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See this image largerThis is me in May 07 around 155... I was feeling pretty ok about myself then :)See this image largerI felt like I looked pretty good in this pic at 153... not quite as thin as I wanted but not fatSee this image largerPre-babies.... size six.... 22 and loving life LOLSee this image largerSee this image largerStroller uphill is how I roll ;)See this image larger165 in May 08See this image largerOn our first year anniversary... June 9thSee this image larger162! Yay! Gettin ready to head to church :) 6/15/08See this image largerWe are such nerds, but as promised, I'm posting a pic from the night of our 5K :)See this image largerOne of my best friends, Noel and I at the midnight 5kSee this image largerMommy gained some serious weight... but is ready to start getting serious at losing(1 comments)See this image largerMy beautiful daughter Trisadee at age 4.... 6/2/09See this image largerBreastfeeding in the car.... on my anniversary date :)See this image largerMe and Taigyn in Sept 09See this image largerTrisadee in her dance outfit :)See this image largerMy sweet babies!!See this image largerMe and my Tris at her Halloween dance recitalSee this image largerThe 80s girl and the whoopie cushion ;)See this image largerMy sweet baby Taigyn.... 8 monthsSee this image largerMy girl Trisadee and me (170)See this image largerOur Family December 09See this image largerGot the cutest kids :)See this image largerApril 2010... The start, YET again...See this image largerMy sweet girl... almost a year oldSee this image largerMy gorgeous girl... she's my tiny dancer ;)See this image largerOur family April 2010... I'm starting Again, but ready for the challenge this time!!See this image largerMy best workout tool ;)See this image largerSee this image larger6/9/2010... our eternal familySee this image largerMy GirlsSee this image largerGotta love Costco for the double seated cart :)See this image largerMe and my new niece... 165 lbs :(See this image largerMy daughter's 6th birthday party... we partied like rock stars ;) January 2011See this image largerMe and my girls with my new niece. March 2011 about 157 here :)See this image largerMe and my niece Jazzmyn :)See this image largerMy gorgeous little TrisadeeSee this image largerSo beautiful :)See this image largerSweet little Taigyn :)See this image largerFamily photo May 2011 See this image largerMy daughter, Trisadee and I, May 2011 @ 151See this image largerMe and my daughter Taigyn

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