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February 18, 2018 Aug 1 2017 (1 comments) 282 pounds Feb.18 2018 282 pounds feb 18 2018 Good morning!!! Silliness starts early!!! 2018 (1 comments) Yummy cauliflower burger...delicious!!! Better with whole wheat bun romaine and light mayo. Made for family but just couldn't resist. Mid day meal...varying vegetable colors!! you know youre up early when you see the newspaper delivery driver!!lol!!! March 23 2018 progress? #BeforeAndAfter Grandson starting kindergarten. Love him so... (2 comments) (1 comments) Black photo today One in pink couple weeks ago one in black is today. I think I've lost inches but I weigh the same. Gotta begin somewhere (1 comments) challenge accepted (2 comments) February 2016 grandson and me aug 2015 my three year old grandson!!! (2 comments) as of august 2015 weight loss 40 pounds!!!Jan 2015 This is my motivation collage A feel good thought--go me!!! (2 comments) Be strong, healthy and happy this is what happens when I ride a bike summer 2012 quite a bit bigger 293 pounds heaviest pictured with grandson weight loss after 13 pounds June8 2014 (1 comments) November 2 2014 22 pounds lost November 2 2014 22 pounds lost 259lbs beauty within hopefully I can become mini like minnie mouse Christmas 2009-by 2010 get goal weight 2009 photo op (1 comments) my beautiful daughter and me (1 comments) my son and daughter a treasured pic-of timmy and amanda (1 comments) size 8-1989 this is me in 2009 (1 comments) my skinny days many years ago me pictured with the Storm Dawg at Storm game in Tampa June 2010 Amanda pictured with Storm Dawg at Storm game- 2010 Amanda and I at Storm game June 2010 (1 comments) me Storm game in Tampa June 2010 my son Tim and I at Storm game- he's being goofy looking on the field at the game mason and I at the pool 2013 mason at the luau mason is going to the pool 2012 Im trying to box baseball fan maybe 2012 mother and mason my son with his son mason-jan2012 Birthday Photo 2013 our kitty Tipper (6 comments)

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