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(1 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/5/2017 (1 comments) Behind Every Successful Lady is Herself :-) 5-30-2011 Indy Colts Lucas Oil Stadium Truckin' with My Brother (1 comments) 5-30-2011 Memorial Day Indianapolis Colts Lucas Oil Stadium Truckin' with My Brother I Love Veggies!!! I Love Fruit!!! Fruits & Veggies Basket of Apples (1 comments) Don't for Get to Drink Your Water!!! Happy! 2004 BLC-17 Crimson Butterfly BLC-21 January 16 - Courageous Copper Cougars ~*A Younger Thinner Me*~ I Know I Can't Be Young Again...Wink....I Can Be Thinner Again...Smile!!! April-13-2002 (1 comments) 9-15-2004 SunValley, ID AWWA Conf. - Neck Ribbon & Medal for 10 Yrs. Outstanding Volunteer Service (2 comments) March 2008 ~ Me Havin' Fun at 60+ MPH up in Bone, Idaho (1 comments) March 14, 2008 ~ Wow! Hubby Finally Got His Baby Running! On the Trail in Bone, Idaho! YES, BONE! March 2008 ~ Our funny 9 Year Old Pomeranian "Sugar Cookie Baby" with our kitty "Mr. Nemo" (2 comments) 5-9-07 Glen & I @ Glorietta Park in Coronado - Coronado Bay Bridge- Looking across at San Diego 5-9-07 Glen & I at Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego! My 1st Time 2C the Ocean! WOW! It's beautiful! 8-20-07 Our Sweet "Sugar Cookie Baby Pomeranian~Teton Canyon Campground in Wyoming 625-07 Cave Falls near Ashton, Idaho~9 miles E of Warm River Campground on edge of West Yellowstone 8-19-07 Teton Canyon Campground - Full Moon - Listening for Bears in the Woods...Scary!!! 3-4-06 At JL's Basketball Game in Pocatello, Idaho 4-11-2008 Very Pretty...Lower Mesa Falls ~ Island Park Area ~25ish Miles West of Yellowstone Park 4-11-2008 Warm River Campground in Idaho under 6' of Snow ~ 28ish Miles West of Yellowstone Park (1 comments) (1 comments)

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