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A postive reminder:) Working on Having an Attitude of Gratitude; Just for Today! (1 comments) is Honoring my Dear Mother Who went 2 be wit Jesus in 1995. Love you mom & Love to all my Spark Friends too. God Bless Each of you! :) (2 comments) M1y 12th is Fibromyalgia Aawareness Day! Please support those you know with unconditional love and acceptance. This is a Real syndrome. Pray for a cure! (3 comments) I think this says it all! Fibro is not something we came up by imagination. Help Fibro Awareness! Those os us that fight with Fibro daily...self Care is NOT self Indulgence! It's the weekend! Woot!! Enjoy and Rejuvinate! Wishes a Happy Memorial Day! May we remember our fallen soldiers & those who still serve to protect our Freedoms! God Bless America! Pray for our Troops! is enjoying a little R&R in NC at my sister's house! Am having a great time! Love the back yard mtn View! (1 comments) am back from my wonderful trip and am trying toe adjust to being back home. I already kiss the peacfulness of NC & my sister. Taking it one day @ a time! (1 comments) Gimme Sunshine!!! Fibro Flaring; must use spoons wisely. To my Fibro Friends and sisters this pic is 4 U!! Love u! This also goes out to anyone with Chronic illness! is working on Recovery..Emotional, Spiritual, physical..one day at a time. (2 comments) This is my life...ADHD wishes It is what it is. God grant the serenity to accept the things I can not Change (1 comments) My habits are harmful...some habits tell me to just give up; tha I just can't do it! It's time to break those habits one step @a time. (2 comments) All I have Is Today. So I will stay in the present and do the best that I can given circumstances. (2 comments) thinks this says it nicely..... (1 comments) WELCOME SUMMER!!!!:) (1 comments) is trying to make it day by day with God's srength and help. (2 comments) May be in the storm, but God is here with me..simply must trust. (1 comments) Thank you Spark Friends and Spark Teams for Just being here for Me! Sendin Smile & Love!g you Please continue praying for me. I appreciate your prayers. Even when life has its trials, I am amazed at the Little things God does to help see sunshine in the storm. (5 comments) HAPPY 4th of JULY!! God Bless the U.S.A! (1 comments) May your heart abound with Happiness! day 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/7/2015 (1 comments) God Rocks. He Sent His son to Save us, because He loves us. Won't you talk to Him Today? (3 comments) Friendships bring Joy, peace, laughter, love, a good ear that listens. Thank you for being a friend! is accepting powerlessness & Choosing FAITH that God is in Control! Just for Today I will let Go of Fear! Nap attack!!! zzzzz (1 comments) Taking it one day at a time. Love this for I am a tea drinker! :) It's just is..... (2 comments) Selfie in bad lighting... August 2015 (2 comments) Friday and weekend Blessings to each of you! (2 comments) Note to self and other Fibro Friends.... (2 comments) is thinking we ought to GO FOR IT!! Remember we are secial!! Let's be Kind to ourselves Today! (1 comments) Our Day! WooHoo!!!.... LOVE YOURSELF!! It's a new week!! Let's Embrace it! (1 comments) is a little weird...How about you? (3 comments) Today is your Day! (1 comments) My Brother is My best Buddy! Please Pray for Him. He is in the hosital & undergoing a zillion tests. Thank you! (5 comments) Sturdays Rock! Thank you all for being my friend. I love you! (3 comments) is wishing y'all could join me this afternoon for some good conversation and laughter. (2 comments) One of my least favorite thing when shopping is trying on jeans. Now THIS is my new size and yours!! (2 comments) Fear of Failure, Fear of other people's opinions,Not feeling Good enough, What's Standing in your way? Together let's move the stone!!We Can! (1 comments) is feeling low today. (5 comments) wants you to know I'll gladly pull up a chair. Love to all! (1 comments) Happy November!! (1 comments) it's a GREAT day to take a walk! (2 comments) It's another Rainy SC day....so I remind myself:... (2 comments) Starting my day in an amazing way! I always feel great after a yummy breakfast! Friendship on a Sunday Afternoon! (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/11/2015 Self Talk when positive can be one major way to show ourselves Love. So Today's let's believe WE CAN...WE are SpECIAL...WE are VALUABLE! WE are LOVED! WE are ENOUGH!! (1 comments) it's beautiful today, sunny yet cold...but later it's going to rain. Wish I had doxie boots like these! In honor of my Lucky Dog! Christ Our Savior is born! Keep writing your story and keep sharing it! Live one day at a time! Your Life Story....keep writing, Keep sharing. Keep Inspiring! You Help others more than you may know! We are Blessed: Life Instructions. :) (1 comments) pretty soon we will all be dancing..if all we do is practice taking Baby steps!! You CAN do it!! is wanting Santa to know... (2 comments) need's to remind myself and perhaps others that no matter what your hurt, habit, or hang up... My Christmas wish for you.... With a positive attitude It's going to be a good day no matter what! (2 comments) Share and Give a Lot of Love! Especially to those who seem unlovable. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. (not mine)- from these little ones! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas from these little ones!! (Not mine) (2 comments) Silly Sunday....:-) (1 comments) Tis Better to Give than Recieve! Give from the heart!! It will bless your Christmas season Greatly! Doesn't have to be exensive..a hug will do! :) peace to you this day before Christmas eve! day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/23/2015 Glory to the New Born King! Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all! Glory to the New Born King! Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all! (1 comments) Looking up in to the Heavens...Happy Birthday MoM! I love you! (2 comments) A New Year has come upon us. Wishing you a Happy one; one that's simply AMAZING! (1 comments) Love Books and blankies...winter not so much. Is it Summer Yet?!! (1 comments) is thinking this a GREAT way to start your day...Breathe!! (1 comments) I am Not a Quitter! (1 comments) It's Friday, but even the weekend can be stressful..places to go;people to see. Stress can break ya..here are some tips to get ya through it! I'm learning one day at a time and yes it does feel BETTER!! a WHOLE NEW perspective on life! (1 comments) SC is a mess..snow and ice a coming..ice is already here! sigh..praying for no power outages. SC is a mess..snow and ice a coming..ice is already here! sigh..praying for no power outages. (4 comments) is thankful for your prayers. Storm is over...It's a beautiful Sunndy day here! A bit cold, but Sunshine makes it worth it! Have a beautiful day! (1 comments) Just For Today...One moment at a time!! day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/3/2016 is Thankful for my Spark Friends! Wishing y'all Blessings, Love and Laughter! (2 comments) Wishes you and your s Terrific Tuesday! Enjoy the morning, take a minute out for yourself...enjoy tea of coffe and add gratitude to your Day! is struggling today...this message is for myself and for anyone else who is having a rough go of it. Blessings. (7 comments) Weirdness is Cool!! (2 comments) Amazing things are about to Happen! (1 comments) Tis Me..Dec 2015 (4 comments) Cigarettes CONTROLLED my life for 15 YEARS...well NO more..Happily celebrating 8 YEARS Smoke free!! (7 comments) Some things just bring the child out in us...Heck who says we can't have a little fun! lol (3 comments) Been through a lot of Fibro pain and emotional pain this weekend. I've had enough. (7 comments) HIS love NEVER Fails!! Thank you God! (1 comments) Crank up the Tunes!!! (2 comments) Woke up not reaized that today was the start of Daylight Savings Time. Well I say it's tea time somewhere! :) (1 comments) Terrific Tuesday Funny (2 comments) Wishes everyone a Fantastic Friday and a Wonderful Weekend that is Stress free! :) (2 comments) Have a Sparktacular Saturday! Here's to an Awesome, Fun filled, yet Relaxomg weekend! (1 comments) Have an attitude of Gratitude with a grateful heart! Counting my blessings! (2 comments) I just want to be a kid Today! :) Laugh. act silly, and relax. (2 comments) June 2016 (1 comments) Doxie Love...This is SO true...and I am sure it is true for all dogs...even cats. lol (1 comments) Dare to Dream Big! (1 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 6/18/2016 day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/27/2016 day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/27/2016 (1 comments) day 30 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 7/30/2016 (3 comments) Wishes you a Wonderfully Terrific Tuesday! Here's to a great rest of the week!! (2 comments) Dare to Dream and Chase them Full Force! Don't Give up! (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 9/27/2016 Much Love to you My Friends!! Hugs! (1 comments) wishing you a Good morning and A Happy Friday! Enjoy this festive season and Have lots of fun over the weekend! :-) wishes you joy this Holiday Season! (6 comments) day 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/4/2016 (2 comments) day 30 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/11/2017 day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/31/2017 day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/22/2017 We are so much More than the number on the scale!! day 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/11/2017 is Exited!! Enjoyed the beautiful Sunny day by walking with a friend. We walked at least 2 miles but of course I didn't have my pedometer on me. But am glad to have gotten some exercise in! (1 comments) A little corny Christmas humour Weight loss giggle #FibroChronicPainAwareness You are not alone! #FibroChronicPainAwareness You are not alone! (2 comments) Holidays are often stressful! Here's a little something to brighten your day with a chuckle. :) (1 comments) Wishing you all the joys of the Holiday season! Merry Christmas and many blessings in the upcoming New Year! Sunday Thought: for you as well as myself! New week hope it's great! (2 comments) A morning giggle! (not My cat...just a cute one) (1 comments) A rainy day here in SC! Making the best of it. (1 comments) Happy Saturday! (1 comments) Winter's Wednesday Humor.... (1 comments) It's Thankful Thursday! Attitude of Gratitude! day 3 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 1/19/2018 My idea of winter fun! (2 comments) Happy Saturday! Sending hugs your way! (2 comments) Hello Monday! A little something to make you smile! (1 comments) TGIF!!! A little something funny for this Friday afternoon. (1 comments) (1 comments) is (3 comments) (2 comments) Happy Wonderful Wednesday! is wishing you a super duper Saturday! Happy Valentine's day!! Here's a little Monday Humor...Hope it brings a smile! (2 comments) Enjoyed the Olympic Open Ceremony! Let the games begin! (1 comments) day 60 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/13/2018 Love you my dear Spark friends! :) (1 comments) Friday Eve Giggle: (2 comments) Attitude of Gratitude! (2 comments) Make this Tuesday Terrific! :) (1 comments) Welcome March!! I love Doxies! Thought this was super cool! (1 comments) Spring\Easter Humor! (1 comments) Happy Sunday! (1 comments) Is Sad about the news that My Best Friend Of 18 Years Is Moving 3-4 Hours away. (4 comments) TGIF!!! (2 comments) Wishing you a Happy St Patrick's day!! Spring is Near!! Just around the corner!! (2 comments) Monday thought: (3 comments) Hello and Happy Terrific Tuesday! This sums me up rather nicely! (1 comments) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! (1 comments) Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!! Here's to a great start to the new week ahead! (1 comments) Hurray it's Friday!! Woo hoo!! Happy Memorial day weekend!! I Believe in Miracles. I Believe WE ALL are Miracles! Me with Lucky Dog November 2010 (9 comments) Learning to Be Real! R.I.P. Lucky Dog! Missing u @ Christmas. (4 comments) The Ranbow: The Reminder of God's Promises! Happy St. Patricks Day! (3 comments) My apartment!! Decluttering one Baby Step @ a time! (3 comments) Struggling with what is often call the evil scale... (I admit I call it that from time 2 time. Just remember this..... Me and my Honey! January 2013 (4 comments) Me @ age 21....way back in the day! Skinnier days. BTW that's Lonestar's drummer sig on my arm! (1 comments) Me & my Beau on My 36th Birthday. July 2013 (3 comments) It's about being Healthy NOT about being perfect. Perfection is NOT a choice! This is one of my Biggest Challenges (1 comments) (2 comments) Me & My Besties 7-2013 (I'm on far right.) (1 comments) Growing Stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually! A Healthier Me! And on the 3rd Day He AROSE!! Oh Happy Day He washed my sins away! Me with my Best friend since childhood. Summer 2013. I am on left. (1 comments) Me with New Glasses. May 24,2014 (4 comments) Boyfriend did laundry; I just finished folding and putting away @ my place. Next is Grocery store. Oh yeah need to make a list. Happy Friday! :) Enoying down time @ Starbucks. Me Dec 2014 (4 comments) is Frustrated...Plan failed..I just can not fall asleep. sigh... in the morning I will be wishing I could sleep all day. (3 comments) It's not supposed to be this cold in SC!! Hurry Spring! LOL (1 comments) is so not thrilled with snow...guess what? More to come later in the week. This is SC...WHAT??!! Hmm wishing everyone a safe and warm week! (1 comments) is Celebrating 7 years of Smoke Free Living! My official Quit date is 2-29,2008!! Couldn't have done it alone; God and Friends!:) (2 comments) May I borrow some spoons please? I am running on fumes...got 2 hours of sleep last night. Hoping to rest today. (1 comments) is thankful for SPARK FRIENDS! Thank you to each of you who have stopped by my page, message or goodie. Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Love ya! (2 comments) It's SPRING!! It's SPRING!! Woo hoo!! Prayer is needed. Please pray. My friend/neighbor passed away yesterday. She was the 1st friend I made in the building. Our doxies began the friendship. Pray for me and for her family. Thank u ! (5 comments) day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/16/2015 (1 comments) Happy Weekend to y'all! (1 comments) Hello. It's Me 0n April 24/15 (5 comments) My Sweet Princess Gabby cat! Turning 14 Years this June (4 comments) Wow It's Firday Already?! Woo HOO! Time to Dance!! The New week is upon us But Enjoy your Sunday!! Relax! Lucky & Me Oct 2010 (3 comments) Lucky Loves Momma and momma Loves him! (2 comments) Lucky Getting ready for the holidays in His Christmas T-shirt (2 comments) Lucky-Dog and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (2 comments) Me at smallest weight 118! Back in early 2000s (1 comments) Gabbie Kitty Oh how she loves a good book! (3 comments) TIS Me on Nov 21,2010! (5 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Isaiah 40:31 is a verse I cling to! (3 comments) (2 comments) (5 comments) (5 comments) (3 comments) The Real Prize Indeed!! (2 comments)

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