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Nice weather finally got me like... October 2017, 193 lbs. Feeling kind of attractive again. :) (1 comments) September 2017, 198 pounds. #determined May 2016. 201 pounds, and feeling a bit of the confidence coming back. :) (1 comments) March 2016. A glorified vacation selfie, taken in Cuba. 205lbs (2 comments) May 2015, 199lbs, finally feeling some strength in these lazy bones again. (2 comments) January 2015. One year of Maintenance, under my belt, let's see what another year brings! (4 comments) From October. I'm up about five pounds now, so clearly not hurting, but need to fight to stay fit! In one year I went from never wanting to be in a picture, to loving every memory captured. Aug. 2014 (6 comments) Mid-July, maintaining at 183lbs and nicely tanned after a week's vacation. :D (2 comments) Before... and After. :) (18 comments) What one year and 85 pounds lost looks like... in the face! :D (3 comments) Official half marathon time of 2:05:51 :D The months of training paid off! (19 comments) First race ever, a 10k! Set personal best of 54:52. April 13th, 2014 (4 comments) Seems crazy, but lately I need pictures like this more and more to remind me of how far I've come. (10 comments) Early March, 2014. 183 lbs! Two pounds below original goal. (11 comments) First time in so long I like how I look without my glasses! At goal, end of January 2014. (14 comments) At goal... 185 lbs on January 14th, 2013. 80 lbs gone for good! (6 comments) Start of 2014 (a touch drunk on New Years Eve, lol). 189 pounds. (12 comments) Six months... 75 pounds gone forever. 190 pounds, December 7th 2013. (9 comments) My alter-ego: Ninja Gregg. :D My winter running attire. (6 comments) Jeepers, feels like I look ten years younger! Mid-November 2013, 191 lbs. (10 comments) I need to stop taking so many selfies, lol, but I just can't believe this is me! (14 comments) The current state of affairs. Almost 70 pounds in five months. (37 comments) Thanks Christy (aka CLRWILLIAMS25). (2 comments) Me in full dodgeball get-up (forgive the sweat, lol). 203 lbs, beginning of October 2013. (6 comments) Somewhat recent pic. Need a good before and after pic now I think. (5 comments) Finally a pair of jeans that fit, and a belt too! :-D 206 lbs now, end of September, 2013. (11 comments) More new jeans that fit! New shirt too. What a mind-trip being excited about clothes again. (6 comments) 214 lbs! Ahhhhhhhhh! :-D Beginning of September, 2013. (11 comments) Me and my girl. I feel so confident taking pictures of myself again, it's crazy. (9 comments) #vanityshot #selfie #225lbs! (6 comments) Not the most recent pic of me at my current 225lbs, but still makes me feel good seeing my progress. (7 comments) Right side: Me at 265lbs, June 2013. Left side: Me at 234lbs, mid-July 2013. (6 comments) So this is what about 236lbs, with some muscle tone, looks like on my 6' 2" frame. Cool. :-D (8 comments) Me after five weeks of diet and exercise. Lost 24 pounds, down to 239! July 10th, 2013. (5 comments) Scruffy-looking nerf herder. (Early June 2013) (5 comments) Picture of me with my son just before starting this journey. 265lbs, late April 2013. (3 comments) Recent pic at Christmas 2012. In the six months after, I gained another 12lbs. (1 comments) Me at 19. Skinny punk. Two years prior I was 215lbs. Motivational pic.

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