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HAPPY_HEN's Photo Gallery

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Beginning The Journey 2-1-13 (2 comments) The Jumpsuit - Where I'm Heading (2 comments) The Jumpsuit - 40 years later 9-19-13 (4 comments) Nothing Tastes As Good As My Skinny Jeans Feel!!! (4 comments) Teal Suede Jacket 5-19-13 (3 comments) After Chorin' 5-13-13 (3 comments) Wendy & Thee Old Hen (4 comments) The Teal Suede Jacket 5-13-13 (2 comments) I love this lifestyle A collage of pics from over the years (2 comments) One of my Silver Spangled Hamburg pullets - Miss Fancy Pants (4 comments) Rosebud - Pthhhhhhhhhhhhh (1 comments) JR & Ye Ol' Hen back in 1999 (2 comments) Jungle Fowl Chicks 1 week old (4 comments) This is Shotgun - A Porcelain Millie Fleur (1 comments) Tucker Taking in the Sunshine Cali on Fence (1 comments) Molly with her babies - Pumpkin, Willy & Oreo (1 comments) Joshua P Bird & Ye ol' Hen - 1980s Joshua P and Sunny Bear 1980s (1 comments) Fudge and Madison blessed us with twins (2 comments) Valley Song Silver Belle (1 comments) Valley Song Mr Beau Jangles Fudge & Madison blessed us with triplet boys 2013 (3 comments) Stella and Wendy meet Madison's Beautiful Blue Eyes Madison Waiting for Goat Toasties Hershey - One of my bucks Fudge - One of my bucks Rest In Peace, my Sweet Serenade 3-21-2000 to 7-26-2013 Cricket (1 comments) Wendy (4 comments) Ace Wendy & Doll Grazing (2 comments) Scooter & Harley - Can you tell they're brothers? *LOL* (4 comments) Tucker helping with the laundry (3 comments) Rosebud and little Serenade - Where you saw one, you'd see the other. (2 comments) (4 comments) Take the picture already!!! We're freezing out here!!! (5 comments) You sure you tossed a biscuit out here??? (5 comments) Doll out in the pasture. (4 comments) Wendy and Doll (3 comments) Hey!!! Who ate all my goatie snax!!!??? (4 comments) Stick with me kid - We'll be buds... (2 comments) Serenade ~ Who could resist that face??? (3 comments)

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