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Grays River, Wyo/ hunting Beautiful Wyo! Yep, that's a Black Bear! Fall flowers, Wyo Princess hat, wand, craft day w/ G Ma! my profile pic, hunting cool shades, 2nd B. Day My Son, his Wife and Granddaughter 2010 pumpkin patch 1st anniversary, cutting the freezer cake! Dixie & Davis...buddies! Now they just need stretchy pants for Halloween! I dream about this! Maybe before I am 60!!! She had to take my plastic duck from the yard, into McDonalds...happy meal toy! lol! A point of interest, I-80 Wyoming (1 comments) My Grandson Ok there I am on the left side... (7 comments) Granddaughter, fall leaves Engagements (2 comments) Amandas Bridals (3 comments) Amandas Bridals (3 comments) My Beautiful Baby!!! (3 comments) Riley's 1st pedicure, that Aunt Amanda!!! (5 comments) Here, let me have that!!!... (2 comments) I am in the middle, White water rafting..... (4 comments) We were there!!! (1 comments) Eating at 5 Guy's... not on the Spark diet.... (1 comments) Jake and Michelle, 2 more kids to LOVE!!! Our Town! (2 comments) My first spark image. Sunset in Wyoming Storm Chasing...... (1 comments) Just me, ....and my new glasses! Feb.09 (2 comments) Moved to a small town, had to resort to a all time low, "Aqua Net", Ewe ..... July 2007 (5 comments) Gotta love LABS!!!!! (1 comments) Raider (1 comments) Sparkfriend Angie, at Java Jar!! Jan.09 (1 comments) me and ILOVEBEINGKATE, Florida sparkfriend Dec.08, cheesy smile...... (1 comments) Check out Grandma's BUZZ cut!!! July, 2008 (2 comments) It's just hair, support for my DIL, June 2008. My motivation moment!! My daughter-in-law getting a chemo treatment, holding my granddaughter (1 comments)

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