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(4 comments) MY SON AND HIS AWESOME FAMILY @ MT. RUSHMORE (1 comments) PICTURE TAKEN TODAY...THIS IS MY GRANDKIDS I WATCHED FOR 6 DAYS! AREN'T THEY AWESOME?! (1 comments) MY DAUGHTER, HER HUSBAND AND MY AWESOME GRANDKIDS AT BIG BEAR, CA. BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR THE MOUNTAINS! (2 comments) ME AND 4 OF MY GRANDKIDS AT A CALIF. BEACH (1 comments) I HAVE WANTED TO DO THIS SO MANY TIMES! :) KATIE AND BETH AT LAKE ROESIGER 20 MINUTES FROM MY SON'S IN WA. BEAUTIFUL HUH?! (1 comments) ON MY WAY TO BUNCO TONIGHT! 09/12/12 (3 comments) GRANDKIDS I LIVE WITH...HALLOWEEN 2011...NO PHOTOS YET FOR THIS YEAR! AWESOME KIDS! THIS IS CONNOR MY OLDEST GRANDSON! HANDSOME RIGHT? :) ON HIS WAY TO SCHOOL THIS MORNING! (1 comments) READY TO GO OUT! GRANDKIDS VERY EXCITED GOING TO TRUNK N TREAT @ CHURCH :) R.I.P. STYMIE...I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER...I HAD 15 YEARS OF TOTAL LOVE FROM YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO! (2 comments) THIS IS THE REASON WE HAVE THIS WONDERFUL SEASON (1 comments) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND HAPPY HOLIDAY TOO! LET IT SNOW... LET IT SNOW... LET IT SNOW WENT TO THE CEMETERY YESTERDAY AND GOT THINGS READY FOR CHRISTMAS...MISS YOU DAD AND MOM (1 comments) PJ'S I MADE THE GRANDKIDS FOR CHRISTMAS 2012 (MADE 5 PAIRS SO ALL KIDS CAN MATCH!) (1 comments) THAT'S NOT TO MUCH TO ASK! AND IT SHOULD BE EASY! AND I CAN DO IT LIKE I CAN BE HEALTHY! (1 comments) HEARTDAY IS A LONILY DAY FOR ALOT OF PEOPLE...ME INCLUDED! :( MY GRANDKIDS AND THEIR NEW PUPPY...NO NAME YET JUST GOT HIM AND THEY CAN'T DESIDE ON ONE TOGETHER ! MY NEW GRANDPUPPY! ISN'T HE CUTE? STILL NO NAME :) MY GRANDKIDS ARE THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE... :) :) :) :) :) INSIDE MY CHURCH I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WANTED ME RIDE THIS ON MY 65TH BIRTHDAY! NOT HAPPENING :) (1 comments) TULIP FEST IN WA....AND MY BACK GROUND IS FROM THERE TOO! :) MY SON AND HIS FAMILY THAT I WAS VISITING IN EVERETT, WA JUST GOT BACK :) (2 comments) FINALLY ALL MY GRANDKIDS TOGETHER AT ONE TIME...WOO HOO! WOO HOO! (2 comments) (1 comments) THIS IS BETH MY YOUNGEST GRANDCHILD….SHE LOVES SANTA (THIS YEAR) LOL IF WE WOULD JUST LEARN TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES THINGS WOULD GET BETTER! TAKEN TODAY AT THE NUTCRACKER IN SEATTLE, WA…WONDERFUL TIME FIRST TIME TO SEE IT! GREAT WAY OF THINKING! :) WE CAN DO IT! :) GO HAWKS!!!! THIS IS A HARD ONE! LIVING IN CA ALL MY LIFE1 :) GO HAWKS! SORRY... JUST THOUGHT THIS WAS FUNNY!!! :) My first time using pork rinds for breading 🍴Mmmmm One of my favorite foods! Cheap, easy on calories, in season all of the time and very easy to make! 🍴 (2 comments) Getting a snack ready for next week! Mmmmm so tasty 🥄 Today's lunch 🍴 it's the best Low-Carb chili 🌶 I've ever thrown together and this time I wrote it down 🤔🌶😉 (1 comments) Today's breakfast 🍴 Mmmmm love those strawberries 🍓 starting out the day with a great start!❤️🍓❤️ (1 comments) Today's breakfast 🍓🍓🍳🍓🍓this stays with me more then a lot of my breakfast choices!😍 Early Mother's Day outing with loved one....with lots of walking!👟 Having a problem wanting something sweet so I bought a sugar free cake mix and used my mini muffin tins and made mini pineapple upside down cakes! Even used Splenda brown was just enough to satisfy my carving for something sweet! Woo Hoo 🍒🍍they were really tasty 😋 Great advice...don't you think!?! (1 comments) Tonight's dinner....Applegates peach/chicken sausage...pineapple, red onion and jalapeño salsa...on grilled corn tortillas....turned out really well!🍍🌶🌮Mmmmm Tonight's dinner🍽 Margherita pizza 🍕 on a Flatout! This is so good it's like I'm cheating but I'm not!!!🤔😋 Today's lunch 🍴🍤🥑Shrimp & Avocado salad with red wine vinegar dressing🥑🍤🍴Mmmmm so good! (2 comments) Last nights dinner! I can't get enough of this pizza 🍕 my granddaughter and I had a sleepover and made this together (best of all after three hours my sugar was at 81... Woo Hoo can't beat that!) (3 comments) Tonight's dinner! Mississippi Pot Roast over Cauliflower rice and a small fruit salad! WOO HOO!!!💜🍴 Today's lunch🌮🌮🌮I just love these mini corn tortillas! You get three for 100 calories....WOO HOO (3 comments) My version of my breakfast was yummy 😋 My son and daughter and youngest granddaughter...oh and me! 😂 lol One of my favorite Low-Carb breakfast 🍳 I'll even have it for dinner sometimes....😋 Happy Happy Mother's Day to you All💜💐❤️ (1 comments) I just want to let my friends know that I probably won't be liking their photos for a while I took a bad fall yesterday blacked both eyes and other issues can't get my glasses on so I'm holding my iPad with one hand and a magnifying glass with the other and talking into my iPad! Will miss you all for a while… 😘 (11 comments) Simple lunch can't see very well yet! (Doing better after my fall though!) My beef has horseradish in the beef roll and onion dip is really good with snap peas😋😍 Tonight's dinner...pulled pork, low cal thin buns, 0 cal BBQ sauce, coleslaw sf sweeteners, dill pickles....Mmmmm🍴 (2 comments) Dinner tonight was one of my favorites🍴carnitas in mini corn tortillas....Mmmmm so good 😊 day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/8/2017 day 60 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/18/2017 Have the best first day of summer....🌻🌻🌻 Today's lunch!🍴🥑🍓I love ❤️ summertime 💫 avocado, homemade imitation crab salad and fruit that was on sale! Mmmmm ❤️This is the best breading ever! No dinner tonight😍 (1 comments)

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