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12/17/09 3 lbs left to go this month!!! (4 comments) new haircut on 12/17! sheila from Sugarfree sheila has been my low carb icon. her website rocks too! oh lord found some old pics! old pics! (1 comments) old pics! (1 comments) this is my most recent photo from 11/15/09 at 144 lbs. (3 comments) this is my inspiration photo and hope to get my bf to take a similar one of me! thanksgiving 09 outfit! photo from November 2, 2009, i love this sweater! (1 comments) I bought this tshirt from a thrift store over a year ago and it's a kids size; finally fits! (1 comments) me in my tightest size 8's and the "dude" end of oct 09 July 2007 (probably 200) this was at my sisters bach party, just after i started low carb, so not even my highest this is my most current pic, from late August 09 (1 comments) me and my boifriend me first week of September 09- circus costume me and my pal in SF (1 comments) caught in a windstorm back from Pride me at SF Pride with my bff Sue from DC - 6/26/09 taken june 20 09 May 2007- atleast 209 but probably more may 2007, atleast 209 but probably more (1 comments) photo taken on 06/04/09 appx 150 lbs photo taken on 06/04/09 my arms/legs are looking thinner to me this is may 29 09 at 150.4 (1 comments) (2 comments) me and my boi-friend jake 05/22/09 at 155 but def more toned most recent pics from 5/22/09 at 155 but looking more toned in abs and arms (1 comments) me w my boxer thursday my friend ed and i in chinatown, goofing around, at appx 154 (1 comments) on 3/31/2009 at 158.8 during- last summer, about 180 March 2008 at start, May 2007- about 209 last year this time, about 155

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