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Not quite ready for Hollywood--yet! Me, 2003ish (14 comments) ... 9 yrs after my profile photo, in May 2013, on my cellphone...yep, it's "almost 60" me! LOL (6 comments) My Bette Davis imitation... (7 comments) Me a few yrs ago, after losing four dress sizes! Looking forward to this--or better--again! LOL Have you heard the one about... hm... maybe not! LOL (3 comments) I just really like this photo... my comment below explains a bit more... (1 comments) Licorice "Whatchu talkin' about, Mama?" (6 comments) I wonder... (3 comments) Trio at the door: Amigo outside, plus Isis and Licorice inside, soaking up the sun! (5 comments) peek-a-boo! (1 comments) Isis "What's this?" Isis "Whew, it's dark in there!" (1 comments) New version of the Three Musketeers: Dawson, Licorice and Isis. All for one and one for me! (2 comments) Isis "I love laundry day...Wait a minute~ What the~ Are you sure that's just a tail? " (4 comments) Licorice at three years old, wondering what's UP with motel living! (1 comments) THAT'S what that was... LOL I was looking for something on an old zip drive and found this old photo of me with Dawson... (2 comments) Hi, I'm Guage! I'm 4 yrs old, I'm 3'8" tall and weigh 62#... don't I look like my Mommy? lol (1 comments) I'm Emily, Guage's big sister... and 'aunt Kathy's' velcro girl" LOL Angel, swimming in Grandpa's coat! LOL Guage and Emily's big sis! Niece Aletia, her husband Jared, with Joseph, Jacob, Brooke, Megan, Mark, and Emma. (4 comments) Joseph, Jacob and Mark, in their Christmas hats from last year... (1 comments) Megan and big sister Brooke... (Joseph and Brooke both have cystic fibrosis...)

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