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See this image largerBuongiorno! Have a great saturday. 260.See this image largerHmmmm lunch. 1/2 Spicy pineapple ham sandwich with white wine dijon instead of mayo, with spinach and a pickle. Barbeque chips (moderation not deprivation) and half a banana. Water to drink. Abt 415 cals.See this image largerOpen faced Chicken Cordon Blue (chicken thighs, Spicy Pineapple Ham, Havarti cheese, white wine dijon sauce), green beans and mushrooms, and Mashed Sweet Potato. Approx 525 cals.See this image largerHappy lunching yall. 420.See this image largerGood morning world! 270 caldSee this image largerWho doesn't like peanut butter? 250 calsSee this image largerLunch time! Spinach and Artichoke flatbread snack pizza, & a tomato, spinach, mushroom, and kalamata salad with balsamic dressing. 350 calsSee this image largerDinner!!! Ground turkey stuffed green pepper, rice, and black beans. 490 cals.See this image largerHappy Saturday yall!!! Sunny side up with cheese on an English muffin, strawberries, half a banana, and coffee. 335 cals.See this image largerLunchy lunch lunch. BLT wrap with a smidge of mayo and an Asian Bistro salad.See this image largerAsian for dinner! Chicken fried rice, pork pot stickers, and asparagus! Do not ask the sodium count....shhh. 500 cals.See this image largerHappy morning to you! Long workout ahead!See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerLunch is left overs and the Ready Bistro Spinach Dijon Salad. Guys, I LOVE this salad. Like, I crave it. And it is a good thing I eat it at home because, no joke, I shovel in into my mouth as I gleefully chew. Pretty sure it looks a disgusting sight. Lol. Here is to finding healthy foods you love.See this image largerDinner!!! Sweet Italian Sausage Tortilinni, Greek Yogurt, Spinach, and Bacon stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms, and broccoli. 450 cals!See this image largerWonderful Wednesday! Happy breakfasting! Apple and cinnamon oatmeal with fruit and greek yogurt. 280 cals. Also, took a bite of donut (not pictured). 🤗See this image largerI like posting food pics. Here is today's lunch. 450 cals.See this image largerTender roast anyone? 🤗 Approx. 500 cals.See this image largerMy treat lunch... Chickfila Deluxe Sandwich, no butter & a small sweet tea. 540 cals.See this image largerDinner! Lasagna and veggies. Approx. 370 cals.See this image largerDinner time! Baby back ribs, broccoli, and a tomato, spinach, mushroom and kalamata salad with balsamic. Approx. 500 cals.See this image largerThat time again... parmesan baked chicken, marinara penne pasta, and sauteed zucchini and squash with prosciutto. Muah!See this image largerHappy Dinner! Pork Roast with Brown Sugar and Balsamic glaze, roasted asparagus and mushrooms, and spinach salad. Approx. 500 cals.See this image largerLoving lunch today yall. Sicilian snack size pizza and avocado, tomato, kalamata greek salad. 430 cals.See this image largerTreating myself to a donut this morn... well, half of one! Happy Friday! 280 cals.See this image largerHope everybody has a great day. Lunch! 530 cals.See this image largerShrimp for dinner! Cilantro lime shrimp on rice with broccoli and beans. Approx. 520 calsSee this image largerBuongiorno! Workout Weds breakfast. 330 cals. Almond Butter Biscuit and Raspberry Greek Yogurt with strawberries. And coffee...duh.See this image largerSpaghetti and salad! Score!See this image largerBeen a while. I took a break from actively tracking. Breakfast for dinner tonight! Apprix. 540See this image largerMmmm lunch. Crustless chicken pot pie and carrots with humus. 400 cals.See this image largerBreakfast for dinner. Gotta love it when your blueberries are almost as big as your miniwheats! #blueberriesfordays #darrowSee this image largerGood morning. Approx. 300 cals.See this image largerDin-din. 600 cals.See this image largerBeef Roast Bowl for lunch!See this image largerDate night at home with hubs! Italiano!!! Sliced filets, sliced pork, loaded ceasar salad, cantalope, Italian bread, and oil dip. Approx. 650 cals. Mmmm...See this image largerAnother Beef Roast bowl. Beef roast, yellow rice, roasted peppers and onion, blackbean salad, Tbsp Avocado Ranch. Yum!See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerEnjoying dinner. Home grilled chicken, chicken and herb stuffed tortellini with asiago and fresh basil, and broccoli and carrots.See this image largerGrill again. Thanks Hoosierdad33!See this image largerBuongiorno! Blueberry Peach Bread and banana for breakfast w/ 🍵. A yummy treat.See this image largerMexicano! Chicken, spinach, pico and cheese quesadilla with rice, beans, and pico on the side.See this image largerHave a great day peoples!!! Breakfast, 250 cals.See this image largerLong live the grill! Grilled barbeque pork rib meat, asian salad, and sauteed baby golden potatoes. 😘See this image largerGrits bowl (grits, small bit of butter, bacon, pico, and eggs), banana, and coffee for Sunday breakfast. Have a blessed day!See this image largerSalmon for dinner! Mmmm....See this image largerPre workout snack. Let's go!!!See this image largerLUNCH! Ham, cheese, spinach, and pico melt (with white wine dijon) ; bbq chips; clementine orange.See this image largerYep, burrito bowls again! Beef roast, yellow rice, mushrooms, spinach, pico, cheese, and avocado ranch. Sorry it''s blurry!See this image largerHappy Saturday yall! Sunny side up egg, with thin sliced cheese, on italian bread toast; sliced nectarine; blueberries.See this image largerWhen your apple trees give you apples... your hubby makes homemade applesauce. This one is going in the fridge for this week!See this image largerLunchtime! Grilled Pork Tenderloin, homemade Cinnamon Applesauce, and a Caesar salad with tomatoes.See this image largerSnack 😆See this image largerWhile the kids had full Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese, the hubs and I had open face versions; broccoli, fries. Portion control peoples! 🤗See this image largerHappy Sunday yall! Grill!!!See this image largerLove my grits bowls. Happy lunching. Grits, grilled pork, grilled chicken, pico and cheese.See this image largerBeen a while. Dinner!See this image largerWas craving breakfast for lunch after my workout today. 2 Sunnyside Up eggs, thin slice of cheese, italian bread toast, 3 sliced bacon, and a clementine orange.See this image largerYummy din din. Dont fear some carbs. 🤗See this image largerBfast for dinner again. Homemade pumpkin bread, 2 sausage patties, and sliced nectarine. 🤗See this image largerSalmon for dinner tonight! Mmmmm.See this image largerMojito Lime Shrimp, Black beans, pico, and sourcream. Yums!!!See this image largerHappy Tuesday! Lunchtime! Aged gouda on toast, sliced corned beef brisket, and fruit!!!See this image largerLunch time! Loaded BLT wrap, a dollop of sour cream, with thin sliced cheese, and a pickle...300 cals.See this image largerLoaded chicken quesadilla (sour cream, roasted red pepper bruschetta, lettuce, chicken, pico de gallo, cheese, salt, pepper) with black beans! YUM!!!See this image largerReady for spring!!!(1 comments)See this image largerOven baked Chicken and Herb tortellini in pesto, marinara, and mozzarella with asparagus.~ 520 cals. Love italian food!!!See this image largerHearty Potato and Kielbasa soup with a chopped romaine, tomato, kalamata, and walnut salad (Olive Garden dressing), and herb toast- 530 cals. 😊See this image largerLUNCH! Oven roasted turkey sandwich ( with mato, red pepper bruschetta, romaine, and havarti), dill pickle chips, amd strawberries 😁 450 cals.See this image largerWeds workout here I come! 280 cals.See this image largerLOVE homemade tacos!!!See this image largerBreakfast... for dinner 😁See this image largerLoaded homemade steak wrap with a pickle. Happy lunching!!!See this image largerPasta and veggies! 😌Mmmmm...See this image largerHappy lunching yall 😊See this image largerLunch today. Grey Coupon White Wine mild and creamy is legit the best low cal anything for sandwiches!See this image largerGood morning Spark peeps! Everyone have a great day!!!See this image largerVIRTUAL 5K! YOU can register too! This benefits our local school. Register, snap a pic of your device log, and post it to the Facebook page or #ewvirtualfunrun I did mine today. Easy peasy!See this image largerHappy snacking. Orange cinnamon tea and a mixed berry muffin for me. 🙂See this image larger(1 comments)

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