill Cranes that we’re beautiful!!! I took pictures but they didn’t turn out well, so here’s another picture I took of a different bird later in my walk.See this image largerMy view at night when I’m in my chair! I love life!!!See this image largerLook at the size of this lemon I got from my favorite farm!!!See this image largerMy husband and I went to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. We had such a wonderful time and we walked for an hour and a half!! I finally got him to walk with me today!!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGreat Sunshine Morning to everyone!!! I can’t wait for my beautiful walk through the neighborhood again!!!! All friends of nature are waiting!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI wore my fitness girlfriend out again!! She loves our walks but I worry that she is getting older, 16 for a toy poodle is pretty good. So I need people that support me and give advice and encouragement!!! Love to hear from y’all! Old Georgia girl living in Florida!!!See this image largerGreat morning beautiful sunshine!!! I pray everyone has a glorious day today!! I get my medication infusion today!!!! Then walk afterwards!!!!See this image largerI’m working on it!!!!See this image largerBad girl day!!! I got bored and ate all the wrong food before dinner, then I ate dinner!!! I’m still under budget but I usually do better. Tomorrow is another day, tonight NCIS returns for another season!!!!See this image largerMy husband accepts my challenge to exercise 10+ minutes each day for 7 days!! Let’s see if we both win!!!!!See this image largerI wonder if I can use this car for my driving test tomorrow!?!¿?!💀See this image largerGetting ready for the gym and I realize my husbands hat is hanging over my apron, just looked too funny to meSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGreat morning to everyone!! Saturday morning in Sarasota!! Going to Big Cat Habitat today!!! I can’t wait 😊, I’ve been wanting to go for a very long time but illness has kept me away until now!!!See this image largerChimpanzee flares!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerLove my cats See this image largerI have not lost very much weight since I started a month and a half ago. I think I have to adjust what I’m eating. I know I have health issues that makes it hard for me , and I have lost a few pounds, 4, but not as much as I had hoped 😞See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerOkay, I will be brave like you guys have been and post my starting pictures. I won’t post the ones in my underwear but I have those for my self and husband to progress on. Happy losers!!!☺️🙃See this image largerFor all of you who are wondering about my trial with the lotion Radiance ¿? Well the verdict is that it is not Judge Judy’s product and I’m sorry my husband wasted his money!See this image largerGreat morning loves!!! Drinking water before coffee 🤨 Getting ready for my weekly infusion 🙃 All is wonderful today!! Pain is not as bad this morning!See this image largerGood night everyone! I hope you sleep soundly tonight and have the best dreams!! Love y’all!!!See this image largerYes I passed the test today!! I got my drivers license back one day before my birthday 🎂!!!See this image largerOkay , I started a challenge today due to an invite. Walk every day for 30 days ending up with 35 minute walks. I’m excited for this challenge!! Thank you P! Today is my birthday!! 56 years old with a lot of health issues. But I’m slowly turning some of those around. My husband bought me this diamond ring for my birthday!! I’m so excited to wear it!!!!See this image largerGreat morning to everyone!!! Gym day with my trainer!!! It’s nice and cold outside in Sarasota, 50 degrees!! I know everyone north of Florida is laughing hysterically!!🤪See this image largerOkay, forget what I said before about the weather changing in Florida! It’s going to be cold all week, high is 62 degrees and that’s not until Tuesday! Today is 58 tomorrow is 52. I m sorry I said it would warm to the 70’s!!!! Brrrr!!!!!🥴See this image largerCleaned my kitchen and living room floor with a new silver cloth!! Works fantastic!!!See this image largerGreat morning gorgeous friends!!! I hope y’all have a fun and happy day!!!!! I have to do my stuff indoors today because of rain ☔️!!See this image larger1 mile, 25 minutes, 91 calories!! My best yet on the treadmill!!🥰See this image largerI am so very much angry 😤!! My neighbors were scouring the lake with a large flashlight, I yelled at them. The light went out. Today we found the alligator on his back, dead with his head cut off!! No respect for wildlife or living creatures!! We will call FWP as soon as they open tomorrow!!!See this image largerFeeling better today, less upset. Planning my fitness for today, starting with a nice fast walk around the neighborhood! Great morning everyone!!!See this image largerI saw my friends again on my walk around the block this morning! But there were only two instead of three. After this picture they walked over to an orange tree and started playing with the oranges on the ground!! Picking them up and throwing them a few feet away!! It was hilarious 😆!! Wish I had been closer for picturesSee this image largerI didn’t sleep well, only about 3 hours. Slowly starting. Have a wonderful day all!! Stay warm!! Lots of warnings out all over U. S.See this image largerGood morning beautiful sunshine!!! Very cool outside as I accidentally posted on Keenan’s!! Lol 😝! But Mosey is bumping my iPad, I guess he wants to say “Good morning beautiful people!!” Hope you all have a wonderful day today!! Stay bundled up!! Love y’all!!😘See this image largerToday is a new day and I’m going to start again!! I lost myself in the thought of “ I’m not losing anything even though everyone says how good I look.” Then I was sick on Tuesday so didn’t exercise then exercise yesterday but lost track of calories and way over budget!! Today I Hope 🤞 to get back on track!!See this image largerI found this photo on line, owl lost its grip!! This photo won an award!! But it reminds me of how I feel when I’m not meeting my goal!! My husband said that I might not be losing weight yet, but it’s shifting to where it needs to be. Hmmm.See this image largerMy appetite is slowly trailing off, but still have cravings at night!!! But it is getting better and I’m getting stronger so it’s a great day Tampa Bay!!🤓See this image largerA great day to start with water and an amusing sight!! Love to all my spark sisters and brothers!!!See this image largerMy husband and I 13 months apart. I was sick, fatter and on oxygen because of my illness.See this image largerAfter yesterday’s post it will be boring today!! But I truly thank each and every one of you for your kind words!!!! Spark people are definitely something special!!!!See this image largerNeed I say more?? Good morning!!!!See this image largerGreat morning everyone!! Thursday is here and that means something to those who work Monday-Friday 🐝 , but we’re all glad to be here another day!! Hope your day is beautiful sunshine!!!See this image largerYes it’s Friday!!! Would love to go back to Georgia to visit for my brothers Birthday!!!!See this image largerGreat morning Saturday!!!! My two men are home, husband and grandson!!!! Love these guys!! They support and love me so very much!! I miss having my grandson home but I’m so proud of him for becoming a wonderful man and person like his grandpa!!!!See this image largerI feel as broken as my bicycle this morning. Spikes are broken, tires flat, even the kickstand is broken off from one of the adult kids sitting on it with the kickstand down. My husband said a couple of hundred dollars to fix. It can be fixed but I am a more complicated case. I won’t go into details right now. But thanks for listening and I hope you all have a better beautiful day!See this image largerGood morning 🌞 beautiful Monday!! My husband gets to go to the dentist today!!!! I’m elated that his pain will be taken care of!!! But I think most of y’all wish it was Sunday morning instead of Monday!!See this image largerYeah, I knew it!! Sprained foot and strained ankle and other stuff going on with my foot. We are hoping that after 2 weeks in this boot I don’t have to have extensive surgery on both of my feet!! I’m very upset 😢!!See this image largerHappy Hump Day!! It’s raining ☔️, chilly at 62 degrees f., all in all a miserable day. But I’m happy inside. God is truly wonderful!!! Picture is a memory from past Christmas!!See this image largerStill struggling with pain in my foot and leg. Not walking much as doctor said. But I’m doing great with my calorie counting and more good food choices!!! Valentines Day gave me a yellow rose with pink edges on my rose bush!!See this image largerI made my exercise quota even with this blasted medical boot 🥾 (2 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWent to our nephews birthday party at a bounce house!! They had a fruit platter and sandwich platter. I ate some fruit and the chicken salad sandwich but threw away most of the bread. I’m really proud of myself for saying “no” to the pizza with pepperoni!!! Mmmm 🥳😋See this image largerI’ve been working really hard in our kitchen, cleaning out cabinets as well!! It’s time to see my favorite antique pieces in the kitchen. My possum belly kitchen table and my baker’s rack!! I love everything antique but my house is newer!! I worked until my foot said “Stop!!!” Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday morning!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThis picture is so adorable I have to share it again! I need some puppy love this morning!!! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Tuesday so far!!!See this image largerI got really frustrated the last ten days!! Not losing weight, pain level was a steady 8, just hard all around. I even skipped last weeks weigh day because I I just couldn’t bare looking at the numbers again!! But today is Wednesday weigh day, so for kicks I stepped on the blasted scale!!! I Lost 3 pounds since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago!!!! I’m so happy 😃!! I don’t even mind going for the shot in my back today!!! Have a wonderful day my friends!!!!!See this image largerI caught these Iris outside my pool area!! Such elegance can be found in birds, especially in flight!!!See this image largerGreat morning Spark Friends!!! I went to the Paint with a Twist last night and this is what I painted!!! My baby girl friend looking fresh and younger than the real deal!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!! It’s the weekend for all of y’all 9-5ers!!!!!See this image largerToday I talked my husband into getting out of the house with me!! As soon as I get showered and dressed we will go to Home Depot to look at kitchen remodeling and then find a local park to enjoy. I will take pictures!!!! Great Saturday morning to you guys!!!!!!See this image largerGreat morning beautiful sunshine and Sparkling friends!!!! It’s a beautiful day in the eyes of Mosey!!!! Watching birds 🦅 from inside the safety of my screened in lanai and having my human pet my head and body as they sit to watch with me!!!! Enjoy your beautiful sunshine friends!!!!!See this image largerGreat morning beautiful sunshine ☀️!!!!!!See this image largerGreat morning sunshine!!!See this image largerWe had dinner with our family at The Lazy Lobster. It was very good as always, and of course I went over in calorie counting but Mr. Margarita wouldn’t leave me alone. Here’s my step brother-in-law and my sister. All is good this morning. Have a wonderful weekend guys!!See this image largerSee this image largerHave a Good night everyone!!See this image largerGood morning my friends! I woke up feeling crappy again after I gained back 7 pounds from giving up. Feet problems, can’t walk anymore without crippling pain. I have to just work on a balance of food and watch calories. Thanks again for being here.See this image largerBack on track a little bit. Stayed off my feet for the last 9 days except for necessities. Today doing some cleaning, not too much and back to tracking calories. Hope your day is wonderful!!See this image largerI’m still here. Ordered Isagenix shake mix for a protein drink and meal replacement. My sister-in-law uses it and has lost all kinds of weight and looks amazing. So I’ll try and see.See this image largerAmarillo’s have started blooming on my patio. That means that spring has begun here at my house in Sarasota!!! Which means it’s very soon to be springtime for our friends in the northern states!!!! Hope this brightens your day dear friends!!!!See this image largerIt’s so beautiful outside!!! I’ve been transplanting some of my plants into bigger and better pots with the miracle grow potting soil and I love it!! The first time in a couple of years I’ve been able to get out and enjoy my gardening!! Hello beautiful Spring!!!!See this image largerBaby Lemon trees just sprouting up!!! I’m just starting to wake up fully this morning. I’ve been having some slow starts lately but I’m grateful that I’m starting. Life is beautiful and too short to miss out on!!!

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